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Congo, Kongo and Kongō may refer to:

Animal kingdom

Music and entertainment

  • Congo, a 1980 novel by Michael Crichton
  • Congo, a 1995 film based on Crichton's novel
  • Congo, a 2001 BBC documentary film
  • Congo The Movie: The Lost City of Zinj, a 1995 Sega Saturn video game
  • Kongo, a 1932 film starring Walter Huston, Lupe Velez, and Conrad Nagel
  • Kongo, the main character in the Monkey Magic (TV series) anime series
  • "Congo", a 1997 song by Genesis
  • Kongo Jungle, setting of the Donkey Kong video game series.
  • Congo Bongo, a 1983 arcade and video game
  • The Congos, a Jamaican reggae duo
  • Congo theme in Kings Dominion amusement park, Virginia USA, loosely associated with Central Africa
  • Soukous (Congo), a genre of music from the Congo states


People with the family name

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