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For transportation corridors, see Fixed Link, bridge, and tunnel.

A Connecting Link is the name given to a municipal or county road in the Canadian Province of Ontario (downloaded to the county or city) that connect two ends of a provincial highway through an urban municipality.[1] The program was terminated in mid-2007,[2] but subsequently reinstated.[1]

In return for that particular road being downloaded, the town or county receives money and assistance in maintaining it, and is able to still sign and list it as a Provincial Highway, though not all connecting links are signed as Provincial Highways. Some Connecting Links however, were never provincial highways at all, but rather county/regional roads, or even just local streets that the town or city has assistance in maintaining.

Most connecting links are very busy municipal or County roads that were once provincial highways, and are designated by small yellow squares or diamonds with the text "C/L" or "CL" on them at their start and end termini. These are similar to, but not related to 7000-series highways, though several connecting links are 7000-series highways.


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