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Conrad Zöllner von Rothenstein (died 20 August 1390) was the 23rd Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, serving from 1382-90. His name has also been spelled Konrad and von Rotenstein.

Zöllner's career with the Teutonic Order started in 1353 when he became a procurator in Preußisch Mark and shortly thereafter a House Komtur of Christburg. Zöllner became the Komtur of Danzig in 1368 and the Great Hospitaller and Komtur of Christburg in 1372.

Despite the fact he was not associated with influential people within the Teutonic Order and lacked political experience, Zöllner was chosen Grand Master in 1382 after the death of Winrich von Kniprode, the previous Grand Master. His first matter of order was to take care of the internal problems of the country. Command of the army and the war with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was left to Konrad von Wallenrode, who was made the Komtur of Königsberg.

Zöllner reformed the administrative divisions of Prussia, supported the colonization of uninhabited regions, and founded a university in Kulm. It was during his rule when Lithuania was Christianized and Jogaila became King Władysław II Jagiełło of Poland. In the last years of his life, Zöllner tried to break up the Polish-Lithuanian union and cause a strife between the two great dukes of Lithuania, Vytautas and Jogaila.

Zöllner died in Christburg and was interred in Castle Marienburg. He is buried in the mausoleum of the Grand Masters under the Chapel of Saint Anna.


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