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Conservativism in Australia covers similar political issues as found in other Western democracies.

In Australia political conservatism is primarily represented by the Liberal Party of Australia, and its rural-based coalition partner, the National Party (although arguably it is more agrarian in approach). There have been other minor parties which may be perceived to be conservative or right wing in orientation on account of some of their policies, including the One Nation Party, Shooters Party and Pauline's United Australia Party, although many would not champion classical liberal approach to economics adopted by the Liberal Party. Conservative think tanks in Australia include Centre for Independent Studies, the H. R. Nicholls Society and the Menzies Research Centre.

In Australia however there are some differences in the political landscape in which conservatism exists than what is found in other countries.

  • Conservatives generally, but not exclusively, oppose the idea of Australia becoming a republic, changing the flag or removing perceived vestiges of Australia's Anglo-Saxon legacy.
  • Australia undertook significant economic reform under the centre-left Australian Labor Party in the mid-1980s. Consequently issues like protectionism, welfare reform, privatisation and deregulation are no longer debated in the political space as they are in Europe or North America.

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