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Conservative Muslim Forum is a group within the British Conservative Party. It aims to increase Conservative Party's knowledge and comprehension of issues and circumstances that have particular relevance to Muslim communities and develop suitable responses. It also seeks to increase support for Conservative Party within the Muslim community. Membership of the Conservative Muslim Forum is open to all members of the Conservative Party.[1]

Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh is Chairman of Conservative Muslim Forum. Members of the Executive Committee include Rt Hon William Hague MP, Dominic Grieve MP and David Lidington MP.



The Conservative Muslim Forum wants the history curriculum taught in schools to be changed to give “full recognition to the massive contribution that Islam has made to the development of Western civilisation”.[2]

It also argues that Muslim preachers who advocate a rejection of democracy and its institutions should not be denied entry into Britain.[3]

The organisation claim that British relations with Israel could "damage Britain’s relationships with 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, including those in Britain.” and calls on the party to be more sympathetic towards Iran's nuclear ambitions.[4]


Melanie Philips, a columnist for the Daily Mail and Spectator magazine, has said of its report An Unquiet World: A Response, that, "The recent paper written for the Tories by the Conservative Muslim Forum is a deeply troubling document. Set up to provide a dialogue with Britain’s Muslims and advise on tackling Islamist extremism, the group merely demonstrated depressingly that it shares many of the culturally belligerent attitudes driving that extremism."[1]

Nile Gardiner in the National Review Online criticized the same report, suggesting that it "openly appeases Islamic radicalism." Gardiner said in the same article that, "The establishment of the Conservative Muslim Forum is a dangerous flirtation with Islamic extremism that should be brought to an end"[2]

A. Millar in The Brussels Journal has remarked, "A radical form of Islam is on the rise in Britain. It is facilitated by sharia courts, and, in my personal opinion, by the Conservative Muslim Forum."[3]


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