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Console may be:

In computing and video games:

In music:

Console may also refer to:

  • Lighting control console, a device for controlling theatrical lighting
  • A small cabinet, which gave its name to the computer consoles
  • Comforting someone in distress
  • Corbel, a support element in the architecture of a construction such as a balcony
  • A type of home entertainment center, with various home electronics housed in a self-contained unit
  • A center console in a bucket seat setup for vehicles

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  • Consols for a British government financial bond type
  • Konsole for a computer terminal emulator program for the K Desktop Environment

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A Gamecube video game console

Console is a term used to describe a home video game playing device. What seperates a console from an arcade machine is that a console has interchangable games (usually stored on a type of cartridge or optical disc) and a much smaller size.

Often the output device is a separate television or a computer monitor. Once, video game consoles were easily distinguishable from personal computers: consoles used a standard television for display, and did not support standard PC accessories such as keyboards or modems. However, as consoles have become more enhanced, the distinction has blurred: some consoles can have full Linux operating systems running with hard drives and keyboards (like the Sega Dreamcast) (one university has even created a Beowulf cluster of PlayStation 2 consoles), and Microsoft's Xbox is basically a stripped down PC running a version of Microsoft Windows.

They can also be handheld consoles, like the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

Many older video game consoles live on in the form of emulators, since the original hardware is no longer produced and can be very hard to find.

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Console can mean:

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