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The Consolidated Aircraft Corporation was founded in 1923 by Reuben H. Fleet in Buffalo, New York. The result of a merger between Gallaudet Aircraft Company and Dayton-Wright Company, Consolidated became famous during the 1920s and 1930s for its line of flying boats. The most prolific of the Consolidated patrol boats was the PBY Catalina, which was produced throughout World War II and used extensively by the Allies. Equally famous is the B-24 Liberator, a heavy bomber which, like the Catalina, saw action in both the Pacific and European theaters.

In 1943, Consolidated merged with Vultee Aircraft to form Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft or Convair. General Dynamics purchased a majority interest in Convair in March 1953, where it continued to produce aircraft or aircraft components until being sold to McDonnell Douglas in 1994. McDonnell Douglas shut down the division after just two years of operations in 1996. Consolidated Aircraft and later Convair had their headquarters situated in San Diego, California on the border of Lindbergh Field (KSAN).


Assembling a wing section, Fort Worth, Texas, October 1942

Consolidated aircraft (dates are of first flights):


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