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Constantine Ypsilanti (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Υψηλάντης - Constantinos Ypsilantis; Romanian: Constantin Ipsilanti, died 1816), was the son of Alexander Ypsilanti.

He had joined in a conspiracy to liberate Greece and, on its discovery, fled to Vienna, had been pardoned by the sultan and in 1799 appointed by him hospodar of Moldavia. Deposed in 1805, he escaped to St Petersburg, and in 1806, at the head of some 20,000 Russians, returned to Bucharest, where he set to work on a fresh attempt to liberate Greece.

His plans were ruined by the peace of Tilsit; he retired to Russia, and died in Kiev. He left five sons, of whom two played a conspicuous part in the Greek War of Independence: Alexander and Demetrios.

Preceded by
Alexandru Callimachi
Prince of Moldavia
1799 - 1801
Succeeded by
Alexandru Şuţu
Preceded by
Alexandru Suţu
Prince of Wallachia
1802 - 1806
Succeeded by
Russian occupation


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