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Syrian Constitution of 13 March 1973

Text of the Constitution
Arabic, English
Preamble and Chapter 1
Political Principles, Economic Principles, Educational and Cultural Principles
Freedoms, Rights and Public duties
Chapter 2
Legislative Authority, Executive Authority, Judicial Authority
Chapter 3
Constitutional Amendments
Chapter 4
General and Transitory Provisions

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The Constitution of Syria delineates the basic function of that state's government. Among other things, it determines Syria's character to be Arab, Socialist and republican. Further, in line with the official pan-Arabist ideology, it describes the country as a region of the wider Arab world.

The constitution, which has undergone only minor changes since its adoption in 1973, entrenches the power of the Baath party. Its §8 describes this organization as "the leading party in the society and the state", even if Syria is not, as is often believed, a single-party system in formal terms. Effective power in Syria rests with the President of the Republic (since 2000, Bashar al-Asad, reelected in 2007), who, according to §84 of the constitution, is elected in an uncontested popular referendum on the proposal of the Syrian branch of the Baath Party.

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