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Seat of the Constitutional Court of Slovenia

Slovensko The Constitutional Court of Slovenia (in Slovene: Ustavno sodišče Republike Slovenije, US RS) is a special court established by the Slovenian Constitution. Since its inception, the Court has been located in the city of Ljubljana.

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Discuss 1. US RS and other Slovenian courts 2. division of powers 3. Powers of the court

Discuss the overgrowing workflow



Discuss procedures

The Constitutional Court has several strictly defined procedures in which cases may be brought before it:

  • With a Constitutional Complaint,


Write about organisation of the court

Election of judges

Write about the election law, procedure and facts.

All judges

  • Janez Čebulj predsednik
  • Mirjam Škrk podpredsednik
  • Alojz Janko
  • Milojka Modrijan
  • Zvonko Fišer
  • Ciril Ribičič
  • Jože Tratnik
  • Marija Krisper Kramberger
  • Franc Grad

All former judges

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