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ICD-10 M24.5, M62.4, M67.1, M72.0, T79.6
ICD-9 727.81, 728.6, 958.6
MeSH D003286

A muscle contracture is a shortening of a muscle in the human body[1] in response to continued hypertonic stress exerted on that muscle or tendon, such as constant spasticity.

Contractures are most often seen in the tightest muscles of people with conditions like spastic cerebral palsy.


Contractures can't be stretched or exercised away once they occur although a combination of physical therapy plus use of medicines like Botox or Baclofen may reduce the contractures without need for surgical intervention. One focus of physical therapy and occupational therapy treatment with those suffering from spasticity is to initiate stretching programs early in order to avoid the development of contractures in the first place.

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