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Control Yuan
Emblem of CY ROC(Taiwan).svg
Agency overview
Formed 1931
Jurisdiction Republic of China
Headquarters Taipei
Agency executive Wang Chien-shien, President of the Control Yuan
The Control Yuan building
The Control Yuan main entrance

The Control Yuan (監察院; pinyin: Jiānchá Yùan), one of five branches of the Republic of China government in Taipei, is a watchdog agency that monitors the government. As a special branch of government under the Three Principles of the People, it may (retrospectively) be compared with the Court of Auditors of the European Union, the Government Accountability Office of the United States, or a standing commission for administrative inquiry.

At the end of the year 2004, President Chen Shui-bian sent a list of Control Yuan member nominees to the Legislative Agency for approval. The Pan-Blue Coalition, which has held a majority in the Legislative Agency, refused to ratify President Chen's nominees demanding that he submit a new list. This political deadlock had technically stopped the Investigative Agency from functioning since February 2005. With the election of President Ma of the Pan-Blue Coalition, the Legislative Yuan in July 2008 ratified a new class of Control Yuan members and Wang Chien-shien was appointed to be President of the Control Yuan.


  • Cai Yuanpei (1928—1929)
  • Zhao Daiwen (1929—1930)
  • Yu Yu-jen (1930—1964)
  • Li Shih-tsung (1964—1972)
  • Chang Wei-han (1972—1973)
  • Yu Chun-hsien (1973—1988)
  • Huang Tzuen-chiou (1987—1993)
  • Chen Li-an (1993—1995)
  • Cheng Sui-Je (1995—1996)
  • Tso-Yung Wang (1996—1999)
  • Fredrick Chien (1999—2004)
  • Post vacant (2004—2008)
  • Wang Chien-shien (2008—present)

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