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Cooper Freedman
First appearance The Other Side of This Life, Part 1" (Grey's Anatomy)
Created by Shonda Rhimes
Portrayed by Paul Adelstein
Gender Male
Age late 30's to early 40's
Occupation Pediatrician
Title M.D.
Family Charlotte King (girlfriend)

Dr. Cooper Freedman is a character on the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice. He is played by actor Paul Adelstein.[1]

Character History

Cooper Freedman was the only child, adopted, raised up in Akron. He never looked for his biological parents because he feels his parents are great. As a teen, he worked on summer camps, where he realized he liked children and decided to become a pediatrician.

Cooper works at the Oceanview Wellness Center as a pediatrician. He is good friends with his coworker, Violet Turner, who is a psychiatrist. They both suffer from relationship troubles. Cooper has problems meeting women because he says that he cannot socialize with people over the age of twelve (because of his profession). So instead of dating face-to-face, Cooper prefers internet dating. These online relationships almost never work out and he is always left humiliated. For example, in the episode "The Other Side of This Life, Part 1", Cooper got his car stolen from a woman he met online, "SexyBoobs316".

Despite the large number of the dubious online dates he has, Cooper is still quite successful at his job. He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is clear that he genuinely cares about every one of his patients, as he is easily able to empathize with his patients and is willing to go the extra mile to help his patients. For example, in one episode, he noticed several symptoms of abuse on a girl with a broken arm whose parent was Sam's patient. Despite Sam's objections, Cooper reported his suspicions and later testified in court to help the child. On one occasion, Cooper even confided in a patient named Michael with a love dilemma, that he was in love with a woman, but also couldn't tell her. Cooper and Michael made a pact to tell their respective loves how they feel.

It was ultimately revealed that Cooper's romantic interest is Violet, his best friend. To date, he hasn't told her about his feelings. Even so, the tension between the two best friends is hardly undetectable. Cooper became angry at Violet when she started spending more time with her ex, Allan. Later, after making an agreement to sleep with Violet with no strings attached, Cooper unable to do so because of his feelings towards her.

However, in the episode "In Which Cooper Finds a Port In His Storm," he "meets" Dr. Charlotte King, who is Chief of Staff at the local hospital and someone he knows professionally, through an on-line dating site. She is completely embarrassed by this and walks away from the date, and attempts to avoid Cooper thereafter, but the end of the episode, she agrees to have a drink with Cooper, but instead, the two end up having sex and enter into a strictly sexual relationship in later episodes. The two begin to care for each other; however, the relationship breaks apart after Cooper finds out Charlotte has secretly been making and executing plans to rent out the fourth floor of the practice.

Over time, their relationship doesn't seem to be getting better even though Charlotte constantly apologizes to him in her own way. Charlotte always seemed to have Cooper's back in difficult cases although they were still broken up. Slowly she realizes that she might actually be in love with him--as Addison pointed out to her. Charlotte and Cooper reconcile when Cooper helps her through the death of her father, Big Daddy. Big Daddy was suffering from lung cancer and was being kept alive by a life support machine. When Charlotte couldn't bring herself to unplug her father, Cooper does it for her. She seemed to have held it all together until the plane ride back home when it looks like she has an anxiety attack and cries mercilessly in Cooper's arms as he held her all the way through.

In the next episode Charlotte asks him to marry her. She says that she wants to get married today in Vegas and he says yes but later realizes that she's using that to grieve Big Daddy's death and then turns her down for today stating "I wanna marry you, i really really do but not today, not like this. I wanna see you walking down that isle with all of our friends and family beaming with happiness for you - for us and our life together. Why can't do do that?" to which Charlotte replies "I can't do that because i can't see myself walking down that isle without Big Daddy" and walks out of the room. Meanwhile, Violet reveals to him that she is pregnant, and does not know who the father is, Pete or Sheldon. He tries to convince her to tell them both that she is pregnant. Cooper opens up his soul to Charlotte and apologizes to her but she turns him down. Later, Charlotte comes to his room with a chicken casserole as a "peace offering" and asks if she can move in with him but he turns her down saying that he's moving in with Violet. Cooper is moving in with Violet to help her with her pregnancy, but Charlotte doesn't know this. Charlotte fears the worst. She refuses to talk to Cooper until he tells her why she is moving in with another woman. When Cooper finally tells Charlotte about Violet's pregnancy, Charlotte becomes jealous, saying that his first child was supposed to be with her. Charlotte walks away saying "Enjoy your first child Cooper. They say there's nothing like it".

Charlotte tries again to get Cooper to move in with her. When he refuses, she sleeps with Archer Montgomery. She tells Cooper and, after seeing her guilt on the matter, he forgives her. Charlotte and Cooper stay together, but the living situation creates distance between them once Charlotte begins to feel neglected. In episode 2x22 "Yours, Mine, and Ours" Charlotte walks away from Cooper saying "Every time you had a choice you chose [Violet]. Well you know what? Neither do I.". Charlotte is fired from her job at pacific wellcare that same episode for being "heartless" . She calls Cooper to come comfort her, and he does. At the same time, Violet is being savagely attacked in the house she shares with Cooper. He was standing right outside the door when Charlotte called him. Even though Violet lives, Cooper blames himself as well as Charlotte for not being able to save her.

Starting in season three, Cooper's relationship with Charlotte is rocky. Cooper is upset over Violet's attack, and Charlotte is upset after being called heartless. In episode 3x3 Cooper sweeps Charlotte off her feet and brings her to live with him. In the next episode, Cooper's financial issues catch up with him when he needs to buy out part of the practice. Because he doesn't have the money to pay for it, Charlotte buys Cooper out and asks to join the practice. She is admitted in, and she changes her specialty to sexology. Cooper is very uncomfortable with this. On numerous occasions, he insults Charlotte's work. It is soon discovered that Charlotte was married before and the marriage ended badly. Cooper is very angry that she didn't tell him sooner.

In episode 3x8 "Sins of the Father", Cooper is arrested after hiding a runaway child and his father from the law. The kid claims to have been abused by his stepdad, so his father came and took him away. Cooper is released when the father is found and put in prison. Charlotte is treating the kid when she finds out that he was lying and there was never any abuse. When she tells him this, Cooper yells angrily at Charlotte about how she has been lying to him. Cooper is unable to forgive Charlotte for not telling him about the marriage, and she still won't tell him why it ended.


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