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Cop Out

Official Poster
Directed by Kevin Smith
Produced by Marc E. Platt
Polly Johnsen
Michael Tadross
Written by Mark Cullen
Robb Cullen
Starring Bruce Willis
Tracy Morgan
Adam Brody
Kevin Pollak
Guillermo Diaz
Seann William Scott
Music by Harold Faltermeyer
Cinematography Dave Klein
Editing by Kevin Smith
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) February 26, 2010 (2010-02-26)
Country United States
Language English
Budget $30,000,000[1]
Gross revenue $40,367,400[2]

Cop Out is a 2010 American buddy cop comedy film written by brothers Mark and Robb Cullen and directed by Kevin Smith. The film stars Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, and Seann William Scott.



Jimmy and Paul (Willis and Morgan), two suspended cops working for the NYPD, are celebrating their ninth year as partners. Jimmy's daughter Ava (Michelle Trachtenberg) is getting married, and the price for the wedding is close to fifty thousand dollars. Paul is worried that his wife is cheating on him, so he sets up a video camera in a teddy bear. While Jimmy is selling a 1952 Andy Pafko baseball card to pay for the wedding, Paul is calling his wife. However, Jimmy is robbed by Dave (Sean William Scott), who steals his card and Paul's favorite gun. They find out that Dave is going to rob a house that night, so they stake out the house to retrieve the card and gun. Jimmy arrests Dave and discovers he has sold the card and gun for drugs.

Jimmy previews the tape from Paul's hidden camera and tells Paul there's nothing on it. They go to the dealer, Poh Boy (Guillermo Diaz), who tells them they may have the card if they retrieve a stolen car. When they find the car, they discover a woman named Gabriela (Ana de la Reguera) in the trunk. Paul then sees the tape from his hidden camera and is heartbroken when he sees that Jimmy has lied: his wife is with another man in their bedroom. Gabriela flees, leaving them a flashdrive concealed in a rosary, which contains information about offshore bank accounts. Jimmy and Paul pay Dave's bail so that he may retrieve the card and gun, but he falls out of a tree and apparently dies. Jimmy goes in to retrieve the card, but is surrounded by the gang. At the same time, Paul learns that his wife is not cheating on him after all: she has played a trick on him for hiding the camera in their bedroom. After killing most of the gang, Paul and Jimmy find Poh Boy holding Gabriela at gunpoint. They shoot him dead, but Paul's bullet goes through the head of the baseball player on Jimmy's card, which is hidden in Poh Boy's shirt pocket. Pleased with the duo's investigation and assisting two colleagues who were caught in the shootout, the precinct head restores Jimmy and Paul to active duty.

Dejected at the destruction of his card, Jimmy lets his ex-wife's new husband Roy pay for the wedding, but Paul discreetly points his pistol at Roy and orders him to sit down at the moment the priest calls out the father who would give away Ava.

In the closing credits, it is revealed that Dave did not perish in the fall when he yells at the coroner opening the body bag.



In March 2009 it was announced that Kevin Smith signed on to direct a buddy-cop comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan (both of whom Smith had worked with on previous projects) titled A Couple of Dicks and written by the Cullen Brothers, the first feature film Smith has ever directed, but not written.[3][4] Prior to principal photography, Variety reported[5] that the title had been changed to A Couple of Cops due to controversy surrounding the original one.[6] After negative reaction to the change, Warner Bros. recanted the story and reverted to the original title,[7] though Smith denies that the original change was requested by the studio.[5] In December 2009, the studio changed the title from A Couple of Dicks to Cop Out.[8] While promoting the film on The Late Show with David Letterman, Willis joked that, in addition to A Couple of Dicks, the movie had at one point gone by the also-rejected title of Cop Suckers.

[T]he Cullen brothers are dialogue crazy — the whole movie is like cops who are practically married but not actually, and, I mean, that's right up my alley. It's like Dante and Randal as cops.

—Kevin Smith, on why he wanted to direct the film[5]

On December 9, 2009, Kevin Smith announced via his Twitter page that the film would indeed go by the new title.[9][10] He also stated that the first trailer for this film would be attached to every copy of Sherlock Holmes when it hits theaters on Christmas day.[11] At the time, Smith acknowledged that the film is "not MY movie, [it's] a movie I was hired to direct."[12][13]

The studio requested Smith to storyboard the entire film; Smith agreed, and he and Dave Klein, the director of photography, reviewed the results with Warner Bros. two months in advance.[5] Filming began on June 2, 2009 in New York City and finished on August 14, 2009,[14] for a February 26, 2010 release.


The first trailer for the film was released on December 23, 2009.[15] A red band trailer was also released on February 5, 2010.

Box office

The film opened #2 behind Shutter Island,[16] grossing $18,211,126,[17][18].

Critical reception

The film received mostly negative reviews.

The review aggretator Rotten Tomatoes labeled the film "rotten", based on 106 reviews with an average score of 3.8/10, with only 19% of the critics nationwide giving the film a positive review, reporting the consensus was that "Cop Out" was "a cliched buddy action/comedy that suffers from stale gags and slack pacing." [19]

Another review aggretator, Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average score of 0-100 for top reviews from mainstream critics, gave the film an average score of 31 based on 34 reviews.[20]


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