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2008–09 Coppa Italia
Coppa Italia 2009 premiazione.jpg
President Giorgio Napolitano at the center of the photo, after presenting the trophy to Rocchi and Ledesma, welcomes the victory for Lazio after the Cup final in Italy
Country Italy
Teams 78
Defending champions Roma
Champions Lazio
Runner-up Sampdoria
Matches played 79
Goals scored 233 (average 2.95 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) 6 - Pandev (Lazio)

The 2008–09 Coppa Italia was the sixty-first season of the tournament. The competition started on 9 August 2008 and ended on 13 May 2009. The radically different format used in the 2007–08 Coppa was abandoned, with the new format more closely resembling earlier editions of the tournament.

The final was played between Lazio and Sampdoria. The match ended with Lazio winning 6-5 on penalties. The first 90 minutes ended in a 1-1 draw, and no goals were scored in extra time. It was Lazio's 5th Coppa Italia title, and first since the 2003-04 edition. With the win, Lazio earned a spot in the play-off round of the UEFA Europa League 2009–10.



In the previous year, the number of teams participating was reduced to only 42: the teams in Serie A and Serie B. For 2008–09, that number was expanded to 78 with the addition of 18 clubs from Lega Pro Prima Divisione (formerly Serie C1), 9 clubs from Lega Pro Seconda Divisione (formerly Serie C2) and 9 clubs from Serie D. Also, except for the semifinals, all rounds were one-leg fixtures. The one-game final played at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, which was first adopted in 2007–08, remained.

  • First phase: one-leg fixtures
    • First round: 18 clubs from Lega Pro Prima Divisione, 9 clubs from Lega Pro Seconda Divisione and 9 clubs from Serie D were paired
    • Second round: All 22 clubs from Serie B were added to the 18 winners of the first round
    • Third round: Clubs 9–20 from Serie A were added to the 20 winners of the second round
    • Fourth round: 16 winners of the third round were paired
  • Second phase: one-leg fixtures (except semifinals)
    • Round of 16: Teams 1–8 from Serie A were paired with the 8 winners of the fourth round
    • Quarterfinals
    • Semifinals: two-leg fixtures
  • Final: one-leg fixture at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome

Throughout the tournament, home stadium advantage was given to the projected higher seed (i.e., assuming no upsets). In the two-leg semifinals, the projected higher seed played the second leg at home.

Participating teams

2007–08 League
Serie A
Serie B
Serie C1
Serie C2
Serie D
Round of 16
Inter Roma Juventus Fiorentina
Milan Sampdoria Udinese Napoli
Third round
Atalanta Genoa Palermo Lazio
Siena Cagliari Torino Reggina
Catania Chievo Bologna Lecce
Second round
Empoli Parma Livorno AlbinoLeffe
Brescia Pisa Rimini Ascoli
Mantova Frosinone Bari Triestina
Grosseto Piacenza Modena Vicenza
Treviso Avellino Sassuolo Salernitana
Cittadella Ancona
First round
Ravenna Cesena Cremonese Foligno
Crotone Taranto Foggia Perugia
Padova Pescara Legnano Arezzo
Monza Novara Gallipoli Cavese
Sorrento Pro Sesto Pergocrema Reggiana
Benevento Bassano Virtus Portogruaro Real Marcianise
Lumezzane Mezzocorona Celano Biellese
Tritium Chioggia Renato Curi Castelsardo
Barletta Sibilla Flegrea Castellarano Pontedera

Due to financial problems and other sanctions, the list of 78 teams was filled as follows:

  • Serie A – all 20 teams
  • Serie B – only 20 teams entered
    • Messina, which finished 14th in 2007–08, and La Spezia, which finished 21st, were left off due to financial difficulties
  • Lega Pro Prima Divisione – number of teams participating increased from 18 to 20
    • top 10 teams from Girone C1/A and Girone C1/B based on 2007–08 standings were selected to enter
    • Lucchese, which finished 8th in Girone C1/B were omitted
    • Pro Sesto, which finished 11th in Girone C1/A with 43 points were selected. The 11th-placed team in C1/B had 40 points
  • Lega Pro Seconda Divisione – 9 teams selected
    • all three division champions from Girone C2/A, C2/B and C2/C
    • both playoff finalists from each of the three divisions, a total of six teams
  • Serie D – 9 teams selected
    • all second-placed teams from each of the nine divisions, except for Girone D and Girone E where the third-placed teams were selected
    • both Montichiari which finished second in Girone D, and Colligiana which finished second in Girone E, were promoted to Lega Pro Seconda Divisione




  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Inter (aet) 3  
 Genoa 1  
   Inter 2  
   Roma 1  
 Roma 2
 Bologna 0  
   Inter 0 1 1  
   Sampdoria 3 0 3  
 Sampdoria 2  
 Empoli 1  
   Sampdoria 1(4)
   Udinese 1(1)  
 Udinese 0(8)
 Reggina 0(7)  
   Sampdoria 1(5)
   Lazio 1(6)
 Milan 1  
 Lazio (aet) 2  
   Lazio 3
   Torino 1  
 Fiorentina 0
 Torino 1  
   Lazio 2 2 4
   Juventus 1 1 2  
 Napoli 3  
 Salernitana 1  
   Juventus 0(4)
   Napoli 0(3)  
 Juventus 3
 Catania 0  

Elimination rounds

Section 1

  First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
 Genoa 3  
 Mantova 1  
 Mantova 1  
 Gallipoli 3    
 Gallipoli 0  
 Sibilla Flegrea 2      
 Genoa 2
 Ravenna 1
 Palermo 1  
 Ravenna 2  
 Rimini 3(2)       
 Ravenna 5    
 Ravenna 3(4)       
 Castellarano 1  

Section 2

  First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
 Bologna 2  
 Vicenza 0  
 Vicenza 3  
 Monza 1(4)    
 Monza 0  
 Celano 1(3)      
 Bologna 1
 Ascoli 0
 Ascoli 3  
 Perugia 1    
 Perugia 1  
 Lumezzane 0      
 Ascoli 1  
 Bari 0  
 Bari 2       
 Taranto 1    
 Bassano Virtus 0       
 Bassano Virtus 2  

Section 3

  First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
 Siena 4  
 AlbinoLeffe 0  
 AlbinoLeffe 2(6)  
 Pescara 2    
 Pescara 2(5)  
 Mezzocorona 0      
 Siena 0
 Empoli 2
 Pisa 1  
 Cittadella 2  
 Cittadella 0  
 Empoli 1  
 Empoli 2       
 Ancona 0       

Section 4

  First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
 Reggina 3  
 Grosseto 0  
 Grosseto 4  
 Cavese 3    
 Cavese 2  
 Biellese 1      
 Reggina 4
 Cagliari 0
 Cagliari 1  
 Triestina 0  
 Triestina 2       
 Sorrento 3    
 Sorrento 1       
 Castelsardo 1  

Section 5

  First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
 Lazio 5  
 Benevento 1  
 Treviso 2(6)  
 Legnano 1    
 Benevento 2(7)  
 Benevento 3      
 Lazio 2
 Atalanta 0
 Atalanta 2  
 Modena 1  
 Modena 1       
 Pro Sesto 2    
 Pro Sesto 0       
 Tritium 0  

Section 6

  First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
 Torino (aet) 2  
 Brescia 1  
 Brescia 2  
 Foligno 3    
 Foligno 1  
 Pergocrema 2      
 Torino (aet) 3
 Livorno 2
 Frosinone 0  
 Crotone 2    
 Crotone 2  
 Renato Curi 0      
 Crotone 0  
 Livorno 3  
 Livorno 3       
 Novara 3    
 Novara 0       
 Real Marcianise 1  

Section 7

  First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
 Lecce 0  
 Salernitana 1  
 Salernitana 3  
 Cesena 3    
 Cesena 1  
 Chioggia 1      
 Salernitana 2(6)
 Sassuolo 2(5)
 Sassuolo 3  
 Foggia 0    
 Barletta 1  
 Barletta 2      
 Sassuolo 1  
 Reggiana 0  
 Avellino 0       
 Cremonese 0    
 Reggiana 1       
 Reggiana 31  

Section 8

  First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
 Catania (aet) 2  
 Parma 1  
 Parma (aet) 3  
 Arezzo 1    
 Portogruaro 2  
 Portogruaro 4      
 Catania 4
 Padova 0
 Chievo 1  
 Padova 2  
 Piacenza 0       
 Padova 8    
 Padova 1       
 Pontedera 0  

1 The match was played and Cremonese won by a score of 1–0, but were later disqualified for using a player who should have been under suspension. Reggiana was awarded a 3–0 victory as a result.


See 2009 Coppa Italia Final

13 May 2009
20:45 CEST
Lazio 1 – 1 (a.e.t.) Sampdoria Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Attendance: 68,000
Referee: Roberto Rosetti
Zárate Goal 4' Report Pazzini Goal 31'
Ledesma Scored
Rocchi Missed (hit post)
Rozehnal Scored
Kolarov Scored
Zárate Scored
Lichtsteiner Scored
Dabo Scored
6 – 5 Missed (saved) Cassano
Scored Palombo
Scored Pazzini
Scored Gastaldello
Scored Accardi
Scored Delvecchio
Missed (saved) Campagnaro
Coppa Italia
2008–09 Winners
Fifth title

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