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The Coppa Italia di pallacanestro maschile or in English, the Italian Basketball Cup is an annual professional basketball competition between pro clubs from the Italian League.


History and format

The first edition of the Italian Cup championship took place in 1968 and was won by Fides Napoli. Between 1975 and 1983 the cup competition was not held, but it has been held regularly every year from 1984 onwards. The formula of the competition has changed over the years. Beginning in 1990, after an elimination phase and subsequent knockout rounds, the tournament ends in a final four format. From 2000 onwards, the ranked 8 teams compete for the trophy in a Final Eight format which consists of the quarter-finals, semifinals and the final over 3 days.

Finally, the winner of the Italian Cup championship then has the right to face the winner of the Italian Championship in a single final game to determine the winner the Italian SuperCup championship.


Year Final Venue Winner Loser MVP
1968 Bologna Partenope Napoli Fortitudo Bologna N/A
1969 Rome Pallacanestro Varese Partenope Napoli N/A
1970 Rome Pallacanestro Varese (2) Olimpia Milano N/A
1971 Viareggio Pallacanestro Varese (3) Partenope Napoli N/A
1972 Turin Olimpia Milano Pallacanestro Varese N/A
1973 Brescia Pallacanestro Varese (4) Cierre Asti N/A
1974 Vicenza Virtus Bologna Snaidero Udine N/A
1975-83 Not Held Not Held Not Held Not Held
1984 Bologna Virtus Bologna (2) Juvecaserta Basket N/A
1985 Pesaro / Varese Scavolini Pesaro Pallacanestro Varese N/A
1986 Bologna Olimpia Milano (2) Scavolini Pesaro N/A
1987 Bologna Olimpia Milano (3) Scavolini Pesaro N/A
1988 Bologna Juvecaserta Basket Pallacanestro Varese N/A
1989 Bologna Virtus Bologna (3) Juvecaserta Basket N/A
1990 Forlì Virtus Bologna (4) Pallacanestro Virtus Roma N/A
1991 Bologna Scala Verona Olimpia Milano N/A
1992 Forlì Scavolini Pesaro (2) Benetton Treviso N/A
1993 Forlì Benetton Treviso Virtus Bologna N/A
1994 Casalecchio Benetton Treviso (2) Scala Verona Italy Davide Bonora
1995 Casalecchio Benetton Treviso (3) Illycaffe Trieste United States Orlando Woolridge
1996 Assago Olimpia Milano (4) Scala Verona United States Rolando Blackman
1997 Casalecchio Virtus Bologna (5) Pallacanestro Cantù Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Branislav Prelevic
1998 Casalecchio Fortitudo Bologna Benetton Treviso Italy Carlton Myers
1999 Casalecchio Virtus Bologna (6) Pallacanestro Varese Italy Alessando Frosini
2000 Reggio Calabria Benetton Treviso (4) Virtus Bologna Italy Denis Marconato
2001 Forlì Virtus Bologna Scavolini Pesaro (3) United States Rashard Griffith
2002 Forlì Virtus Bologna (7) Montepaschi Siena Argentina Manu Ginóbili
2003 Forlì Benetton Treviso (5) Pallacanestro Cantù United States Tyus Edney
2004 Forlì Benetton Treviso (6) Scavolini Pesaro Spain Jorge Garbajosa
2005 Forlì Benetton Treviso (7) Pallacanestro Reggiana Italy Massimo Bulleri
2006 Forlì Basket Napoli Pallacanestro Virtus Roma United States David Hawkins
2007 Casalecchio Benetton Treviso (8) Virtus Bologna United States Spencer Nelson
2008 Casalecchio Air Avellino Virtus Bologna United States Devin Smith
2009 Casalecchio Montepaschi Siena Virtus Bologna United States Shaun Stonerook

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