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CORD (derived through the Fr. corde, from the Lat. chorda, Gr. xopSii, the string of a musical instrument), a length of twisted or woven strands, in thickness coming between a rope and a string, a smaller kind of rope. From the use of such a cord for measuring, the word is applied to a quantity of cut wood, differing according to locality. The variant "chord," which, in spelling, reverts to the original Latin, is used in particular senses, as, in physiology, for such cord-like structures as the vocal chords; in the case of the "umbilical cord," the other spelling is usually retained. In mathematics a "chord" is a straight line joining any two points on the same curve, and, in music, the word is used of several musical notes sounded simultaneously and in harmony (q.v.). In this last sense, "chord" is properly a shortened form of "accord," agreement, from Late Lat. accordare, and the spelling with h is due to a confusion.

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  1. (textiles) corduroy

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frequently used in its proper sense, for fastening a tent (Ex 35:18; 39:40), yoking animals to a cart (Isa 5:18), binding prisoners (Jdg 15:13; Ps 23; 129:4), and measuring ground (2 Sam. 8;2; Ps 7855). Figuratively, death is spoken of as the giving way of the tent-cord (Job 4:21. "Is not their tent-cord plucked up?" R.V.). To gird one's self with a cord was a token of sorrow and humiliation. To stretch a line over a city meant to level it with the ground (Lam 2:8). The "cords of sin" are the consequences or fruits of sin (Prov 5:22). A "threefold cord" is a symbol of union (Eccl 4:12). The "cords of a man" (Hos 11:4) means that men employ, in inducing each other, methods such as are suitable to men, and not "cords" such as oxen are led by. Isaiah (5:18) says, "Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope." This verse is thus given in the Chaldee paraphrase: "Woe to those who begin to sin by little and little, drawing sin by cords of vanity: these sins grow and increase till they are strong and are like a cart rope." This may be the true meaning. The wicked at first draw sin with a slender cord; but by-and-by their sins increase, and they are drawn after them by a cart rope. Henderson in his commentary says: "The meaning is that the persons described were not satisfied with ordinary modes of provoking the Deity, and the consequent ordinary approach of his vengeance, but, as it were, yoked themselves in the harness of iniquity, and, putting forth all their strength, drew down upon themselves, with accelerated speed, the load of punishment which their sins deserved."

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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Simple English

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Cord may refer to:

  • String or rope
  • Cord (sewing), a trimming made of multiple strands of yarn twisted together
  • The spinal cord
  • Cord Automobile, a former American car marque founded by Errett Lobban Cord
  • The cord (unit of volume), used to measure firewood
  • In electronics, a cable
  • Vibrating string
  • A power cord or extension cord
  • Mycelial cord, a structure, used by fungi to transfer nutrients over larger distances.
  • Umbilical cord, a tube that connects a developing embryo or fetus to its placenta
  • Cord (band), a British rock group.
  • Cord (film), a 2000 film starring Daryl Hannah and Jennifer Tilly

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