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Aphid excreting defensive fluid from the cornicles

The cornicle (or siphuncule) is one of a pair of small upright backward-pointing tubes found on the dorsal side of the last segment of the bodies of aphids. They are sometimes mistaken for cerci. They are no more than pores in some species.

These abdominal tubes exude droplets of a quick-hardening defensive fluid[1] containing triacylglycerols called cornicle wax. There is some confusion in the literature about the function of the cornicle wax secretions. It was common at one time to suggest that the cornicles were the source of the honeydew, and this was even included in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary[2] and even appears in the 2008 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia.[3] There also is documentation in the literature for cornicle wax luring predators in some cases.[4]


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Proper noun

Corniculum (genitive Corniculī); n, second declension

  1. A town in Latium.


nominative Corniculum
genitive Corniculī
dative Corniculō
accusative Corniculum
ablative Corniculō
vocative Corniculum
locative Corniculī

Derived terms

  • Corniculānus


  • Corniculum” in Charlton T. Lewis & Charles Short (1879), A Latin Dictionary (Oxford: Clarendon Press)


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