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The Corpus Inscriptionum Etruscarum (Body of Etruscan inscriptions) is a corpus of Etruscan texts, collected by Karl Pauli and his followers since 1885. After the death of Olof August Danielsson in 1933, this collection was passed on to the Uppsala University Library.

The CIE serves as a valuable reference index for many Etruscan texts, using a simple number system. For example, CIE 6 refers to the inscription mi avileś apianaś (I [am] of Avile Apiana.). There are other indices in existence as well.

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  • Etruscan Texts Project A searchable collection of Etruscan inscriptions intended to collect all "Etruscan inscriptions that have been recovered and made public since 1990".


  • Pauli C. et al., Corpus Inscriptionum Etruscarum, (Lipsia 1919-21)


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