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Corrected Flow is the mass flow that would pass through a device (e.g. compressor, bypass duct, etc) if the inlet pressure and temperature corresponded to ambient conditions at Sea Level, on a Standard Day (i.e. 14.696lbf/in², 518.7R).

Corrected Flow ,w\sqrt{\theta}/{\delta}, can be calculated as follows, assuming Imperial Units:

w\sqrt{\theta}/{\delta} = w(\sqrt{T}/\sqrt{518.7})/(P/14.696)

Corrected Flow is often given the symbol wc or wr (for referred flow).

So-called Non-Dimensional Flow (w\sqrt{T}/{P}) is proportional to Corrected Flow:

w\sqrt{T}/{P}= w\sqrt{\theta}/{\delta} * \sqrt{518.7}/{14.696}

The equivalent equations for Preferred SI Units are: (101.325kPa, 288.15K)

w\sqrt{\theta}/{\delta} = w(\sqrt{T}/\sqrt{288.15})/(P/101.325)

w\sqrt{T}/{P}= w\sqrt{\theta}/{\delta} * \sqrt{288.15}/{101.325}


  • P Stagnation (or Total) Pressure
  • T Stagnation (or Total) Temperature
  • w Real Mass Flow
  • δ Referred Pressure
  • θ Referred Temperature

In relative form, Corrected Flow, Referred Flow and Non-Dimensional Flow are all measures of axial Mach number.

Side note: If the mass flow can be consider an energy source such as fuel flow, the corrected flow is calculated as follows:

 w/(\delta * \sqrt{\theta})

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