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Origin United States
Genres Rock
Years active 2005–present
Labels Frontiers Records
Associated acts Boston
Orion the Hunter
Website Cosmo on MySpace
Fran Cosmo
Anthony Cosmo
Mick Brooks
Berny Garzio
Tom Moonan

Cosmo is a rock band that was formed by Fran Cosmo and Anthony Cosmo, both former members of the rock band Boston.


Band History



Cosmo was originally formed in the mid 1990's shortly after Fran's return from Boston's highly anticipated 1994 Walk On tour. The group experimented within the realm of Post-Grunge and Brit-Pop which controlled the radio, and it was in this time period that the group recorded several songs which would eventually be released on Boston's "Corporate America" Album. On January 13, 1999, Tom Scholz, Brad Delp and Fran Cosmo appeared on Rockline Radio to debut two of these songs; concurrently introducing Anthony Cosmo as the newest member of Boston. The new material included an extended version of Cosmo's "Turn it Off' (which lacked several guitar and organ solos found in the final cut) and 'Someone', which featured Brad Delp on vocals. However, masterfully edited and 80's guitar-laced versions of Cosmo's "Turn it Off", "Cryin'" and "Stare Out Your Window" would ultimately appear on Corporate America as a massive departure from the rest of the songs on the disc. Following the subsequent Corporate America tour, Fran and Anthony departed from the band and re-formed Cosmo in its current form.

Current Lineup

The current lineup of Cosmo features:

  • Fran Cosmo: Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Anthony Cosmo: Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Mick Brooks: Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Berny Garzio: Bass/Backing Vocals
  • Tom Moonan: Drums


Cosmo released their first album Alien in 2006 with Frontiers Records [1]. Two versions of album were released, a standard 11 track release and a 12 track European/Japanese import.

Track listing

  1. "Written by: Anthony Cosmo"
  2. "Communication"
  3. "Don't Tell Me Your Lies"
  4. "No Surprise"
  5. "Gravity"
  6. "Redemption"
  7. "Helicopter"
  8. "Alien"
  9. "When I Close My Eyes"
  10. "Woman"
  11. "Can't Run Away"
  12. "Creep"
  13. "Don't Tell Me Your Lies [Acoustic]"

Album Credits

Fran Cosmo (Vocals)
Antonio Cosmo (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals)
Bill Carman (Bass)
Kevin Soffera (Drums)
Mick Brooks (Guitar)
Pat Orlowski (Drums)
Gary Johnson (Keyboards,Drum Sequences)

Written and Produced by:
Anthony Cosmo and Fran Cosmo
Engineered by: Fran Cosmo, Anthony Cosmo
Mixed by : Fran Cosmo, Anthony Cosmo
Mastered by: Jeff Lipton


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