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Cosmo Police Justy
LaserDisc cover of Justy.
Cosmo Police ジャスティ
(Kosumo Porīsu Jasuti)
Genre Science fiction
Author Tsuguo Okazaki
Publisher Japan Shogakukan
Magazine Shōnen Sunday Super
Original run 19811984
Original video animation
Director Motosuke Takahashi
Studio Studio Pierrot
Released July 20, 1985
Episodes 1
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Cosmo Police Justy (Cosmo Police ジャスティ Kosumo Porīsu Jasuti ?) is a science fiction anime OVA released on July 20, 1985 in Japan. The anime is based on a manga by Tsuguo Okazaki which ran in Shōnen Sunday Super. The OVA was released as a double feature with Area 88. The story follows Justy Kaizard, a police officer who chases down criminal espers; his tactics might be similar to those of a bounty hunter but he is a salary-drawing officer.

The lead character is also an esper, gifted with remarkable powers. He is able to moderate his psychic forces by the use of the headband that he wears. With this device, which acts only as a psychic damper, he can finely attenuate his powers to prevent collateral damage.

Viz comics translated the manga of Cosmo Police Justy into English and released it in the 6 1/2 x 10 1/4 comic book format for the North America market on December 6, 1988. The series cover title in North America was simply changed to Justy. There were nine issues released. The last issue the Blue Witch was released on April 4, 1989.

The OVA appears to be partly based on two stories from the comics: the Tears of Astalis, listed in the first page of the English comic book publications as volume’s one and two, and also Hostages which is listed as volume’s four and five.



  • Director: Motosuke Takahashi (director of Fire Tripper)
  • Animation Director: Motosuke Takahashi
  • Production and Planning: Kiyo Usami
  • Producer: Yūji Nunokawa
  • Original Story, Planning, and Character Design: Tsuguo Okazaki
  • Animation Character Design: Yūichi Endō
  • Mechanical Design: Hideki Kakinuma
  • Screenplay: Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
  • Production: Osamu Uemura
  • Director of Photography: Masaaki Fujita
  • Music: Hiroya Watanabe
  • Art Director: Torao Arai
  • Audio/Recording Director: Shigeharu Shiba
  • Editors: Morita Editing, Kiyoshi Morita, Masaki Sakamoto
  • Theme song: The Lonely Warrior (孤独の戦士 Kodoku no Senshi ?), sung by Miki Asakura (King Records)
  • Production: Justy Project (Japan)
  • Distribution: Toei Classic Film

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