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The Roman empire under Hadrian (ruled 117-38), showing the location of the Cotini Celtic tribe in the northern Carpathian mountains

Cotini was a Celtic tribe most probably living in today's Slovakia, and (according to occasional opinions) in Moravia and southern Poland. They were probably identical or constituted a significant part of the archaeological Púchov culture, with the center in Havránok.

The tribe was first time mentioned in 10 BC in the Elogium of Tusculum. According to Tacitus, both Sarmatians (present-day Poland) and Quadi (present-day southwestern Slovakia) extracted tribute from the iron mines of the Cotini in the 1st century AD. The Cotini are later mentioned in connection with the Marcomannic Wars: Around 172 AD, they did not help Romans in their fight against Marcomanni. To punish them, Marcus Aurelius had moved (all?) the Cotini to Lower Pannonia, which happened not later than 180 AD. In Lower Pannonia, they are mentioned as "cives Cotini" - the Cotini people - in 223-251 AD.


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