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A Council is a type of committee that is usually intended to lead or govern. Councils often serve several different functions.

In British culture, a municipality is often referred to as simply the Council without any further attempt by the speaker at making a size or scale designation, as in Council house. It is assumed the listener will already know the specific meaning of the word without further guidance.

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council (plural councils)

  1. A committee that leads or governs (e.g. city council, student council)
  2. discussion or deliberation


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Spoken of counsellors who sat in public trials with the governor of a province (Acts 25:12).

The Jewish councils were the Sanhedrim, or supreme council of the nation, which had subordinate to it smaller tribunals (the "judgment," perhaps, in Mt 5:21f) in the cities of Palestine (Mt 10:17; Mk 13:9). In the time of Jesus the functions of the Sanhedrim were limited (Jn 16:2; 2Cor 11:24).

In Ps 6827 the word "council" means simply a company of persons. (R.V. marg., "company.")

In ecclesiastical history the word is used to denote an assembly of pastors or bishops for the discussion and regulation of church affairs. The first of these councils was that of the apostles and elders at Jerusalem, of which we have a detailed account in Acts 15.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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Simple English

The English Wiktionary has a dictionary definition (meanings of a word) for:

Council in general means a body that has the right to give advice or to administer.

It could also mean:

In politics:

  • Borough Council, a form of local government in the United Kingdom
  • City council, a form of local government
  • Community council, the most local official representative bodies in Scotland and Wales
  • Council (country subdivision), a local government area in Australia
  • Council of State, an organ of government in many states
  • County council, a council that governs a county in the British Isles
  • Labour council, an association of labour unions or union branches in a given area
  • Municipal council, a subdivision of France
  • National Security Council, an executive branch governmental body responsible for coordinating policy on national security issues
  • Parish council, a form of local government in the United Kingdom
  • Privy Council, a body that advises the head of state of a nation
  • Research Council, a government agency responsible for a particular area of research in the United Kingdom
  • Town council, a democratically elected form of government for small municipalities or parishes
  • Workers' council, a council composed of working class or proletarian members
  • Works council, a "shop-floor" organization representing workers

In American geography:

In other fields:

  • Arts council, a government or private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts
  • Bar council, a professional body that regulates the profession of barristers together with the Inns of Court
  • Council (Boy Scouts), a non-profit private corporation within Boy Scouts of America
  • Ecumenical council, a meeting of the bishops of the whole church convened to discuss and settle matters of Church doctrine and practice
  • Floyd Council, an American blues musician
  • Student Council, a student organization present in many elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities
  • "The Council" (Enterprise episode), a third season episode of Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Youth Council, an example of youth voice engaged in youth-led decision-making

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