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The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the executive branch of the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the Article V, Section 4 of the Constitution, the Chair of the Council of Ministers is nominated by the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and confirmed by the National House of Representatives. The President of the Council of Ministers then appoints other ministers.



The Council is responsible for carrying out the policies and decisions in the fields of:

Standing Bodies of Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • General Secretariat
  • Economic Directorate
  • Internal Politics Directorate
  • Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bureau for Legal Matters

Current Cabinet

  • Chairman of the Council of Ministers - Chairman Nikola Špirić
  • Ministry of Foreign Relations – Minister Sven Alkalaj
  • Ministry of Security – Minister Tarik Sadović
  • Ministry of Finance – Minister Dragan Vrankić
  • Ministry of Justice – Minister Bariša Čolak
  • Ministry of Defense - Minister Selmo Cikotić
  • Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations – Minister Mladen Zirojević
  • Ministry of Communication and Transportation – Minister Rudo Vidović
  • Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees – Minister Safet Halilović
  • Ministry of Civil Affairs – Minister Sredoje Nović

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