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The Council of Ministers (Manx: Coonseil ny Shirveishee) the principal executive organ of the Isle of Man Government. Its role is similar to, though not identical with, that of the Cabinet in the United Kingdom. Until 1990 its title was the Executive Council.

The Executive Council, chaired by the Lieutenant Governor and including members of Tynwald, was established in 1949, and gradually thereafter became the effective government of the Island. The Lieutenant Governor ceased to chair the Executive Council in 1980, being replaced by a chairman elected by Tynwald,[1], and the Council was reconstituted in 1985 to include the chairmen of the eight principal Boards of Tynwald[2]; in 1986 they were given the title 'Minister' and the chairman was styled 'Chief Minister'[3]. In 1990 the Council was renamed the 'Council of Ministers'.[4]

The Council of Ministers consists of the Chief Minister and not more than nine Ministers, all of whom must be members of Tynwald. The Chief Minister is appointed by the Lieutenant Governor on the nomination of Tynwald, and the Ministers are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor, acting on the advice and with the concurrence of the Chief Minister.[5] The Chief Minister assigns a Minister to each Department of the Isle of Man Government.[6]



Meetings are attended by:


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