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The title Count of Anjou was first granted in the ninth century to Ingelger, a viscount who held land around Orléans and Angers. His descendants, who included some kings of England, continued to hold these titles and property until the French monarchy gained control of the area. Thereafter the titles Count of Anjou and, after 1360, Duke of Anjou were granted several times, usually to members of the French ruling houses of Valois and Bourbon.

The title was held by a Philippe, a grandson of King Louis XIV, until he ascended the Spanish throne as Philip V of Spain. Since then, some Spanish legitimist claimants to the French throne have borne the title even to the present day, as does a relative of the Orléanist pretender.


Counts of Anjou


First creation 870–1203

House of Ingelger

House of Anjou

In 1204, Anjou was lost to king Philip II of France. It was re-granted as an apanage for Louis VIII's son John, who died in 1232 at the age of thirteen, and then to Louis's youngest son, Charles, later the first Angevin king of Sicily.

Second creation 1246-1297 : House of Anjou

  • John I Tristan (1219-1232)
  • Charles I (1226–1285)
  • Charles II (1254–1309), son of, ceded the county to his daughter 1273
  • Margaret I (1273–1299)

In 1290, Margaret married Charles of Valois, the younger brother of king Philip IV of France. He became Count of Anjou in her right, and was created Duke of Anjou and a Peer of France in 1297.

Third creation 1297-1332 : House of Valois

Fourth creation 1332-1350 : House of Valois

  • John II (1319–1364), son of, also king of France as John II

Fifth creation 1356-1360 : House of Valois-Anjou

  • Louis I (1339–1383), son of, created Duke of Anjou in 1360

Dukes of Anjou

First creation 1360-1481 : House of Valois-Anjou

On the death of Charles IV, Anjou returned to the royal domain.

Second creation 1515-1531 : House of Savoy

Third creation 1566-1576 : House of Valois-Angoulême

Fourth creation 1576-1584 : House of Valois-Angoulême

Fifth creation : 1608-1824 : House of Bourbon

Sixth creation 1883-present : House of Bourbon

After the death of Henry, Count of Chambord, Carlist claimants became head of the House of Capet and also of the House of Bourbon. Some of them used the title of Duke of Anjou.

In 1941, Jaime, Duke of Segovia, succeeded his father the exiled king Alfonso XIII of Spain, Alphonse I of France as heir-male of the House of Capet and therefore as Legitimist claimant to the French throne. He then adopted the title of Duke of Anjou, as formerly born by his ancestor Philip V of Spain.

Other creations 2004-present : House of Bourbon-Orléans

On December 8, 2004, Henry, Count of Paris, Orléanist Pretender to the French throne, granted his nephew Charles Philippe the title of Duke of Anjou.

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