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Coat of arms of the county of Boulogne.

The county of Boulogne (Dutch: Bonen) was a historical region in the Low Countries. It consisted of a part of the present-day French département of the Nord (French Flanders), in parts of which there is still a Flemish-speaking minority.

In Roman times, Boulogne was situated in the Roman provinces of Belgica and inhabited by Celtic tribes, until Germanic peoples replaced them and made an end to roman imperial rule.

Its most important city was Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Today the historic county of is an integral part of France.



The city of Boulogne-sur-Mer became the centre of the county of Boulogne in the 9th century. The founder of the dynasty of the counts of Boulogne seems to have been Hernequin of Boulogne, the son of Ragnhart. Hernequin married Bertha of Ponthieu around 850.

Later that century it was frequently raided by the Vikings. There is some uncertainly about the early counts. There are number of people called count but the first definite count does not appear until the 11th century.

Boulogne later became influential in the history of England, when Eustace II of Boulogne accompanied William the Conqueror's invasion in 1066.

Boulogne was also a major participant in the First Crusade; Eustace III of Boulogne's brothers, Godfrey of Bouillon and Baldwin of Bouillon, both became king of Jerusalem, and Eustace himself was offered but declined the title.

Count Renaud of Boulogne joined the imperial side at the Battle of Bouvines in 1214, and was defeated by Philip II of France.

Boulogne passed under nominal royal control in 1223 when it was given to Philip II's son Philippe Hurepel. Hurepel revolted against Blanche of Castile when Louis VIII of France died in 1226. When Philip died in 1235, for unknown reasons the county passed to Adelaide of Brabant, Matilda's niece, and her husband William X of Auvergne, count of Auvergne, rather than Matilda and Philip's descendants.

Boulogne was attacked numerous times during the Hundred Years' War. In 1477 Bertrand VI of La Tour gave up the county to Louis XI who incorporated it into France, except for a brief period of English rule under Henry VIII of England (see Siege of Boulogne).

Counts of Boulogne


Uncertain counts

  •  ?-882? : Hernequin
  •  ?-? : Odakar V or Odokar the Great
  •  ?-? : Inglebert I
  •  ?-? : Odakar VI
  •  ?-? : Arnoul II

House of Flanders

Blason Nord-Pas-De-Calais.svg

House of Boulogne

Blason Courtenay.svg

House of Blois

Blason Blois Ancien.png

House of Alsace

Blason Lorraine.svg
  • 1170–1173 : Matthew I
  • 1173–1216 : Ida (daughter of, married Renaud of Dammartin, count of Dammartine and count of Aumale)
    • 1173–1180 : Matthew II
    • 1181–1182 : Gerard
    • 1183–1186 : Berthold

House of Dammertin

Armoiries Dammartin.png
  • 1216-1260 : Matilda II (also queen of Portugal, countess of Mortain, countess of Aumale, and countess of Dammartin, married)
    • 1223-1235 : Philip (also count of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis)
    • 1235-1253 : Alphonse (also king of Portugal)

House of Auvergne

Blason de l'Auvergne.svg
  • 1253-1260 : Damìèn of Auvergne (count of Auvergne)
  • 1260-1261 : Adelaide (cousin of, married William III, count of Auvergne)
  • 1261-1277 : Robert I (son of, also count of Auvergne)
  • 1277-1314 : Robert II (son of, also count of Auvergne)
  • 1314-1325 : Robert III (son of, also count of Auvergne)
  • 1325-1332 : William II (son of, also count of Auvergne)
  • 1332-1360 : Joanna I (daughter of, also countess of Auvergne, married)
    • 1338-1346 : Philip II (also count of Auvergne)
    • 1350-1360 : John (also king of France, count of Auvergne)

House of Burgundy

Blason Ducs Bourgogne (ancien).svg
  • 1360-1361 : Philip III (son of, also duke of Burgundy, count of Auvergne, count of Artois and count of Franche-Compté)

House of Auvergne

Blason de l'Auvergne.svg
  • 1361-1386 : John II (son of, also count of Auvergne)
  • 1386-1404 : John III (son of, also count of Auvergne)
  • 1404-1424 : Joanna II (daughter of, also countess of Auvergne, married)
    • 1404-1416 : John IV (also duke of Berry)
    • 1416-1424 : George
  • 1424-1437 : Mary II (cousin of, also countess of Auvergne)

House of La Tour d'Auvergne

Armoiries de la Tour d'Auvergne.png
  • 1437-1461 : Bertrand I (son of, also count of Auvergne)
  • 1461-1497 : Bertrand II (son of, also count of Auvergne)
  • 1497-1501 : John V (son of, also count of Auvergne)

After the death of John V, count of Boulogne, the county of Boulogne was integrated into the royal domain.



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