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The County of Geneva, largely corresponding to the Genevois, originated in the tenth century, in the Kingdom of Burgundy; it was held by Aymar of Geneva, who married Bertha of Flanders, daughter of Baldwin III, Count of Flanders, and died in 1016. Their son, Geraud, count of Geneva, was born about 1012 and died about 1045.

The county never played a major part as a feudal entity. Geneva and its environs were retained, but the approaches to the western end of Lake Geneva, which had made the position strategic, were soon lost. The bishop of Geneva made himself an independent force, and the counts of Savoy encircled the territory and controlled the trade routes. The counts' stronghold and capital was Annecy.

At a moment when the male line of the counts was near exhaustion, Robert de Genève was raised to a shadow papacy by the French cardinals who seceded from the College of Cardinals and wished to rescind their part in the election of the irascible Urban VI; elected 20 September 1378, Robert took the title of Clement VII. Unexpectedly, with the death of his brother, he succeeded as count in 1392. As count, Robert was virtually dependent on the cooperative graces of the count of Savoy. With his death, the House of Geneva was extinguished and the title passed to the husband of the heiress, Humbert VII of Thoire and Villars (died 1400). The year after Humbert's death, his heir sold the comté to Amadeus, count of Savoy. Though other members of the Genevan house protested, Amadeus successfully completed the integration of the county with his territories, which were raised to a duchy by Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor. The title count of Geneva passed securely into the House of Savoy, where the title is maintained as a courtesy title.


List of the Counts of Geneva

Coat of arms of the counts of Geneva

House of Geneva

  • Ratbert (died after 880)
  • Albitius (died after 931), his son
  • Conrad I (died circa 963), his son
  • c.963–974 : Conrad II (died 974), his son
  • 974-??? : Albert, his brother
  •  ???-c.1023 : Gérold I (died circa 1023), his son, Count of Vienne, Maurienne and Geneva
  • c.1023-c.1080 : Gérold II de Genève (died circa 1080), his son
  • c.1080–1128 : Aymon I, his son
  • 1128–1178 : Amadeus I, his son
  • 1178–1195 : William I his son
  • 1195–1220 : Humbert, his son
  • 1220–1252 : William II, his brother
  • 1252–1265 : Rudolf (circa 1220–1265), his son
  • 1265–1280 : Aymon II (died 1280), his son
  • 1280–1308 : Amadeus II (died 1308), his brother
  • 1308–1320 : William III (1286–1320), his son
  • 1320–1367 : Amadeus III (circa 1311–1367), his son
  • 1367–1367 : Aymon III (died 1367), his son
  • 1367–1369 : Amadeus IV (died 1367), his brother
  • 1369–1392 : Peter (died 1392), his brother
  • 1392–1394 : Robert (1342–1394), his brother; as Clement VII he was Anti-pope in Avignon

House of Thoire

  • 1394–1400 : Humbert VII of Thoire and Villars (died 1400), son of Humbert VI, Lord of Thoire and Villars, and Maria of Geneva, Daughter of Amadeus III
  • 1400–1401 : Odo of Thoire and Villars

In 1401 Odo sold the County to Amadeus VIII of Savoy. His heirs however contested this and the legal processes were not completed until 1424.

House of Savoy

From 1424 the County of Geneva was joined to the House of Savoy, although at times it was granted as appanage to cadet branches of the family.

Subsequently the County of Geneva was joined to the Duchy of Savoy.


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