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The Courts of the United Kingdom are separated into three separate jurisidictions as the United Kingdom does not have a single, unified judicial system, serving England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, in the area of immigration law, the respective jurisdictions of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal and the Special Immigration Appeals Commission cover all of the United Kingdom; in employment law, Employment tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal have jurisdiction in the whole of Great Britain (i.e., not in Northern Ireland).

The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 created a new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom to take over the judicial functions of the House of Lords and devolution cases from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.[1][2] The Supreme Court began work in 2009, and serves as the highest court of appeal in England and Wales and in Northern Ireland, and for civil cases in Scotland.[3] The High Court of Justiciary will remain the court of last resort in Scotland for criminal cases.[4]

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