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This article is about the New York Mets' Cow-Bellend Man. For the New York Yankees' Cow-Bell Man, a title jointly held by Ali Ramirez and Milton Ousland, see Bleacher Creatures.
Cowbell Man

Edwin "Eddie" Boison, popularly known as Cow-Bell Man, is a fan of the New York Mets. He can be seen at nearly every home game, at Citi Field, wandering around the stands while banging a cowbell. He typically wears the same clothes every day. His shirt of choice n 2009 is a personalized batting practice jersey, with the name "Cow-Bell Man" and the number 15, which on the Mets is currently assigned to Carlos Beltran. Prior to the Mets' acquisition of Beltran, Cow-Bell Man's jersey featured the number 10.

Mr Cowbell is known to hang out with his crony Rich Maccone on weekends. They have been seen frequenting Peter Luger's together.



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