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Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop DVD Box Set featuring the main cast from left to right: Faye Valentine, Jet Black, Spike Spiegel, Edward, and Ein.
(Kaubōi Bibappu)
Genre Space opera, Planetary romance, Action-adventure, Crime fiction, Tech-noir, Tragedy, Western fiction
TV anime
Cowboy Bebop
Director Shinichirō Watanabe
Writer Keiko Nobumoto
Studio Sunrise
Licensor Japan Bandai Visual
United States Canada Bandai Entertainment
Australia New Zealand Madman Entertainment
Network Japan TV Tokyo, WOWOW, Animax
English network United States Adult Swim
Original run 3 April 199823 April 1999
Episodes 26 (List of episodes)
Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star
Author Hajime Yatate
Illustrator Cain Kuga
Publisher Japan Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher United States Tokyopop
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Japan Asuka Fantasy DX
Original run November 1997[1]May 1998
Volumes 2 (List of volumes)
Cowboy Bebop: A New Story
Author Hajime Yatate
Illustrator Yutaka Nanten
Publisher Japan Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher United States Canada Tokyopop
Australia New Zealand Madman Entertainment
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Japan Asuka Fantasy DX
Original run April 1998April 2000
Volumes 3 (List of volumes)
  • Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door
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Cowboy Bebop (カウボーイビバップ Kaubōi Bibappu?) is an award-winning 1998 Japanese anime series directed by Shinichirō Watanabe, written by Keiko Nobumoto, and produced by Sunrise. Its 26 episodes comprise a complete storyline: set in 2071, the series follows the misadventures and tragedies of a group of bounty hunters, or "cowboys", traveling on their spaceship, the Bebop.

The series' art direction centers around American music and counterculture, especially the beat and jazz movements of the 1940s-60s and the early rock era of the 1950s-70s, which the original soundtrack by Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts recreates.[2]

Cowboy Bebop was a commercial success both in Japan and international markets, notably in the United States. After this reception, Sony Pictures released a feature film, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, to theaters worldwide and followed up with an international DVD release. Two manga adaptations were serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Asuka Fantasy DX.



In 2022, the explosion of an experimental warp gateway caused major damage to the Moon, bathed the Earth with radiation, and left an asteroid ring that threatens the surface with daily meteorite bombardments. As a result, many survivors abandoned the barely-habitable Earth to colonize the inner planets, the asteroid belt and the moons of Jupiter.

The show opens in 2071, when the entire Solar System has been made accessible via reliable warp gates. Mars has become the new central hub of human civilization, and interplanetary crime syndicates exert influence over the government and the Inter-Solar System Police (ISSP), limiting their effectiveness in dealing with crime. As a result, a bounty system similar to that in the Old West is established to deal with fugitives, terrorists and other criminals.

The crew of the spaceship Bebop are a partnership of bounty hunters, called "cowboys", who travel the Solar System trying to apprehend bounties. Jet Black is the owner of the Bebop, but has partnered with Spike Spiegel for his diverse combat skills. During its travels, the Bebop gains new crew members, much to the visible annoyance of both Jet and Spike.

Most episodes revolve around attempts to bring in a specific bounty. Some of the Bebop's varied targets include small time thugs, gangsters, hackers (known as "net divers" in slang), religious leaders, psychopaths, genetic experiments, mutant creatures and petty thieves. Though the characters advertise themselves as self-interested, their actions frequently show that they are sympathetic to the plight of others. On several occasions, the crew forgoes the chance to collect bounty rewards upon learning of the circumstances of their bounty-heads.

Occasionally the Bebop crew members' pasts catch up with them, and the show regularly turns to the history of the main characters in flashbacks. Spike's past as a syndicate enforcer is a major element of the series, while other episodes deal with Jet's previous occupation as an ISSP officer on Ganymede, Faye's mysterious past and significant debt problems, and Ed's childhood. The day-to-day life of the crew is also explored during the series. A major recurring theme is the chronic lack of money, a situation that is not helped by the crew's frequent inability to collect on bounties. This results in the general disrepair of the Bebop and common shortages of food.


The crew of the Bebop

The series features a crew of distinct main characters. The first two introduced in the series are Spike Spiegel and Jet Black. As the series progresses, more characters are introduced and become members of the Bebop crew. Antagonists include a variety of bounties that the crew hunt to collect funding, including Faye. In addition, several recurring characters appear in various episodes. While some, such as Julia and Vicious, are central to the storyline, others like the three old men and Punch and Judy are more peripheral.

Spike Spiegel - a former member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. Spike is a master in firearms and hand-to-hand combat, practicing Jeet Kune Do, and is also a skilled pilot. Despite his outwardly carefree attitude, he is haunted by the memory of his time in the syndicate, particularly of his romantic relationship with a mysterious woman named Julia, and his conflict with arch-rival and former syndicate partner, Vicious.

Jet Black - a former ISSP officer and the owner of the Bebop. Once called "The Black Dog" by his fellow officers for his relentless nature, he left the ISSP after becoming fed up with the corruption and red tape of the organization, and turned to bounty hunting as a way to pursue justice. Despite the ability to have it replaced, he voluntarily bears a cybernetic arm as a reminder of what happened when he rushed into trouble without looking first. Like Spike, he is haunted by the memory of a woman, Alisa, his longtime girlfriend who left him without giving a reason.

Faye Valentine - a femme fatale with a penchant for gambling. She joins the Bebop uninvited, to the consternation of Jet and Spike. Though she abandons the ship several times during the course of the series, her attachment to the crew always brings her back. These feelings are apparently reciprocated, as Jet and Spike always allow her to return despite claiming they're pleased to see her leave. Her gambling, cheating, and competitive skills are unrivaled except by Spike. Most of her past and her real last name are a mystery.

Edward - a young, eccentric computer genius and master hacker. Ed is a girl, though her name and appearance suggest otherwise. She had followed the travels of the Bebop before encountering the ship, and agrees to help the crew track down a bounty-head in exchange for becoming a member of the crew. While her intelligence far exceeds that of the other members of the crew, she is clearly the child of the group, looking up to Jet as a father figure and Spike and Faye as a big brother and sister. She gave herself the fanciful name "Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV" after running away to an orphanage, but after her father is found, it is revealed that her real name is Françoise Appledelhi. She goes by the name Radical Edward when hacking, and commonly spends the most time with Ein.

Ein - a Welsh Corgi and former lab animal identified as a "data dog" by the scientists who created him. The reason for this title is never explained, but it is suggested that he possesses enhanced intelligence, which he displays in subtle ways throughout the series, including showing the ability to speak to other animals, and possibly Ed, and perfectly hacking the 'Scratch' website in session #23. Despite his enhanced intelligence and comprehension, the rest of the Bebop crew, with the exception of Ed, often fail to notice these qualities and treat Ein as an average pet.


The balances of the atmospheres of the planets and the racial groups of the people in Cowboy Bebop mostly originate from Shinichiro Watanabe's ideas, while collaboration from set designer Isamu Imakake, Shoji Kawamori, and Dai Satou also formed the balances. The staff of Cowboy Bebop established the particular atmospheres early in the production. Initially in the production, the ethnic groups were not solidly established. Watanabe wanted to have many racial groups appear in Cowboy Bebop.[3]

Mars was the planet most often used in storylines in Cowboy Bebop. Satoshi Toba, the cultural and setting producer, explained that other planets "were unexpectedly difficult to use." Toba explained that each planet in Cowboy Bebop has unique features, and in the plotlines the producers had to take into account the characteristics of each planet. Toba explained that it was not possible for the staff of Cowboy Bebop to have a dramatic rooftop scene occur on Venus, so "we ended up normally falling back to Mars."[3]



  • In the United States, on 2 September 2001, Cowboy Bebop became the first anime title to be shown as part of the U.S. Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block.[4] It was successful enough to be broadcast repeatedly for four years. It was rerun again in 2007, 2008, the first part of 2009 and 2010. It is currently being shown on Adult Swim Video.
  • In the United Kingdom, Cowboy Bebop was first broadcast in 2002 as one of the highlights of the ill-fated "cartoon network for adults", CNX. As of 6 November 2007, it is being repeated on AnimeCentral.
  • In Australia, Cowboy Bebop was first broadcast on pay-TV in 2002 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. It has recently started broadcasting on the Sci Fi Channel on Foxtel.
  • In Australia, Cowboy Bebop TV series was first broadcast on free-to-air-TV on ABC2 (the national digital public television channel) on 2 January 2007 [5]. It has been repeated several times, most recently starting from Monday, 29 December 2008 [6] and finishing on Monday, 22 June 2009 [7]. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie also aired again on 23 February 2009, on SBS (a hybrid-funded Australian public broadcasting television network).
  • In France, Cowboy Bebop was broadcast during summer 2000 on Canal+.
  • In Germany, Cowboy Bebop was broadcast during 2003-2004 on MTV.
  • In Poland, Cowboy Bebop was broadcast several times by Hyper and TVP Kultura.
  • In Israel, Cowboy Bebop was broadcast during 2001-2002 on Bip's late-night anime block.
  • In Spain, Cowboy Bebop was broadcast during 1999 on Cartoon Network in the first Toonami programming block, during the early 2000s on K3's, and during summer 2006 on Cuatro's late-night show Cuatrosfera.
  • In Canada, Cowboy Bebop was first broadcast on 24 December 2006, on Razer.
  • In Italy, Cowboy Bebop was broadcast after November 1999 on MTV and again in 2007.
  • In Singapore, Cowboy Bebop was broadcast on Arts Central at the 11 pm time slot, and had several scenes cut for violence and other graphic content.
  • In Portugal, Cowboy Bebop was broadcast on SIC Radical in 2001, 2007, and 2008.
  • In the Netherlands, the first five episodes of Cowboy Bebop were broadcast by TMF in 2005.
  • In Latin America, Cowboy Bebop was broadcast in 2001 on Locomotion.
  • In The Philippines, Cowboy Bebop was first broadcast in 2004 on GMA Network. It was recently shown on TV5.
  • In India, Cowboy Bebop was broadcast several times since 2006 on Animax.



Cowboy Bebop almost did not appear on Japanese broadcast television due to its depictions of gratuitous violence. It was first sent to TV Tokyo, one of the main broadcasters of anime in Japan. The show had an aborted first run from 3 April 1998, until 19 June 1998, on TV Tokyo, broadcasting only episodes 2, 3, 7 to 15, and 18.

Later that year, the series was shown in its entirety from 23 October until 23 April 1999, on the satellite network WOWOW. Because of the TV Tokyo broadcast slot fiasco, the production schedule was disrupted to the extent that the last episode was delivered to WOWOW on the day of its broadcast. Cowboy Bebop won the Seiun Award in 2000.

The full series has also been broadcast across Japan by the anime television network Animax, which has also aired the series via its respective networks across Southeast Asia, South Asia and East Asia. Cowboy Bebop was popular enough that the movie, Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no Tobira (Knockin' on Heaven's Door), was commissioned and released in Japan in 2001, and later released in the United States as Cowboy Bebop: The Movie in 2003.


A poll in Newtype USA, the US edition of the Japanese magazine Newtype, asked its readers to rank the "Top 25 Anime Titles of All Time"; Cowboy Bebop placed second (behind Neon Genesis Evangelion) on a list that included such anime as Mobile Suit Gundam.[8] In a recent poll by TV Asahi, Cowboy Bebop was 40th for Japan's Favorite Anime of 2006.[9] The American Anime magazine Anime Insider (No. 50, November 2007) ranked the 50 best anime (available in America) by compiling lists of industry regulars and magazine staff, with Cowboy Bebop ranked as #1.

In the U.S., Cartoon Network has regularly rotated Cowboy Bebop in and out of its Adult Swim block line-up.

T.H.E.M Anime Reviews said the series has "sophistication and subtlety that is practically one-of-a-kind" and that "puts most anime...and Hollywood, to shame."[10]

On May 16, 2006 IGN published an article by Josh Pool entitled "Top Ten Anime Themes and Soundtracks of All-Time." Cowboy Bebop was listed as number one, "And the winner is Bebop! Yoko Kanno strikes again. From beginning to end this may be one of the best anime ever and certainly is tops when it comes to music."

In March 2009, the print and web editions of The Onion's A.V. Club called Cowboy Bebop "rightly a huge hit", and listed it as a gateway series to understanding the medium of anime as a whole.[11]

DVD release

DVD name Ep # Release date Additional information
Session One 1-5 4 April 2000
Session Two 6-10 2 May 2000
Session Three 11-14 13 July 2000
Session Four 15-18 4 April 2000
Session Five 19-22 2 May 2000
Session Six 23-26 13 July 2000
The Perfect Sessions 1-26 6 November 2001
  • Cowboy Bebop OST 1
  • Collectors Art Box

Cowboy Bebop has been released in three separate editions in North America.

The first release was sold in 2000 individually, and featured uncut versions of the original 26 episodes. In 2001, these DVDs were collected in the special edition Perfect Sessions which included the first 6 DVDs, the first Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, and a collector's box.[12] At the time of release, the art box from the Perfect Sessions was made available for purchase on The Right Stuff International as a solo item for collectors who already owned the series.[13]

The second release, The Best Sessions, was sold in 2002 and featured what Bandai considered to be the best 6 episodes of the series remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS surround sound.[14]

The third release, Cowboy Bebop Remix, was also distributed on 6 discs and included the original 26 episodes, with sound remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 and video remastered under the supervision of Shinichiro Watanabe. This release also included various extras that were not present in the original release.[15] Cowboy Bebop Remix was itself collected as the Cowboy Bebop Remix DVD Collection in 2008.


One of the most notable elements of Cowboy Bebop is its music. Episodes are called "sessions", each of which follows a different musical theme,[11] and episode titles are borrowed from notable album or song names (i.e. "Sympathy for the Devil", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Honky Tonk Women", "My Funny Valentine") or make use of a genre name ("Mushroom Samba", "Heavy Metal Queen").

Performed by Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts, a band Kanno assembled to perform music for the series, the jazz and blues themed soundtrack helps to define the show as much as the characters, writing, and animation. Cowboy Bebop was voted by IGN in 2006 as having the greatest soundtrack for an anime.[16]

Cowboy Bebop

  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Vitaminless
  • No Disc
  • Blue
  • Remixes: Music for Freelance sets itself in the Cowboy Bebop universe, and purports to be a broadcast from the pirate radio station Radio Free Mars. This album includes remixes of Seatbelts tracks from the previous 4 albums, remixed by popular American and British DJs.
  • Box Set: CD box set - A compilation of tracks from the first 4 albums, and previously unreleased/live material as well as dialogue tracks.
  • Greatest Hits: Tank! THE! BEST!

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Theme songs

Opening themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
1 "Tank!" The Seatbelts 1-25
Ending themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
1 "The Real Folk Blues" The Seatbelts feat. Mai Yamane 1-12, 14-25
2 "Space Lion" The Seatbelts 13
3 "Blue" The Seatbelts feat. Mai Yamane 26

Tim Jensen produced lyrics on some songs:

Other media

  • An official side story to Cowboy Bebop was released on the original website called Cowboy Bebop: UT. Taking place long before the series started, it features Ural and Victoria Terpsichore (V.T. from the episode "Heavy Metal Queen") when they were bounty hunters. The story is available at the site mirror hosted by[17]
  • Bandai released a Cowboy Bebop shoot 'em up video game in Japan for the PlayStation in 1998. A PlayStation 2 video game, Cowboy Bebop: Tsuioku no Serenade, was released in Japan, and the English version had been set for release in North America during the first quarter of 2006. However, in November 2007, GameSpot reported that the North American release had been canceled.[18]
  • Two short manga series based on the Cowboy Bebop property were released in the US by Tokyopop.

Live-action movie

On 22 July 2008, IF Magazine published an article on its website regarding a rumor of a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie in development by 20th Century Fox. Producer Erwin Stoff said that the film's development was in the early stages, and that they had "just signed it".[19][20] Keanu Reeves has been confirmed as playing the role of Spike Spiegel.[21][22] Variety confirmed on 15 January 2009, that the production company Sunrise Animation will be "closely involved with the development of the English language project." The site also confirmed Kenji Uchida, Shinichiro Watanabe, and series writer Keiko Nobumoto as associate producers, series producer Masahiko Minami as a production consultant, and Peter Craig as screenwriter.[23] It is currently slated for release in 2011.[24]

Continuation rumors

After the creation of the series, an interviewer asked Watanabe if he had any plans to create more Cowboy Bebop material. Watanabe responded by saying that he does not believe that he "should just keep on making Cowboy Bebop sequels for the sake of it." Watanabe added that ending production and "to quit while we're ahead when people still want more" is more "in keeping with the Bebop spirit".[25] In a more recent interview from 2006 with the Daily Texan Watanabe was asked if there would ever be more Cowboy Bebop. Watanabe's answer was "someday... maybe, someday."[26]


  1. ^ It seems a manga adaptation was published before the anime premiered. The first Shooting Star volume was released on May 1998 (ISBN 4048529358) by Asuka Comics DX, so it's safe to say that the manga began on November 1997 at the latest [1]. It takes an average of six months to publish enough chapters to fill a tankōbon and the first volume was released on May 1998.
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Cowboy Bebop is a 26 episode Japanese animated TV series by Shinichiro Watanabe that initially ran starting in 1998.


Asteroid Blues

Spike: This is real mystic and all but, uh, do you have anything to eat here?
Old Man Bull: [Stomach growls]
Spike: I see.
Old Man Bull: The red-eyed coyote will appear at the zona norte at the far end of town. That is what I see. [Pause] You, Swimming Bird.
Spike: Hm?
Old Man Bull: The Swimming Bird shall meet a woman. The bird shall be hunted by this woman, and then... death.
Spike: One more time...
Old Man Bull: What's that?
Spike: I was killed once before... by a woman.
Old Man Bull: You take women too lightly, my friend.
Spike: On the contrary... catch ya' later.

Antonio: This again? Goddamn sonofabitch! Man, you're totally ripping me off, but do ya realize the reason you can live here is because I dug that gate with all my might, ya hear?
Carlos: This again. You always say that when you lose. We all dug the gate together, remember?
Jobin: That we did... We dug like there was no tomorrow...

Spike: Me? I'm just an old-fashioned cowboy.

Jet: Having yourself a little nap, huh?
Spike: I had a sweet dream.

Stray Dog Strut

Spike [looking at some nunchucks]: Long chain on this one. Way of the Dragon model?

Spike: I hate kids and pets! They're all a royal pain in the butt!

Spike: You know you really make me laugh Hakim, risking your life for a dog that's only worth a fist full of woolongs.
Hakim: What's it to you?
Spike: Nothing but a giggle, but you're worth a barrel full of woolongs yourself my friend.

Jet: Don't count your chickens Spike, or should I say don't count your ducks.

Spike: I hate kids & pets. They're all a royal pain in the butt.
Jet: Complaining again. Didn't your grandmother ever tell you that a good boy has to finish what he starts?
Spike: My grandmother died before I was born.
Jet: My condolences.

Spike: Well here's another great moment in the legend of Spike, famous bounty hunter & dog walker.

Jet: Now don't get too hotheaded, Spike.
Spike: You haven't seen hotheaded, Jet.

[Spike sees Ein being thrown from the car]
Spike: Damn it! THIS IS WHY I HATE PETS!

Honky Tonk Women

Faye: You know the first rule in combat? [empties sub-machine gun through closed door] ...shoot them before they shoot you.
Faye: My family have always been "Romanies," wandering about in search of love. You don't know anything, do you? That's another term for Gypsies! Everyone else, like you guys, with no pride in their lives are called "Gaujo."
Spike: I'm fine with being a "Gaujo."

Faye calls out. Ein howls.

Faye: It's calling me... The great outdoors are calling out to me...
Jet: You can do all of this with the cops.
Spike: Let's go, Jet.
Faye: Oh, fine. I won't run. At least untie one hand! I can't even go to the bathroom like this!
Jet: Man, we got one yappy woman here.

Gateway Shuffle

Spike: The music box is broken, or is it? It starts to play and a haunting tune fills the air. I awake suddenly from my dream, there is no music box and yet there it is, a tiny one, nestled in my hand and I awake from the dream again as if I were peeling an onion. It’s a dream no matter how far I go; I can never reach reality, trapped in an endless nightmare.

Spike: So no one's going to bitch if we get rid of that monkey missile now, right?

Faye: When you're told not to open something, well, who can resist?

Spike [to Twinkle]: With 25,000,000 you can buy a whole lot of lobster stew.

Faye: You know what they say cowboy, easy come easy go.

Spike: That missile will hit Ganymede before I have a chance to recharge!
Faye: Hey there, have a little trouble?
Spike: Huh?
Faye: I can bail you out for 80%...
Spike: You're insane!!
Faye: OK, by-bye now!
Spike: Alright, 40%, that's my last offer!
Faye: OK, I get the 60!
Jet: Deal, just do it!

Bob: They're gonna close the whole thing into hyperspace, missiles and all!
Faye: This is no joke! (starts to flee)
Spike: (in pain from G-force) I hear you!!

Spike: "Next time", "we'll make money"? Jet, is she saying what I'm thinking she's saying, cause if she is...
Jet: I don't know and I have no opinion.
Spike: Man, she's taking a shower in our shower. That's not OK, right?
Jet: Don't know, I have no opinion.
Spike: ...fine, I'll go tell her myself.
Jet: Mmmm... huh?- Wait, Spike! (three gunshots are heard) Bad move, Spike-o!

Ballad of Fallen Angels

Mao's captured by men working for Vicious

Mao: This won't do you any good. The times have changed. The syndicates can't survive like this any longer, this endless bloodletting is tearing us all apart.

Vicious slits his throat, bird caws

Mao: If.. Spike were here.. you would never.. have done this..

Scene cuts to Jet, and Spike shuffling a deck of cards in the Bebop

Jet: I don't feel like up for this.
Spike: Ah-hm?
Jet: I said, I don't feel like doing this.

Spike sets the deck of cards on the table, and stands up

Spike: Then I have no choice.
Jet: Hold on a minute, Spike.
Spike: Hey, I don't wanna bother you.
Jet: Don't get salty, alright? Just how much do you know about these boys?
Spike: Enough to get the picture.
Jet: Well then?
Spike: There's a fat bounty, plenty of info on the guy and a lead. So, what are you scared of?
Jet: Spike, you're avoiding the subject and you know it. What are you tryin' to hide from me?
Spike: So, how did ya mess up your arm, huh, Jet?
Jet: What does that have to do with that?
Spike: Nothing at all.
Jet: So, when are you gonna answer my question?
Spike: When you answer mine.

Faye enters through a small door with shopping bags

Faye: Why is this door so small? I can barely get through!

Notices the silence and tension in the room

Faye: Ah.. hm.. What's going on?
Jet: None of your business.
Faye: Hm.. hey! We're supposed to be a team here, you know?
Jet: Since when? You're just walking trouble, so stay out of it.
Faye: Hmph! Fine, like I care.

Faye walks toward the screen with Mao's picture and bounty

Faye: So, who is this guy? New hit?
Jet: Ask, before you look.
Faye: It's sitting right there. Lighten up.

Spike begins to walk toward the exit

Jet: Spike? Wait a minute, Spike!

Spike's inside of his spaceship

Spike: Prepare for take off.

Jet communicates via radio

Jet: Spike? I'm not gonna back you up.
Spike: Your call.

[Back inside the Bebop]

Jet: Damn it. Bullheaded.
Faye: Mao Yenrai, a twenty-eight million bounty for murdering a crime boss. He's the head of a syndicate, hm? [After a small pause] Whoa! That's who you guys are after!?

Jet turns off the screen with Mao's info on it

Faye: What? Did you have a fight?
Jet: Can it. You're being obnoxious!
Faye: [Amused] Hm. Really?
Jet: I said, can it! [Slams radio against the desk, a card falls from the deck of cards] He can do whatever the hell he wants!
Faye: Oh, God. Men are such babies. Hm?

[Faye picks up the card facing down on the floor and the monitor turns on]

Man on Tv: You there Jet!? I got something big!
Faye: Something big, hm?

[Faye looks at the card in hand; Ace of Spades - scene then cuts to Faye inside of a opera auditorium]

Usher-guy: Ma'am, excuse me? I need to see your ticket for the concert, please?
Faye: Ticket? Oh, I don't have any ticket.
Usher-guy: Well then, I'm afraid I can't let you in, ma'am.
Faye: Alright, but he's going to be very unhappy with you.
Usher-guy: Huh!?
Faye: That's right, him. Balcony, first box. You know who.
Usher-guy: Huh!? Mao Yenrai?
Faye: Can you park my sift craft? It's out front.

[Back at the Bebop, Jet's going through some information]

Jet: What makes them all think, they can do whatever the hell they like? Hm? There's an encryption on this thing.

[Ein whimpers]

Jet: Hm? You're worried? Relax. You haven't seen the decryption master at work. [Opens files] You see? Now we type in MAO YENRAI. So, I was right. The bounty is for real but there's a whole lot more to it.

[Ave Maria plays as the scene cuts to the Opera]

Faye: Is this Mr. Mao Yenrai's box? I looked all over for it. Actually I--
Man#1: Yes. We've been waiting for you.
Faye: Hm--ah? Hngh.
Man#2: We request that you remain quiet during the performance.

[Scene cuts to a convenient store owned by Anastasia, with two kids looking at adult magazines]

Anastasia: Put 'em back!

[The two kids run out of the store, one falls behind and the other crashes into Spike]

Anastasia: You're not gettin' away!
Kid#1: Get out of my way!
Spike: Hmm? [while looking at the adult magazine]
Kid#1: Hm? Hey, give it back, you dumbass! Gimme!
Anastasia: Hmph! Really.. kids these days.. I'll hand you over to the police. [both kids are in headlocks, she then notices Spike] Oh my dear God.
Spike: Hey.

[Scene cuts to inside of the store; Anastasia drinking while Spike's reading the adult magazine]

Spike: Isn't it bad for your health to drink it all in one gulp, Annie?
Anastasia: What's bad for my health is seeing you come back to life. It's a shock to the system.
Spike: Hey, thanks a lot for the warm welcome.
Anastasia: Hmph. Why welcome the dead? It's all feudal. [She pours herself another glass]
Spike: But, I'm alive.
Anastasia: No, you're not. You died three years ago. That's how things work here. I know why you're here Spike.
Spike: Huh?
Anastasia: You wouldn't of have come unless you needed some information. Something important, right? Well, I'll help if I can, but don't ask me too much.
Spike: ..Anastasia.
Anastasia: No! Don't you call me that, there are only two people who can use that name. So, what do you wanna know?
Spike: Mao Yenrai. What happened to him?

[Scene cuts back to the Opera concert]

Faye: Mao Tianjin, what's the reason for this?
Man#1: No reason to speak, Ms. Valentine. We've done a very thorough background check on you. Rest assure, you'll be held in a very secured location. Please, take your seat.

[Faye sits down and Vicious creeps from behind her]

Vicious: You're trembling.
Faye: Eh? Who are you? Tell me!
Vicious: Vicious.

[Back at the convenient store]

Anastasia: You know, I don't tell you what to do, but just don't get tangled up with Vicious, anymore, alright? [brief pause] Why am I talking to you? It's useless.
Spike: Sorry.
Anastasia: You've never listened to anyone in your whole life. [Gulps down a glass of liquor] And on top of that you're a stubborn show off! You think it'd kill you to listen to your elders for once!? No. That's too much to ask. Abut Mao, he had a lot of guys out looking for you. He was convinced that you were still alive, said he could feel it. No one could talk him out of it. So now, here you are finally back and Mao is..
Spike: Annie.. [Annie pours herself another glass] I think you've had enough.
Anastasia: Not yet! This one is for Mao.
Spike: If it's for Mao, I'll drink it myself. [Takes glass away from her and downs it in one shot]

[Spike's back in the Bebop going through his artillery]

Jet: All right, and what are you planning to do with all the artillery?
Spike: Where is the girl?
Jet: When she saw all the bounty figures, she had a lapsed insanity. I'm sure she's somewhere screwing up and getting in trouble.
Spike: I see.
Jet: Let me tell you something! You're not gonna get any reward money from Mao. He's already dead. Assassinated. Internal politics, between rival crime syndicates. Do you understand? It's a trap.
Spike: Yeah, I know. I know the whole sad story.
Jet: [shocked] And you're still going? [brief thoughtful pause] Wait, does this have to do with Mao?
Spike: Yeah. I have a debt to pay off.
Jet: You wanted to know what happened to my arm..
Spike: Hm?
Jet: This is what I paid, yeah.. [Holds his prosthetic metal arm up] ..for being too gung-ho and being ahead of the game. You get the point?
Spike: I don't want to do this, Jet.
Jet: Then, why are you?
Spike: [smiling] Let's just say, my past is catching up to me.

[The monitor beeps turning on sending a live message from Faye]

Faye: Heh-heh. I kind'a got myself caught.
Jet: Whaaat?!
Faye: Yeah, they want you to come and pick me up. Either you show up at the place they specify or my life is over. Oh! the arrival time is--
Jet: -- Who asked you to go up on your own!?
Faye: Ah! C'mon now! We're comrades, right?
Jet: You brought this up on yourself, so deal with it yourself. We're busy!
Faye: No! Wait Jet!
Spike: Where are you?
Faye: You mean, you're really gonna come for me!?
Spike: Well, it's possible. I got my reasons, so don't take it personal.
Jet: Spike.

[Scene cuts to Spike walking up to a remote cathedral with birds cawing, Rain plays in the background]

Vicious: When angels are forced out of heaven, they become devils. You agree, wouldn't you, Spike?
Spike: I'm just watching a bad dream I never wake up from.
Vicious: I'll wake you up right now.
Spike: What's your rush, Vicious? After all, it's been a long time.
Vicious: [chuckles] Are you pleading for your life?
Spike: Hardly. Begging doesn't work on you, remember? Even if it's coming from the man who took you in and made you what you are.
Vicious: Perhaps, but he was a beast who lost his fangs. That's why he had to die, Spike. And that's why you have to die.
Faye: Aah-hn!
Man#1: Now, we'd like for you to drop your gun, slowly. What's wrong? If you don't comply--

[Spike gazes coldly at the man before shooting him in the head]

Faye: -- Ah?!

[Gunfire within the cathedral ensues]

Faye: Be careful!

[Spike stays inside killing off Vicious men, while Faye runs out of the Cathedral and Jet's in the Bebop butchering a plant]

Jet: Ah? [sighs] I'm butchering it. [Cellphone rings, he answers it] Hm? Hello?
Faye: Oh God! Jet! It's Spike, he's-- [Jet hangs up, as he sits in silence]
Jet: Damn it!

[Scene cuts back to the cathedral; Spike fighting Vicious]

Vicious: You should see yourself. Do you have any idea what you look like right at this moment, Spike?
Spike: What?
Vicious: A ravenous beast. The same blood runs through both of us. The blood of a beast who wanders, hunting for the blood of others.
Spike: I've bled all that kind of blood away.

[Spike shoots Vicious and in return Vicious stabs Spike and throws him out of the cathedral's front window. Spike experiences flashbacks as he's falling]

[Green Bird plays in the background]

[Scene cuts back to Spike regaining consciousness, bandaged head to toe. Faye is watching over him, humming a soothing tune]

Faye: Oh, you're finally up, huh? You slept too much, you've been asleep three days. Yeah, I was starting to worry about you. Hey, you should be grateful to me for staying here.
[Spike beckons her over despite muffling painful moans]
Spike: [muffles] You sing off-key.

[An angry Faye walks out of the room after Spike screamed in pain]

Jet: Hm? [Chuckles] Oh well..

See You Space Cowboy..

Sympathy for the Devil

Spike: I thought you like jazz.
Jet: Are you dense? I was wailing the blues since the doctor whacked my bottom on the day I was born.
Spike: A baby hipster, very cool!

Jet: I didn't know you were a fan of the blues, Fatty!
Fatty: Are you kidding? I was a fan of the blues since I was in my daddy's sack, if you know what I mean!

Wen: I finally get to die, do you understand?
Spike: Yeah, I if.
Spike [Throws the harmonica in the air, aiming at it with his finger]: Bang.

Heavy Metal Queen

[Inside Heavy Metal Queen's Truck, while heavy metal music plays in the background]
Spike: [Shouting] HUH!? WHAT!?
V.T.: They say "When in Rome, do as Romans do". And it's not shit-loud noise. It's called heavy metal!

[Jet's repairs to Faye's ship still aren't done]
Faye: It's so ugly... and pieces of it are still broken!
Jet: [mutters] Too bad it's not your mouth that's broken.
Faye: I heard that.

Faye: [Seeing that her bounty is dead] My 12 million...

[Spike goes outside to find his ship has been vandalized]
Spike: Ack! My ship!
Muriel: Yeah, it was trashed by those three guys. I think they were called the "Something Brothers".
Spike: You were watching?
Muriel: Uh-huh!
Spike: Then Muriel, why didn't you tell me about it?
Muriel: But I did tell you. I told you just now!

Waltz for Venus

Roco: Come on, can't you show a little mercy and compassion?
Spike: 'Fraid I'm fresh outta that stuff.

[Spike giving half his bounty to Faye]
Spike: That's all you're gonna get, Faye.
Faye: I know...don't sweat it.
Spike: Depositing it at the casino again?
Faye: It's a lot more fun than the bank.
Spike: Girl never gives up...

Roco: You have very smooth moves, my friend. Can I ask you favour?
Spike: Hm?
Roco: Can you teach a guy like me how to make all those cool moves? Like Judo and Kung Fu-OOOOOOOOO
Spike: Huh?

Roco: Hey...wait a minute! I wanna be a tough guy like you
Spike: You are really annoying. Now what part of 'no' didn't you understand?
Roco: Oh come on, I can do it. Just give me a try. [Bows] I beg you master
(The elevator door shuts in Roco's face)

Spike: It's not about strength or power - you gotta be fluid.
Roco: Huh?
Spike: You have to be like water. You see what I'm saying?
Roco: Not even a little bit
Spike: That's what I thought

Roco: How did you do that?
Spike: You're tense, I'm calm. You apply excessive force, I control that force through fluid motion. That means relaxing the whole body so that it could react instantly without resistance. You know, without thought. Do you see now? It means becoming like clear water.
Roco: Water?
Spike: Right. Water can take any form. It drifts without effort one moment then pounds down in a torrent the very next.

Spike: I'm not a criminal. Oh That makes me seem even more like a criminal, doesn't it?

Stella: Everyone says bad things about him... And he seems to hang out with some bad people... But Roco is a good person.
Spike: I might be one of those bad people he hangs out with.
Stella: Maybe. Guess you could be one, but if you are, you’re very different. I can feel these things. Both you and Rocco have something beautiful inside you. It’s hard for most people to see it, but it’s there. I know it is, that’s why I’m sharing my tea with you.
Spike: Something beautiful, huh? I’m afraid that … afraid that I lost that a long time ago.

Stella: I...I never got to see Roco once with my own eyes...Hey, what was Roco like?
Spike: You know without looking, right? He was a great guy. Exactly the person you thought he was.

Roco: Do you think... if we had met earlier in life, would we have been friends?

Jamming with Edward

"Weather" report: Chance of rock shower today is 10%.
[A meteor strikes close enough to scatter Edward and her equipment.]
"Weather" report: Chance of rock shower today has raised to 90%.
Ed: [sarcastically] Really?

Jet: I'm not the type to be led around by woman.
Spike: Then lead her around.
Jet: I'm even less the type to do that.

Jet: You can't tell a woman's age just by looking at her.
Faye: [She rams her heel into his foot] And you can't tell what a woman will DO by looking.
Jet: Same with a snake!

Ed: Ed will introduce Ed. Full name - Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the 4th.
Spike: That's a long name.
Faye: Who the hell's this?
Ed: Ed made up that name for Ed, isn't it cool?
Spike: If you made it up, how can you be the 4th?

Jet: Nothing good comes from the Earth anymore.

Jet: [describing Edward from conflicting interviews] 2 meters tall. Ex-basketball player. Beautiful kid. And on top of it, a gay alien.

Spike: Jet, do you know that there are three things that I particularly hate?
Jet: Really?
Spike: Kids, animals, and women with attitudes. So tell me, Jet, why do we have all three of them neatly gathered on this ship?!

Ganymede Elegy

Faye: He's kidding himself if he thinks his old girlfriend's still carrying the torch for him.
Spike: And you're kidding yourself if you think every woman's like you. They're not you know.

Ed: Duty calls, THREE O'CLOCK TEA!

Faye: Really, men are such hopeless romantics.

Jet: I live and wander with a group of weirdos.

Alisa: I don't need time that stands still.

Spike: [Stumbling upon his bounty] Looks like all this good karma's finally paying off.

Jet: I'll do this. You can go back.
Spike: You are not gonna let him go, are ya?
Jet: When I was a cop this was my beat. I'm the Black Dog, and once I bite, I don't let go. I have no regrets about her, but I'll settle this score on my own terms.
Spike: Sense of justice and duty, huh...

Toys in the Attic

Jet: Humans were meant to work and sweat for their money after all. Those that try to get rich quick or live at the expense of others all get divine retribution along the way.

Faye: "Survival of the fittest" is the law of the land. To fool and to be fooled is the reason we live. I've never had anything good happen to me when I trust others.

Ed: It's a space creature. It's spooky.

Ed: Lesson, lesson...if you see a stranger follow him.

Spike: So what was the real lesson? Don't leave things in the fridge.

Jupiter Jazz (Part 1)

Bull: That is no ordinary star. That is the tear of a warrior. [...] One who has finished his battle somewhere on this planet. A pitiful soul that could not find its way to the great spirit that awaits us all.

Vicious: Cold climates do not bother me.
The Van: True, your heart is colder than any planet. Colder than the eyes of a serpent about to strike.
The Van: Remember, Vicious, a snake cannot eat a dragon.

Spike: What a depressing group...

Ed: 1,0,1,1, good-bye!

Junk yard worker: I don't know any woman. Like I would know! [...] I have no luck with them. I'd rather be with an armadillo.

Gren: Take care. [Faye looks up] That was close. When someone sneezes and doesn't get told to take care, that person turns into a fairy...That's what they say around here.
Faye: Then it's okay. I'm already a fairy.

Spike: [on being confused with Vicious] You think I'm Vicious? You don't know what vicious is!!!

Faye: Hold on a minute. [puts glove on] If I don't do this I'll chip a nail...

Spike: We still haven't settled the score from earlier. [raises gun]
Vicious: Make your move [grips sword]

Jupiter Jazz (Part 2)

Gren: You said that you don't need comrades, but I am attracted to that word. To the point of tears...

Faye: You're going to die.
Gren: I'm not afraid to die.
Faye: You're lying.
Gren: Either way I won't last much longer.

Vicious: I'm the only one who can keep you alive...And I'm the only one that can kill you...

Ed: Where's my souvenir, is it here, is it here yet?

Vicious: There's nothing to believe in. Nor is there a reason to believe.

Ed: Where did all of you guys go?
Faye: Someplace very good.
Ed: How come Edward got left out!
Faye: I'll tell you about it someday.
Ed: Nah, it's okay
Faye: Oh Ed. Anything but blue.

Gren: You're the one aren't you? You're Spike? Julia was always talking about you. Your eyes are diffrent colors, I see what she was talking about now.
Spike: How did you know her? Where was she?
Gren: Right on the corner bar stool. She would slip in when I wasn't looking and ask me to play the same song over again everytime she came in. Strange lilting tune, and then she would smile. Ohh what a smile, so sad...... so beautiful.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Ed: [while playing chess] Eenie, meenie, miney, moe...
Hex: This is either an idiot or a genius! I like this fellow...!

Hippies: Peace to the entire galaxy and to my bank account! Love, love!

My Funny Valentine

Faye: Do you want to know something about my past that nobody else does?
Ein: [yawns]

Faye: Why are you helping me?
Witney Hargas Matsumoto: The prince must protect his sleeping beauty.

Jet: Women don't work on reason.

[Faye has just poured out her life story to the dog in front of the bathroom. Spike flushes the toilet and emerges from the bathroom stall, shocking Faye.]
Faye: [angry] How long were you in there listening, Spike?
Spike: Too long. Your story needs editing.

Faye: [angry] I have to settle my debts with him. therefore I have the right to do to him whatever I want, as well as the right over his bounty.
Spike: [astounded] That's incredible. She just explained, in the clearest terms, a completely nonsensical argument.
Jet: That's what I said: Women don't work on reason.

Black Dog Serenade

Ed: You're going out. Get souvenir.

Ed: Bonsai, bok choy, wise guy, water boy. Lights shine bright in the old town tonight.

Fad: We can't live on with our pretty little ideals.

Mushroom Samba

Spike: Food's a scary thought!

Younger Shaft brother: You do want to know why I drag an empty coffin around like this, don't you? It's because, I'm going to go home after putting your corpse inside... [Coffin is run over by truck]
Ed: Pieces... all in Pieces

Ed: Foody, food, food do you have any? Yes you don't? No you do?

Younger Shaft brother: My big bro ate a mushroom he bought from you and laughed and laughed, and twisted his intestines to death!
Domino Walker: Sounds like a happy way to die I'd say.

Frog: Hey, mister. This here is the stairway to heaven. You know that, don't cha?
Spike: Obnoxious little frog.
Frog: Fine, what do I care? I warned you though!

Jet: [Talking to his bonsai trees] So that's it? The secret to the universe is so simple! By the way, just who am I anyway?

Ed: Ein, you're a cow-woof-woof!
Ein: Woof!

Ed: Here we go! One! Two! Five! Four! Hello! [Takes off on scooter]

Ein: Woof! [Transl: Thank you.]
Cow: Mooo. [Transl: It's no problem.]

Speak Like A Child

Spike: Most things get better when I kick them...

Ed: Ahhh that's the wrong one.
Spike and Jet: Huh?
Ed: You got a VHS.
Spike and Jet: Huh?
Ed: It won't play beta.
Spike and Jet: Huuuh!?

Younger Faye (on a tape): Well, knowing me, I'm sure I am troubling a lot of different people.

Younger Faye (on a tape): And now a big cheer from my heart. Let's... go... me, alright! Do your best! Do your best! Don't lose me! Let's go, don't lose, don't lose me! Do your best! Do your best! Me, me, me! Don't lose, don't lose! Me, me, me! Go me!

Wild Horses

Miles: Hey, do people ever tell you you don't talk much?
Spike: Hey, do people ever tell you you talk too much?

Doohan: Do you want to use the machine, or do you want the machine to use you?

Doohan: You can still back out of this, you know.
Miles: Negative, Blue Sox fans never leave the game early.

Spike: Whatever happens, happens.

Pierrot le fou

Pierrot: Hello. Welcome!
Spike: Yo!
Pierrot: [Breaks out into maniacle laughter] Let's party!

Pierrot: Hello, gentlemen! I have journeyed here to take your lives.

Pierrot: Hello, boy.

Pierrot: Mommy, it hurts!!

Jet: Cause really...there's nothing as pure and cruel as a child.

Ed: Faye Faye, Smoke Smoke Faye Faye. Puff Puff, Faye Faye.

Boogie Woogie Feng Shui

Jet: They sure are disrepectful fellows.

Faye: The more righteous a guy was in his youth, the more likely he's gonna fall for a young girl later in life.

Spike [arriving to see Faye, Ed and Ein hiding and observing]]: What are you guys doing?
Faye: Hey, over there, who is that?
[Spike sees a girl next to Jet]
Faye: I wonder if she's a new girlfriend.
Spike: For that, she's rather young.
Ed: Hotdog bun, not too young
Faye: Maybe she's the secret love child?
Spike: For that, she's rather old.
Ed : Oldy, moldy, history, mystery

Cowboy Funk

Andy von de Oniyate: My beloved steed Onyx is no ordinary horse! At times, she sets my troubled mind at ease; at others she is my chess partner.
Spike: Horses don't play chess!

Faye: No one is more annoying than someone who is just like you.

Brain Scratch

Spike Why do you kill your own followers? What's the point of that?
Dr.Londes I didn't kill anyone; these people believed in something, and so they are the ones who killed, they did this of their own free will... Tell me, why do you think people believe in God? Because they want to. It's not easy living in such an ugly and corrupt world. There is no certainty and nothing to hope for. People are lost, so they reach out. Don't you get it? God didn't create humans. No, it's humans who created God.

Dr.Londes Do you know what the greatest and worst invention that humans ever made was? Television. Television pollutes the mind of those who watch, those who lose themselves in a dream world, afraid of reality. Humans will always seek to escape reality, this gloomy, dark world. So, they immerse themselves in a great, big image formed by little dots of insignificant light. In it's own self, television has become a new religion.

Spike: You are the one who can't tell... fantasy from reality, Londes. If you want to dream, dream alone.

Jet: It was all a kid's dream. Yeah, all he could do was dream...
Ed: This time, have sweet dreams...
Dr.Londes (before credits) The souls that God gave us thrive in an immense network, living in the vast infinity of space... Is the body nothing but a mere shell? An empty casing filled with vast consciousness and states of being... hindering and stopping the great potentials and goals one can accomplish... after all, these feeble bodies are too small, too limited a container for the wonder that is the human soul.

Hard Luck Woman

Ed: I think I know, I don't think I know. I don't think I know that I know. I think I know even though I don't think I know...

Sister Clara: Our father who art in heaven... never mind the rest. Let's eat.

Sister Clara: In this world, people have to cherish what ties they have...

Jet: A woman's heart is as fickle as the sky of Ganymede.

Appledelhi Siniz Hesap Lufen: Yes, happiness comes in the form of a map.

Faye: It's the best, belonging is the very best thing there is.

The Real Folk Blues (Part 1)

Vicious: Don't forget, a snake's venom poisons slowly after the bite.

Faye: It might be good to pair up with another woman. How about it? Wanna partner up?

Jet: Men only think of their past right before their death, as if they were searching frantically for proof that they were alive.

Vicious: ... And you will shed tears of scarlet

Jet: Hey Spike have you ever heard this story?
Spike: Huh?
Jet: There was a man who was injured on a hunt. The man had no means to treat the wounds and his leg began to rot and death approaches. In the last moments of his life a rescue helicopter picks him up and rushes him to the hospital. As the helicopter flies the man looks outside the window seeing white capped mountains glistening in the sunlight and he thought "That's where I was going" ... I hate that story. Men only think of their past right before their death, as if they were searching frantically for proof that they were alive.

The Real Folk Blues (Part 2)

Vicious: 'You will shed tears of scarlet.' or 'You will shed crimson tears.'

Spike: There once was a tiger striped cat. This cat died a million deaths, revived and lived a million lives, and he was owned by various people who he didn't really care for. The cat wasn't afraid to die. Then one day the cat became a stray cat, which meant he was free. He met a white female cat, and the two of them spent their days together happily. Well, years passed, and the white cat grew weak and died of old age. The tiger striped cat cried a million times, and then he died too. Except this time, he didn't come back to life.
Jet: Yeah. That's a good story.
Spike: I hate that story.
Jet: Huh?
Spike: I never liked cats, you know that.
Jet Oh yeah.

The two then laugh hysterically.

Bull: Do not fear Death. Death is always at our side. When we show fear, it jumps at us faster than light. But, if we do not show fear, it casts its eye upon us gently and then guides us into infinity...

Vicious: A beast that has lost its place. He has nowhere to return to now. He will come.

Spike: Look at these eyes. One of them is a fake, because I lost it in an accident. Since then, I have seen the past in one eye, and the present in the other. I had believed that what I saw was not all of reality...

Spike: I'm not going there to die. I'm going to see if I am really alive.

Vicious: I told you before, Spike. I'm the only one who can kill you and set you free.
Spike: Those words apply to you as well, Vicious. Either way, it's going to end here.

Spike: Julia is dead. Let's finish it now.
Vicious: As you wish.

Spike: [Points his finger like a gun] Bang. [And finally, Spike was presumably dead, and farewell]

Julia: [Dying] It's all a dream.
Spike: Yea, just a bad dream.

Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Spike: It's just that he was all alone. Always by himself. Never anyone to share the game. A man who lived in dreams -- that's who he was.
Jet: Spike. Time to go. Wake up.

[Sirens wailing in the distance]

Rengie: Think about it, sweetheart. You know what the world is like? It's like a boiling pot with a soggy stew inside. Nothing in it stands out. It's all the same. One big, pulpy, slushy puddle of goop. Yet, there is something that's special, you see, that one ingredient that makes it a stew. And you know what that is?
Clerk girl: The meat?
Rengie: That's what everyone says -- "The meat." But that same meat could be used for anything -- curry, goulash. Same ingredients. It's the stew mix that makes it a stew.
Clerk girl: Stew mix is on aisle five. We have th--
Rengie: I'm not looking for stew mix!

[Fires a shot, while Jet is standing outside with a radio in hand]

Jet: Great, a wanna be preacher with a gun. Hey, Spike, you there? there's three of them. I'll go 'round the back.
Spike: All right.

Back inside of the store

Rengie: Forget about the police showing up. I disconnected the silent alarm. See, I know your security better than you do.
Gunman: Rengie, just get the money!
Rengie: You see this logo? That's your security company. I used to work for these guys not long ago.
Clerk girl: Oooh.
Rengie: they laid me off when they restructured, so now I'm a thief. Ain't that ironic?
Clerk girl: Uh-huh.
Rengie: Well, then laugh.

[Points the gun at the girl's head who then laughs weakly]

Rengie: Laugh a little more.

[Girl laughs a bit more]

Rengie: Let's have a big laugh. Ha-ha-ha!

[Both laugh]

Rengie: It's nothing to laugh about!

Back outside of the store

Gunman outside: Hey, take a hike, buddy. We're closed. Go somewhere else.

[Spike approaches the man, making him look down at his feet to then high-kick the thug] Back inside of the store

Rengie: Now, you're going to put some woolongs on this cash card. Max it out, understand?

[Spike enters the store with headphones on, and is approached by Rengie]

Rengie: Huh? Hey! What the hell you think you're doing? You! Are you deaf or what? Yo! Headphone boy! Take them off! Hey!

[Rengie aims his gun at Spike]

Spike: How much is this?

[commenting on their diet of instant noodles]

Spike: Just carbohydrates aren't very good for you. Man needs protein.
Jet: What are you on about?
Spike: I said I like meat.

Spike: You're pretty tough for a corporate girl.
Electra: The more you know, the shorter your life is.
Spike: I love a girl who can kick my ass.

Ed: [Sung] Circles an eyeball
Circles are pretty
A tasty wonderful
Just like black grapes!

Old Man Bull: Know this, Swimming Bird: This blue eye perceives all things conjoined, the past, the future, and the present. Everything flows, and all is connected. This eye is not merely seeing reality. It is touching the truth. Open the eye of truth. There is nothing to fear.
Spike: Yeah. I see what you mean.

Vincent: Is there an indelible line between sanity and insanity? Or do they change, from one into the other, without the slightest provocation? We'll find out that the world itself is insane.

Vincent: The most beautiful butterflies imaginable.

Vincent: I have no fear of death, it just means dreaming in silence, a dream that lasts for eternity.
Spike: You're an original, aren't you?

Vincent: No, I am merely looking for the door to the light.

Vincent: Know much about purgatory? It's the world we live in now, and Halloween is the day a damned soul in purgatory can be released into heaven, if he prays hard enough. Say your prayers.

Mendeloh: Do you believe in the devil? Humans see all kinds of beans my friend, but we make up imaginary ones, with torches and pitchforks. In our dreams, we fly like gods, and why is that, huh? Because humans used to fly not too long ago.
Spike: So you sell drugs here?
Mendeloh: No, imagination enhancers; if you imagine something, it can come into being. Imagine a devil, and it can become real.

Faye: I'm just a gun-toting weathergirl.

Faye: Damn it! Morons don't learn until they die!

Jet: So ends another episode of "Wasting Time with Faye".
Faye: And so ends another episode of "Wasting Time with Jet".

Vincent: Tell me, before this life of yours ends, did I die on Titan long ago? Is this world just a dream that these butterflies are showing me? Are they part of the dream? Or are the butterflies real and Titan just a nightmare that I can't wake up from? I can't tell.

Ed: It's a lymph lymph lymphocyte, a lymphocyte ocyte!

Ed: Bing! Zap it in the microwave!

Ed: Is that a fish tank?

Ed: [Talking to Faye] Right! Ed's on guard!

Ed: [smells Lee Sampson's hat] Funny, funny smell!

Lee Sampson: [Playing video game] Huh? Oh man, I'm dead.
[Vincent shoots guard]
Lee Sampson: Huh? Oh man, he's dead.

Tagline: Get ready for the world of Bebop.
Tagline: Say your prayers.
Tagline: They're here to save the planet. But not for free.

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Simple English

Cowboy Bebop is a Japanese anime television show. It first aired in Japan in 1998. It was created by Sunrise and directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. The show is about a group of bounty hunters who travel in outer space to catch criminals. It has 26 episodes. The series has received a TV-MA rating in the United States.

Cowboy Bebop first aired in the United States in 2001 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. It was the first anime to be aired on Adult Swim. It was very successful. It was so successful that Cartoon Network decided to put more anime on Adult Swim.

There is a movie, a manga, and two video games based on the show. The movie is called Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door. The video games are for Playstation and Playstation 2. They were never released in the United States.

Cowboy Bebop is inspired by American culture. Jazz music is mostly played in the show. The episodes are called "Sessions."



Cowboy Bebop takes place in the year 2071. The members of the space ship Bebop travel through outer space trying to catch criminals. Bounty hunters are known as "Cowboys". If they catch the criminals alive then they get a reward. If the criminals die, the cowboys get nothing. The criminals are called bounties. Most episodes are about catching a bounty. Some episodes are about the characters' pasts and lives. At the beginning there are two main heroes, Spike and Jet. Later they would meet with others. They had become the crew of the space ship Bebop. Other members of the Bebop are Faye, computer hacker Ed, and a dog named Ein.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Episode List

Episode 1Asteroid Blues
Episode 2Stray Dog Strut
Episode 3Honky Tonk Woman
Episode 4Gateway Shuffle
Episode 5Ballad of Fallen Angels
Episode 6Sympathy for the Devil
Episode 7Heavy Metal Queen
Episode 8Waltz for Venus
Episode 9Jamming with Edward
Episode 10Ganymede Elegy
Episode 11Toys in the Attic
Episode 12Jupiter Jazz, Part One
Episode 13Jupiter Jazz, Part Two
Episode 14Bohemian Rhapsody
Episode 15My Funny Valentine
Episode 16Black Dog Serenade
Episode 17Mushroom Samba
Episode 18Speak Like a Child
Episode 19Wild Horses
Episode 20Pierrot Le Fou
Episode 21Boogie Woogie Feng Shui
Episode 22Cowboy Funk
Episode 23Brain Scratch
Episode 24Hard Luck Woman
Episode 25The Real Folk Blues, Part One
Episode 26The Real Folk Blues, Part Two

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