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Creadan Head (Irish: Ceann Chréadáin) is a headland on a small peninsula on the west side of Waterford Harbour, about three miles upriver from Dunmore East, in the Ireland. Historically, it was part of the "main road" from Cork to London. A ferry crossing from the headland to Templarstown on the eastern side of the bay was operated by the Knights Templar. Forty hand-hewn steps, leading down to sea-level, are still evident in the rocks at the headland. Creadan Head was also used as a landing stage for certain goods from ships heading upriver to Waterford, New Ross, Granny and other small ports. Items thus landed were not assessed for taxes and other dues. Creadan House is situated at the start of the headland, overlooking a sheltered cove, Creadan Cove. This cove was also used for landing goods.

Slightly north of the headland is the "bar", the sandbar limiting the access of laden ships entering the Port of Waterford.

At the base of the peninsula, on the north side, is located a beach or strand known locally as (XX?),the name of the family who lived there for many years. The Irish language name is "Trá na Mná Gorm"; translated directly to English as "The Strand of the Blue Women", which means; "The Strand of the Negro Women". This would appear to support the story that slaves were landed, or trans-shipped, via the steps at the headland. While there are very few references to the use of slaves in Ireland, Irish ship-owners and sea captains did partake in the trade.


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