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Cranial nerve disease
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Cranial nerves
ICD-10 G50.-G53.
ICD-9 350-352
DiseasesDB 17207
MeSH D003389

Cranial nerve disease is a term used to describe an impaired functioning of one of the twelve cranial nerves.

Although it could theoretically be considered a mononeuropathy, it is not considered as such under MeSH.

It is possible for a disorder of more than cranial nerve to occur at the same time, if a trauma occurs at a location where many cranial nerves run together, such as the jugular fossa. A brainstem lesion could also cause impaired functioning of multiple cranial nerves, but this condition would likely also be accompanied by distal motor impairment.

A neurological examination can test the functioning of individual cranial nerves, and detect specific impairments.




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