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The Creative Cities Network is a project under the patronage of UNESCO. With the aim of celebrating and maintaining cultural diversity, the alliance formed by member cities share their experiences in promoting the local heritage, as well as discuss plans on how to cope with the influx of globalization. The Creative Cities Network aims to find and enrich a member city’s cultural identity in the midst of a growing trend towards internationalism.

The project focuses on the main product of excellence of these cities, and finds ways to maintain its relevance in city life, local economy and social development. The fields of excellence is classified among: Literature, Film, Music, Craft and Folk Art, Design, Media Arts, and Gastronomy.

Despite the general knowledge that change (towards modernity) is generated from the city, what the Network aims to do is to take advantage of adapting and harnessing the proliferation of technology and social development in order to further a city’s product of excellence. In doing so, the cities, in as much as being the catalyst in sailing to the future, also becomes the center for the protection of a past industry and its eventual protection.



To be a member, interested cities must apply to the network, and meet the criteria set by UNESCO. There are several categories under which cities can apply. These are:



Cities currently designated as a City of Literature are:



Folk Art


Media Arts



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  • Creative Cities Documentary
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The Global Alliance's Creative Cities Network [1], a UNESCO program instituted in 2005, recognizes cities world-wide with reputations as centers of excellence in Craft and Folk Art, Design, Gastronomy, Literature, Media Arts and Music. The program is intended to help creative cities share ideas on preserving and enhancing their cultural programs. Needless to say, cities in this program can also be appealing travel destinations for the traveller interested in the cities' creative speciality (and other things as well).

The programme is ongoing and UNESCO claims there are more than 20 further cities currently awaiting evaluation to join the scheme.

Current members of the Creative Cities Network are:

Native American Pottery, Santa Fe
Native American Pottery, Santa Fe
Interior of the glass dome of the Reichstag, Berlin
Interior of the glass dome of the Reichstag, Berlin
The Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow is the city's largest indoor concert venue
The Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow is the city's largest indoor concert venue


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