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Creative consultant is a credit that has - particularly in the past - been given to screenwriters who have “doctored” a movie screenplay. It is often given by producers in lieu of official credit. Those given this credit in the television field work closely with an Executive Producer, Head Writer/showrunner, and Casting Director. They are involved in the writing process (proposing and editing story outlines/scripts), casting roles, and hiring/firing writers, producers, directors, and other crew members. Sometimes they are given the credit of Executive Consultant.

A Story Consultant is strictly involved in the writing process, and has no influence in the hiring and firing of writers or other crew members. A Script Consultant is only involved in the proposal and execution of a script.

The Writers Guild of America disapproves of the credit. In 1993, the producers of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective were fined by the WGA for giving writer Steve Oedekerk a Creative Consultant credit.


As of February 2, 2008, the minimum for a long-term story projection (when written by a writer other than the Head Writer like a Story/Creative Consultant) for a non-prime time serial is: 1. 3 months or less: $15,302 (used to be $14,785) 2. 6 months or less, but more than 3 months or unspecified: $22,953 (used to be $22,177) 3. 12 months or less, but more than 6 months: $30,601 (used to be $29,566).

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