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Creatures of Leisure
Studio album by Mental As Anything
Released March 1983
Recorded Albert Studios, Sydney, Australia
Genre Pop
Length 39:24
Label Regular Records
Producer Russell Dunlop & Bruce Brown
(2 tracks on international version produced by Mark Moffatt & Ricky Fataar)
Professional reviews
Mental As Anything chronology
Cats and Dogs
Creatures of Leisure
Singles from Creatures of Leisure
  1. "Close Again"
    Released: November 1982
  2. "Spirit Got Lost"
    Released: March 1983
  3. "Brain Brain"
    Released: September 1983
  4. "Working for the Man"
    Released: November 1983

Creatures of Leisure is the fourth studio album released by Mental As Anything. It was released in March 1983, produced by Bruce Brown and Russell Dunlop,[1] and peaked at #8 on the Australian Album charts.[2] The first single, "Close Again", written by Peter O'Doherty [3] was released in November 1982. Two further singles, the Smith and Mombassa collaboration, "Spirit Got Lost",[4] was released in March 1983, accompanied by an imaginative animated video clip, and Pete O'Doherty's "Brain Brain"[5], which was released in September 1983.

Their final 1983 single, a cover of Roy Orbison's "Working for the Man", produced by Mark Moffatt and Ricky Fataar, was not included on the original Australian release of the album.[1] Internationally, Creatures of Leisure was altered to drop three Australia-only tracks, and replacing them with both sides of the "Working for the Man" single.[1]


Track listing


Australian edition

Creatures of Leisure
# Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Spirit Got Lost"   Reg Mombassa, Andrew 'Greedy' Smith[6] 2:59
2. "Float Away"   Reg Mombassa[6] 2:43
3. "Brain Brain"   Peter O'Doherty[6] 4:37
4. "Bitter to Swallow"   Andrew Smith[6] 3:46
5. "Close Again"   Peter O'Doherty[6] 2:57
6. "Space to Let"   Martin Plaza[6] 2:47
7. "Not Enough"   Martin Plaza, Reg Mombassa[6] 2:52
8. "Drinking of Her Lips"   Reg Mombassa[6][6] 3:28
9. "Fiona"   Andrew Smith[6] 3:28
10. "Nothing's Going Right Today"   Martin Plaza[6] 3:20
11. "Red to Green"   Peter O'Doherty, Victoria Campbell[6] 3:25
12. "Country In The Concrete"   Reg Mombassa[6] 3:25
13. "Let's Not Get Sentimental" (Track timing includes unlisted track, below.) Martin Plaza[6] 6:49
14. "Business & Pleasure" (Unlisted track. A new recording of a track originally heard on Get Wet.) Martin Plaza[6]  

International Edition

The version of Creatures Of Leisure released in North America dropped the tracks "Space To Let", "Not Enough" and "Country In The Concrete", and added "Working For The Man" and "Seems Alright To Me". Additionally, "Nothing's Going Right Today" appeared in remixed form.

"Business & Pleasure", which was a completely unlisted track on the Australian release, was listed on the sleeve and on the label of the international edition, although it was not listed on the lyric sheet.

Creatures of Leisure
# Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Spirit Got Lost"   Reg Mombassa, Andrew 'Greedy' Smith[6] 2:56
2. "Float Away"   Reg Mombassa[6] 2:41
3. "Brain Brain"   Peter O'Doherty[6] 4:35
4. "Bitter to Swallow"   Andrew Smith[6] 3:43
5. "Close Again"   Peter O'Doherty[6] 2:54
6. "Nothing's Going Right Today" (Remixed by Joe Raine) Martin Plaza[6] 3:15
7. "Working For The Man"   Roy Orbison[6] 3:31
8. "Fiona"   Andrew Smith[6] 3:25
9. "Seems Alright To Me"   Martin Plaza[6] 3:28
10. "Drinking of Her Lips"   Reg Mombassa[6] 2:50
11. "Red to Green"   Peter O'Doherty, Victoria Campbell[6] 3:27
12. "Let's Not Get Sentimental"   Martin Plaza[6] 4:30
13. "Business & Pleasure"   Martin Plaza[6] 2:20

Chart positions

Year Chart Peak Position[2]
1983 ARIA Album Chart 8



Recording details

  • Bruce Brown — Producer, Engineer
  • Russell Dunlop — Producer, Engineer
  • David Hemming — Assistant Producer, Assistant Engineer
  • Frank DeLuna — Mastering

Additional credits on international edition

  • Mark Moffatt — Producer (tracks: 7 & 9)
  • Ricky Fataar — Producer (tracks: 7 & 9)
  • Tim Kramer — Engineer (tracks: 7 & 9)
  • Joe Raine — Remix (track 6)

Art work

  • Martin Plaza — Artwork
  • Syd Shelton — Cover Design, Photography
  • Reg Mombassa — Drawings
  • Ken Smith — Finished Art
  • Jon Watkins — Finished Art
  • Melanie Nissen — Finished Art


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