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Genre Animation
Created by Torbjörn Jansson
Voices of Sonja Ball
Annie Bovaird
Jesse Camacho
Richard Dumont
Kayla Grunfeld
Country of origin Swedish
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (List of episodes)
Production company(s) Alphanim
Cookie Jar Entertainment
Happy Life
France 3
Original airing 1 March 2004

Creepschool is a Swedish, French and Canadian animated series by Alphanim, Cookie Jar Entertainment, Happy Life and France 3 about four kids who find themselves at a spooky boarding school. It features a kid pharaoh mummy. Some voice actors include Rick Jones as Janice, Richard M. Dumont as Principal Malcolm and Jesse Vinet as Victoria. The basic concept was created by Torbjörn Jansson, which was then substantially re-worked and developed by the co-head-writers Stina Mansfeld and Per Carlsson into the series it is today. They also wrote all the storylines.

Creepschool has been compared to Gravedale High. The series used to air on TELETOON (Canada). It currently airs in Portugal, on RTP2.It is telecast on Cartoon Network (India) from feb 5th 2010 on friday's at 12pm in English.It is dubbed into some other indian languages.It is translated into Tamil and is telecast on Chutti TV as Danger School.


Episode Number English Name French Name Swedish Name
#1 (Pilot) Welcome to Creepschool Bienvenue à Creepschool Skolstart
#2 Just Joshing Le Petit Jeu de Josh Faror i fantasin
#3 Wish of the Garbo Seule à Souhait Garbons önskan
#4 Tricks That Treat Joyeuse Halloween Alla helgons tokiga natt
#5 Goal Keeper Le Gardien des Envies Eliott i drömmarnas kammare
#6 Cool Clay Monstre à modeler Den elaka tvillingen
#7 The Secret Of The Well Le Secret du Puits Brunnens hemlighet
#8 Frame-Up Recadrage Viktorias skräckvälde
#9 Laughing Stock Trac ou tracas Scenskräck
#10 The Disappearance Of Professor Samsa La disparition du professeur Samsa Mysteriet med den försvunne professor Samsa
#11 Forbidden Fruit Fruit défendu Förbjuden frukt
#12 Too Old For Teddy Bears Peluches en Pétard Kramdjurens hämnd
#13 Split Second Mieux vaut tort que jamais Snabbare än vinden
#14 Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite Dans tes Rêves Den sällsynta sängloppan
#15 Puzzled Le Puzzle de Pandore Den svarta katten
#16 All The World Is A Stage En Scène! Att vara eller inte vara
#17 Just Like Me Comme moi! En vindlande vissling
#18 Sweet As Chocolate La Folie du chocolat Oväntat besök
#19 Revolt Révolte Upproret
#20 Mr. Perfectly Annoying Un Monde de Différences Som en fisk på torra land
#21 Remote Control Possession Monstret i flaskan
#22 Past And Imperfect Passé antérieur Drottningen och rebellen
#23 Believe It Or Not Le Scoop Den mystiske vikarien
#24 Making Up Is Hard To Do Miroir, Ô mon Miroir Såsom i en spegel
#25 Game Over Joue encore Game Over
#26 Lost And Found Le Mystère du Collier Försvunnen i det förflutna

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