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Creepy Crawlers
Format Animated series
Country of origin  United States Syndacation
France France
No. of episodes 23
Running time 30 minutes approx.
Original channel  United States Syndacation
Italy Canale 5/Italia 1
Original run 1994 – 1996

Creepy Crawlers is an joint-venture between American and French animated series from 1994, produced by: Saban Entertainment.



The Creepy Crawlers TV Show was based on ToyMax's Creepy Crawlers Activity toy. The "Magic Maker" Creepy Crawlers heater/oven factored into the show's premise, though it was seldom (if ever) used in a fashion consistent with the toy's actual usage procedures. Some humorous misuses include using the toy's fixed temperature gauge as an on/off button, using the actual on/off dial as a temperature gauge, and (chiefly) feeding Goop directly into the machine through the closed transparent window on the machine's top.

A line of 12 action figures were made by ToyMax in conjunction with the show, as well as the Goozooka Assault vehicle. A "Creepy Crawlers Action Figure Playset" was depicted in the 1994 ToyMax toy booklet, but was apparently not produced. Each figure came with a metal mold for use with the Creepy Crawlers toy oven, to make custom accessories for the figure using Plasti-Goop.

The Creepy Crawlers TV show debuted in first-run syndication in the Fall of 1994. The show was produced by the Saban company, known for their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and other live-action adventure programs. Creepy Crawlers was sponsored heavily by several ToyMax products, including Incredible Edibles and DollyMaker, and other Saban programs such as VR Troopers and Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. The show aired sporadically on weekends through the spring of 1996, airing a total of 22 episodes during its two-year run. One Extra Episode, "Return of The Crime Grimes", never aired on broadcast TV, but was later released on Home Video, serving as a bridge between the events of Season One and Season Two.

Show premise

The show is about Chris Carter, a self-described "normal kid" who is interested in magic. While working at the Magic Shop of bitter discredited stage illusionist Professor Googengrime, Chris designed and built a device he called "The Magic Maker", ostensibly for use in some unspecified magic trick. A particular once-every-thousand-years planetary alignment, the Magical Millennium Moment, rained down cosmic energies on the shop one fateful night, which somehow made the Magic Maker capable of creating strange, man-sized bug/magic trick composite mutant creatures. The three creatures formed that night, Hocus Locust, Volt Jolt and T-3 (dubbed "Goop-Mandos" by Googengrime), despite looking bizarre, turned out to be friendly, and joined forces with Chris, but Googengrime kept the Magic Maker when Chris and the Goop-Mandos escaped from the shop. Each episode thereafter concerned Googengrime's latest (half-baked) attempt to gain power and conquer the world with a Magic Maker-created "Crime Grime" monster, and Chris and The Goop-Mandos' efforts to stop him, and (hopefully) retrieve the Magic Maker from his evil clutches.

As the series went on, more Goop-Mandos were created. In addition, a young girl named "Sammy" Reynolds became a close ally of the group (and while it was never outrightly stated, she was essentially Chris' girlfriend). Sammy would be of great help in many fights, but constantly complained that she was underestimated because she "was just a girl."

Some sitcom style humor was derived by the concept that the Goop-Mandos were required to recharge after missions by hanging upside-down in the large closet in Chris' room. This conceit was derived from a small oozing hourglass-like device housed in the lower torso of each Goop-Mando Action Figure. Although the Carter parents never made an appearance on the show (their voices were heard off-screen in a few episodes), Chris' older brother Todd, a vain and surly "valley dude", was constantly suspicious of the extracurricular goings-on around the house. Furthermore, when the Goop-Mandos needed transportation to a battle site, they would often confiscate Todd's custom dune buggy, using doses of "Goop" to transform it temporarily into the Goozooka "Crawler Cruiser" assault Vehicle. Typically, Todd would walk out just after their departure and wail, "Not again!" The villains used a similar vehicle called the Bug-Eyed Bomber.

At the Opening of Season Two, Professor Googengrime created a formula, Super Goop, to try destroy the Goop-Mandos, but it backfired, furthering their mutations. The Goop-Mandos changed colors, gained new abilities and became much stronger.

Main characters



Chris Carter- Creator of the Magic Maker, Chris is inadvertently responsible for the weekly sieges on his home city by the mad Professor Googengrime. The mysterious Magical Millennium Moment has thrown Chris into a world of magic, monsters and awesome battles, as he and his Goop-Mandos must fight Professor Googengrime and his creatures and try and take back the Magic Maker before Professor Googengrime takes over the world.

Samantha "Sammy" Reynolds- A pretty but tomboyish girl, Sammy is one of Chris' closest friends (and possibly his girlfriend). Fit and courageous, she would occasionally save the day, but complain that villains (and occasionally the heroes) would overlook her solely because she is a girl.

During an episode when Chris was infected by Goop and began transforming into a human-bug hybrid, he and Sammy went to the school dance together. Chris' older brother Todd is apparently interested in her, which also aided the Goop-Mandos' plots on occasion.

Volt Jolt- Created from a floating light bulb and based on a lightning bug, Volt Jolt is one of the three original Goop-Mandos, he always wore a pair of lightning shaped shades. He has electrical powers and can fire electricity to zap the Crime Grimes.

T-3 (Tick Trick Tick) - Created from a pack of cards and based on a tick, T-3 is one of the original Goop-Mandos who is the largest of the group and is their strong man. He is able to fire card-like darts shaped like the different suits with amazing speed and accuracy. He also has a "little buddy" named T-Flea based on a flea that he kept with him. T-3 must also have had some trace of a "shell game" in his genetic code, for his shoulder pads resembled huge walnut shells, and T-Flea could usually be found hiding beneath them.

Hocus Locust- Created from rope tricks and based on a locust, Hocus Locust is one of the original Goop-Mandos and is the jokester of the group, always having fun, and often lapsing into inane (and sometimes awful!) celebrity impersonations. He has rope coiled around his body which he can control to attack or use for many other purposes, he also is the only Goop-Mando to have four arms. After the Goop-Mandos get their upgrade his rope becomes nylon cords with sharp ends.

Sting Ring- Created from inter-connecting rings and based on a wasp, Sting Ring was accidentally created when some rings fell into the Magic Maker without the Goop-Mandos knowledge, but once they met up with him realised he was one of them, he joined up. He has the power to throw his rings with great power to knock out or cut up enemies. He also gave the group wings which allow them to fly. After the Goop-Mandos' upgrade his rings are able to do many new things like exploding and many other things.

Commantis- Created from kung fu/karate and samurai movie tapes and based on a praying mantis, Commantis was created when Spooky Goopy accidentally dropped his videotapes into the Magic Maker. At first Commantis worked for Professor Googengrime, but after realizing he was evil, he joined up with the Goop-Mandos. Commantis is noble like a samurai and carries two samurai swords on his back which he can use to slice up opponents. He was also based on a ventriloquist dummy and sword swallower and thus he is able to throw his voice. After the Goop-Mandos' upgrade he is able to blend into his surroundings.

T-4- In the second season Googengrime accidentally created T-3's "little brother", T-4, in an attempt to reprogram T-3. The ploy backfired when T-3 fired a few card-darts into a hose connected to the Magic Maker, which turned into T-4. T-4 has four heads and is stronger than T-3, but not as smart.

Fire Eyes- Created from chillies, peppers, hot sauce and various other hot stuff and based on a firefly, Fire Eyes was created to help combat an ice monster created by Professor Googengrime to freeze the city. He is able to shoot heat beams from his eyes, instantly melting stuff.

Crime Grimes

Professor Googengrime- A failed illusionist who after discovering the Magic Maker decides to try take over the world, he begins to create monsters to help but is constantly stopped by the pests, the Goop-Mandos. His first creation and constant companion is Spooky Goopy. His motto is "Make, bake, overtake!" The Professor's last name has been spelled two different ways, depending on the source: "Googengrime" according to elements referencing the TV Show, and "Guggengrime", an alternate spelling used by ToyMax in their product literature.

Spooky Goopy- Was created from trick handcuffs and is Professor Googengrime's right-hand monster. He is able to use his cuffs to capture monsters for Professor Googengrime and often serves as comic relief. He has a Peter Lorre-type accent, and wears a talking top hat, with which he is usually arguing.

Shockaroach- A nasty, roach-based monster, Googengrime unleashed swarms of these ravenous pests on the city time and again, only to be thwarted time and again by The Creepy Crawlers Goop-Mandos!

Squirminator- Based on a worm, a monstrous creation of Professor Googengrime that is powerful and deadly. His tail has a mace on the end of it and is able to knock the Goop-Mandos out cold, he is also able to utilize his army of squirmy worms which he carries with him at all times. Being grotesque and ugly, he is a challenge for the Goop-Mandos.

Grumble Bee- Envision, if You will, a grotesque, crazed bee the size of a small car. Now imagine a swarm of such bees. Confidentially, They STING!

2-Ugly- This dual monster doesn't seem to correspond to any particular insect type, but is plenty horrific anyway! 2-Ugly is able to separate its head from its body, causing double trouble wherever it writhes! The original 2-Ugly went awry and tried to destroy Googengrime, but later the Professor created its brother, 2-Ugly-2, which was marginally more controllable.

Bat out of Smell-A gigantic bat monster that smells like pure evil. It can incapacitate most anything with a noxious blast of its horrible "bat-breath".

FrankenFly- Powered by the same "Super Goop" that gave the heroic Goop-Mandos their new powers at the beginning of Season Two, the gargantuan rampaging FrankenFly combined components of a flat-headed, bolt-necked Frankenstein stereotype and an ordinary housefly. Oddly, FrankenFly did NOT fly.

Skrull- Evidently unaware of the legal troubles with which he flirted, Googengrime named his giant skull-headed machine monster Skrull, like the extraterrestrial shape-shifting creatures from Marvel Comics. Built from metal components and animated with magic Goop, Googengrime's Skrull was not based on an insect, and did not come from the Magic Maker, like most other Crime Grimes.

Sergeant Spidey- Once again toying with litigation when naming his Crime Grimes, Googengrime's enforcer in a Summer Camp scam was Sergeant Spidey, a bright red militaristic arachnid Drill Sergeant that could spit capturing webs from his mouth.

Bugzilla- Googengrime animated a Movie Museum wax figure of Bugzilla, The most popular movie monster in the world, a giant rampaging black mantis that can shoot lasers from its eyes, and loosed it on the city leaders for snubbing him for a magician's award.

Ice Scream- A frosty monster that can freeze an entire city by screaming.

Other Interested Parties

Tom Lockjaw- The lead newscaster for Channel 27 News, the bombastic Tom Lockjaw (a play on the name of Tom Brokaw) was always on hand to report on the latest monster rampage perpetrated by Googengrime and His Crime Grimes.

Colonel Ka-Boom- This decorated colonel with "Pentagon Special Services" was committed to capturing/wiping out the twin menaces of the Crime Grimes and The Goop-Mandos, which he saw as un-patriotic threats to American Freedom. Although his single-minded devotion to his mission often seemed to border on insanity, with a literal army of tanks, jeeps and anti-missile aircraft at his disposal, few people stuck around long enough to question his methods.


Season One

# Title Air Date Summary
1 The Night Of The Creepy Crawlers 10/04/1994 The show's pilot introduces Chris, Professor Googengrime, and the Goop-Mandos, and sets events in motion that will affect the show's entire run...
2 Sugar Frosted Crawlers 10/11/1994 Googengrime sets up shop in an abandoned cereal factory, and is soon flooding the market with the only breakfast food with a living prize inside...
3 Who's Afraid Of Bees? 10/18/1994 The Reynolds family moves in next door to the Carters, bringing interesting developments for the new neighbors, and an inadvertent swarm of gigantic Grumble Bees...
4 Chris Explains It All 10/25/1994 Astoundingly, this Fourth episode recaps the action of the previous three. A bit early for a "best of" compilation show...
5 Power Play 11/01/1994 A supercharged Shockaroach goes on an electricity-consuming rampage, coinciding nicely with brother Todd's heavy metal "Battle of The Bands" competition...
6 Vanishing Act 11/15/1994 Chris and Sammy's "first date" at a "Razzle & Dazzle" Magic Show. Meanwhile, across town, The Goop-Mandos (literally!) make a new friend...
7 One Creepy Brother 11/22/1994 Todd Carter becomes involved in the struggle between Professor Googengrime and his little brother Chris. Unfortunately, it is on the wrong side of the conflict...
8 I Was A Teenage Crawler 12/06/1994 A chemical explosion at a pesticide factory leaves Chris slowly mutating into a human grasshopper! Just in time for prom...
9 Mauler Amuck 12/27/1994 T-Flea goes missing at a Goop-Mando team training session, while Googengrime loses control of Spooky's first Crime Grime creation, the rampaging 2-Ugly...
10 The Glob 01/24/1995 After accidentally creating Commantis by inserting a Shogun movie into the Magic Maker, Googengrime uses a film festival of horror flicks to produce a writhing gelatinous slime that devours all forms of entertainment...
11 All The Way To China 01/31/1995 Super Squirminator tunnels to the Earth's core in search of Magma-Goop, wreaking geological disaster, and leading our heroes on a subterranean chase after Sammy's little brother Nick, who has disappeared down the hole...
12 Double Trouble 02/07/1995 Good and Evil agendas clash at the County Museum, as an exhibit of Houdini's Magic Trunk leads to a T-Rex skeleton attack, and a high-speed chase on the freeway...
13 Attack Of the Fifty Foot Googengrime 02/14/1995 Googengrime fires Spooky for his perpetual bungling, then (thanks to a lab accident) grows to be giant-sized trouble for Chris and the Goop-Mandos...
14 Return Of The Crime Grimes Never Aired In this season closer, Colonel Ka-Boom jails Chris for Goop-Mando conspiracy, Googengrime conquers the city with the unleashed aid of every Crime Grime creature at once, and the Magic Maker is recovered by the side of good, in a colossal Final Battle that sets everything right. Or does it..?

Season Two

# Title Air Date Summary
15 Dawn Of The Super Goop 09/16/1995 Googengrime's new weapon augments the Goop-Mandos' powers to uncontrollable levels, messing with their self-confidence as well as their color schemes...
16 Deja Goop 09/23/1995 Googengrime dabbles in voodoo, placing Hocus Locust under his power, and at odds with the rest of the Goop-Mandos at a visit to an amusement park...
17 A Real Numb Skrull 09/30/1995 Professor Googengrime builds a better monster, and commands the gigantic enforcer to destroy his "former" servant, Spooky Goopy...
18 Camp Nightmare 11/04/1995 Chris wins a trip to a summer camp in an R/C plane-flying contest, but wouldn't you know, Googengrime turns up to shake down the rich-kid campers...
19 Bugzilla 11/11/1995 Googengrime's latest colossal Crime Grime is an animated monster from a wax museum: the rampaging black mantis Bugzilla!
20 T-4-2 01/06/1996 Googengrime plots to gain control of Goop-Mando strongman T-3, but instead winds up creating T-3's younger brother, the four-headed "T-4"...
21 Cold Snap 01/13/1996 When Googengrime unleashes his cold-weather monster "Ice Scream" on the city, Chris and the Goop-Mandos counter with the heat-infused "Fire-Eyes"...
22 Revenge Of The Mutant Stink Bugs 01/20/1996 This is actually the FIRST (and last) appearance of the horrific-smelling "Mutant Stink Bugs", so I'm not sure what the title means by its "Revenge" reference...
23 The Incredible Shrinking Creepy Crawlers 03/30/1996 Just about EVERY kids' cartoon show has an episode wherein the heroes wind up shrunk to the size of the toys they are based on. "Creepy Crawlers" is no exception...

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