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Cricket fighting is a bloodsport involving the fighting of Crickets.[1]



A cricket coffin for a prized and well-loved cricket on display at the Museum of Macau.

Cricket fighting in China dates back to the Tang Dynasty.

In southern China, particularly around Macau, cricket fighting had been a popular pastime. Many famous hotels around Macau held cricket fights where bets up to thousands of patacas would be waged on a single fight. Prized crickets became famous and actual funeral services would be held for them.

In Beijing, the Association for Cricket Fighting still organizes cricket fighting events and championships.

Though it went on year round, the height of cricket fighting was between the summer solstice and autumn equinox. Banners and flags would be given out to the owners of cricket champions.

While it is illegal in China to gamble on cricket fights, the fights themselves are legal and occur in most big cities in China. Crickets are sold openly in street markets. Chinese Police attempt to control illegal gambling by arresting the gamblers[2].

Care and breeding

Crickets had pedigrees and would be carefully bred by knowledgeable keepers. Keepers kept their crickets in fighting shape with a carefully controlled diet. Ground worms, fish and water chestnuts was a popular diet for protein and nutrients. In some cases, even veterinary care and medicine was administered to keep a cricket in fighting or breeding shape. Also, everyday a new female cricket was provided for the champion, during a time of three months.


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