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Crimean presidential election, 1994
January 16/30 1994
Nominee Yuriy Meshkov Mykola Bahrov
Popular vote 1,040,888 333,243
Percentage 72.92% 23.35%

Incumbent President
None; office created
October 13, 1994

Yuriy Meshkov


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The first and only presidential elections were contested in the Republic of Crimea for the post of President of Crimea, at the time a republic within Ukraine. The office was created by the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, the republic's unicameral parliament October 13, 1993. Elections were subsequently held on January 16, 1994 with the second round on January 30 since a two-round system was used to elect the President.

Crimean separatist Yuriy Meshkov won the second round of voting with 72.9 percent of the vote.[1] He remained in office until March 17, 1995 when the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine abolished the office of president.[2] Some of the other candidates that showed interest, but not listed in the table below were Yevhen Isaev (Green Party of Crimea) and Natalia Vasilyeva (Sevastopol City Council deputy). The Crimean parliament refused to register the People's Movement of Ukraine's representative on November 18, 1993.[3]

e • d  Summary of the 16 January and 30 January 1994 Crimea presidential election results
Candidates — nominating parties Votes first round  % Votes second round  %
Yuriy Meshkov — Bloc "Russia" 557,226 38.50 1,040,888 72.92
Mykola Bahrov — Mejlis 254,042 17.55 333,243 23.35
Serhiy Shuvainykov — Russian Party of Crimea 196,324 13.56
Leonid Hrach — Communist Party of Ukraine 176,330 12.80
Ivan Yermakov — Ukrainian president representative in Sevastopol 90,347 6.22
Volodymyr Verkoshansky — self-nomination 14,205 0.98




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