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Criswell College is a Christian college and divinity school in Dallas, Texas. Previously known as “Criswell Center for Biblical Studies” and later as “Criswell Bible Institute”, the college is named after its founder, Dr. W. A. Criswell, long-time pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas.

The first classes began on January 12, 1971. The college has over 400 students from more than 30 states and 30 countries. The college offers diplomas, Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Master of Divinity degrees.

Criswell College is an affiliate of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

Criswell College is known for its emphasis on a Christian Worldview, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and for training students to teach and preach the Bible. They put an emphasis on evangelism, the original languages, Biblical inerrancy, and viewing academic disciplines through a Christian worldview.



Past presidents include Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, Dr. Richard Wells, Dr. Richard Melick, Dr. Paige Patterson, and Dr. H. Leo Eddleman. Dr. Lamar Cooper is the interim president.


Criswell offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in the subjects of:

Master of Arts in the subjects of:

Master of Divinity (M.Div) degree with concentrations in:


President Jerry A. Johnson had his own radio program on the Criswell Radio Network (made up of four radio stations across Texas and Oklahoma, including KCBI in Dallas, one of the largest Christian radio stations in the country) called Jerry Johnson Live, a Christian Worldview radio program. Dr. Johnson has hosted some of the most popular guests in the country and discusses the news from a Christian perspective.

Pasche Institute

The Pasche Institute was started by Prof. Jim R. Sibley and Dr. Todd Bradley as a Master of Arts degree program for Jewish studies. Prof. Sibley was named the first director of the Pasche Institute in 2006. Jewish courses are also offered in the undergraduate and M.Div programs.

Faculty and alumni works

Dr. W.A. Criswell

  • Why I Preach the Bible Is Literally True
  • Criswell's Guidebook For Pastors
  • Standing on the Promises: The Autobiography of W. A. Criswell

Dr. Daniel L. Akin

  • A Theology for the Church (Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 2007) ISBN 080542640X. General Editor
  • God on Sex: The Creator's Ideas About Love, Intimacy, and Marriage (Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 2003) ISBN 0805425969.
  • NAC: 1,2,and 3 John Commentary

Dr. R. Alan Streett

  • The Effective Invitaion

Dr. Lamar Eugene Cooper, Sr.

  • NAC: Ezekiel Commentary

Prof. Daniel Streett

  • Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible: Philimon

Richard Wells & Boyd Luter

  • Inspired Preaching

Steven Zarlengo

  • Daughter of Zion: Jerusalem's Past, Present, and Future. (Dallas: Joseph Publishing, 2007).

Dr. Denny Burk

  • Articular Infinitives in the Greek New Testament

Drs. James Bryant and Mac Brunson

  • The New Guidebook for Pastors

Notable alumni and faculty

  • Dr. David Allen; Dean of the School of Theology Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Daniel L. Akin; President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Jerry Johnson; Vice-President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Denny Burk; Dean of Boyce College, the SBTS
  • Dr. Ergun Caner; President of Liberty Seminary
  • Dr. Emir Caner; President of Truett-McConnell College
  • Dr. Roger Spradlin; Pastor of Valley Baptist Church (Bakersfield, CA), former Chairman of the Board, Southern Seminary
  • Dr. John Mark Caton; Pastor of Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church (Allen, TX), Chairman of the Board, Southwestern Seminary
  • Dr. Luis L. Pantoja, Jr., Senior Pastor of Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Pasig City, Philippines
  • Dr. C. Richard Wells, former pastor of South Canyon Baptist Church, Rapid City, South Dakota, now Dean of Chapel, Union University, Jackson,Tennessee
  • Mark Tabb; a popular author, having written two New York Times Bestsellers
  • Dan Dumas; Vice President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Tony Nolan; vocational evangelist
  • K.P. Yohannan; Founder and President of Gospel for Asia
  • Susie Hawkins, Women's ministry leader and speaker
  • Barry Keldie, Church planter and pastor of Providence Church, Frisco, TX
  • Numerous professors, pastors, and leaders across the Southern Baptist Convention and across the country

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