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Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica Bosne i Hercegovine
Leader Dragan Čović
Founded 1991
Headquarters Kneza Domagoja bb,
88000 Mostar
Ideology National conservatism[1],
Christian democracy
International affiliation None
European affiliation European People's Party
Official colours Blue, Red
Ethnic group Croats
Politics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Political parties

The Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian: Hrvatska demokratska zajednica Bosne i Hercegovine, HDZ BiH) is a political party of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an observer member of the European People's Party (EPP).

The party was formed on August 18, 1990, at the 1st party convention held in Sarajevo, and it has participated in all multi-party elections held in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1991. It regularly won the support of the Croatian electorate up to 2000, and participated in the government. It returned to power in 2002, where it remained until 2006.

At the legislative election of October 2002, the party was part of the Coalition (Koalicija), that won 9.5% of the popular vote and 5 out of 42 seats in the House of Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina and 16 out of 140 seats in the House of Representatives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Major leaders have included Mate Boban, Jadranko Prlić, Dario Kordić, Ante Jelavić, Dragan Čović, Ivo Miro Jović. Dario Kordić has been convicted of war crimes at the International War Crime Tribunal in Haguewhile Prlić is currently being tried for war crimes stemming from his involvement with the Herceg-Bosna[2], .

The party has had two splinter factions so far:


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