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Cromarty fisher dialect is a variety of Northern Scots spoken by fishermen in the town of Cromarty, north of Inverness. While the dialect has always been extremely localised and the number of speakers low, as of 2007 there are only two fluent speakers of Cromarty fisher dialect; two elderly brothers in their eighties.[1]

Cromarty fisher dialect is said to have originated in Cromarty in the sixteenth century as a fusion of Scots and the English of visiting soldiers. Initially, spoken by fisherman throughout towns and villages of the Cromarty Firth,[2] the dialect is said to sound "like a bizarre mixture of twee Shakespearean English and thick Geordie."[3]

One example of Cromarty fisher dialect is "Pit oot thy fire til I light mine", which translates to "Please be quiet, and allow me to say something."[1]


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