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American actress Louise Brooks

A crop is a short hairstyle worn with the hair cut very close to the head. It is frequently sported by both men and women, though the style is usually only named as a crop when sported by a woman. Also the military gets this haircut during Recruit Training.


The crop first became fashionable during the 1920s, as many of the flappers who had cut their long hair short were trying these as well as the early bobs. The Eton crop, one of the shorter and more drastic cuts of its day, was the most popular.

The crop became fashionable again in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with one of its most notable wearers being Princess Diana. The crop also was big in the mid 1990s, as many former long-haired celebrities felt the urge to cut their hair.

How to cut a crop

A crop involves layering and tapering of the hair so it will be closely cut to the head. The hair is typically pre-cut to a short length, and then cut shorter from there using either scissors, a razor, or sometimes clippers, depending on what the person is looking for (more of a choppy look, super short length, etc.)

Crops usually require regular trims, usually between 4 to 6 weeks, to keep them clean.

Famous people who have worn this style over the years


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