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This article is a list of characters in the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.


Main Characters


Yusei Fudo

Yusei Fudo (不動 遊星 Fudō Yūsei?, 18 years old): Yusei's parents died in the project with Roman and Rex Goodwin when he was still a baby. Later he was sent off to the Satellite, where he was put under the care of Martha. His Duel Runner is red and he is destined to become the ultimate duelist in the entire Satellite and NeoDomino City. He joined Jack, Kalin, and Crow in Team Enforcers, but broke off after Kalin was sent to prison. Although it was said that Jack betrayed him, 2 years ago, and stole the Duel Runner he currently owns now along with Yusei's Stardust Dragon card. In the Fortune Cup, Yusei beats him and becomes the new King. During his duel against Akiza it shows he's a Signer, with the tail of the Crimson Dragon. This was shown earlier in his first duel against Jack. He has a calm and cool personality. Although he has a marker, a sign of a criminal, many look up to him, such as Rally and even Leo. He is voiced by Yuya Miyashita in the Japanese version, and voiced by Frank Frankson in the English version.

Jack Atlas

Called Jack Atlus (ジャック・アトラス Jakku Atorasu?) in the Japanese version. Jack is known as the "Absolute King of the Turbo Duel", and was once Yusei's best friend, but they became bitter rivals after Jack stole Yusei's Stardust Dragon and Duel Runner and left for New Domino City. Now, as a former resident of Satellite, he must hide his past from the rest of society. But he was defeated by Yusei Fudo in the championship round of the Fortune Cup. After that he starts off as very arrogant and cruel, but his conscience is revived thanks to Carly Carmine, who heals his wounded heart and teaches him to let "the real Jack Atlas" live, and become a good person. His signature card is also a Synchro monster, Red Dragon Archfiend (Red Demon's Dragon in the Japanese version). He plays a "Swarm" Deck, focusing on quickly Tuning weaker monsters together to summon his Dragon. Jack is one of the five Signers, the chosen ones of the People of the Stars, and carries the Crimson Dragon's Wings. His Dark Signer Enemy is Carly, whom he remorsefully defeats in episode 59 after they both confess their love for each other. He is voiced by Takanori Hoshino in the Japanese version, and voiced by Ted Lewis in the English version.

Akiza Izinski

Called Aki Izayoi (十六夜 アキ Izayoi Aki?) in the Japanese version. She is the main female protagonist that doubled as antagonist. Akiza appears as a cold and pathologically sadomasochistic girl with the power to bring the monsters and magic of Duel Monsters to life, a psychic power ability only used through anguish and cruelty. Because of this, and her abilities, she is called the "Black Rose" ("Black Rose Witch" in Japanese). Because of this, she earlier chose to distance herself from people, believing her power to be caused by the Dragon birthmark she possesses, but became more 'open' after her second Duel with Yusei. She holds strong feelings for Yusei. She is the third Signer, who plays a deck based around Plant-Type Monsters and holds the "Black Rose Dragon". While she is the Black Rose, she hides her appearance with a tattered cloak and covers her face with a mask. Her Dark Signer enemy is Misty Tredwell, who blames Akiza for her brother's death. She defeats Misty in episode 61. She, along with Leo, Luna, and their friends, attends the Duel Academy after the Dark Signers' defeat and later becomes a Turbo Duelist. When Crow breaks his arm, she takes his place in Team 5D's for the WRGP tournament. She is voiced by Ayumi Kinoshita in the Japanese version, and voiced by Bella Hudson in English version.


Called Lua[1] (龍亞 Rua?) in the Japanese version. Leo is the lively and blundering twin brother of Luna. He plays a "Morphtronic" deck ("Deformer" in Japanese, also written as "D-Former"), with monsters based on Transformers that have different abilities in attack and defense position. He idolizes Jack, and even owns figurines of him, his Duel Runner, and his Dragon. He duels in the Fortune Cup tournament in place of his sister, but lost in the first round to Greiger. He has some knowledge of the dragon birthmarks, since his sister has one, and was shocked to discover that Yusei has one too. Whilst he is not a Signer himself, his key card, Power Tool Dragon, is similar to one of the five dragons. Leo's original dub name was going to be Luca, but 4Kids changed it. Even though he is not a Signer, his Dark Signer enemy is Devack, whom he duels in place of his sister while she's in the Duel Monsters Spirit World. However, Luna comes back to help Leo and together defeat Devack in episode 51. He is voiced by Ai Horenai in Japanese version, and voiced by Amanda Brown in the English version.


Called Luca[1] (龍可 Ruka?) in the Japanese version. Luna is the calm and collected twin sister of Leo. She plays a "Fairy/Spirit" deck, and gained the ability to speak with Duel Monster spirits, after an incident that occurred eight years ago. Luna fell into a coma at the age of three, but recovered after a month, thanks to Leo, who was by her side the whole time calling her name. After she awoke, she claimed to have visited the Duel Monsters Spirit World in her dreams, where she met the spirit of Ancient Fairy Dragon, who charged her with the duty of keeping the spirit world safe. Luna was invited to enter the Fortune Cup, however she had no interest in participating. Leo thought of the idea to enter in her place. She dislikes dueling, as speaking to monster spirits tires her. She is also one of the five Signers. Her birthmark is one of the Crimson Dragon's Claws. Her dragon is Ancient Fairy Dragon, which she retrieved after defeating Devack. Her Dark Signer enemy is Devack, who had Ancient Fairy Dragon in his possession. Both Luna and Leo defeated him in episode 51. She is voiced by Yuka Terasaki in the Japanese version, and voiced by Kether Donahue in the English version.

Crow Hogan

Called simply Crow (クロウ Kurō?) in the Japanese version. Crow is one of Yusei's friends and a thief. His parents died when he was little, and he was alone until Duel Monsters gave him friends and taught him how to read. He passes his knowledge on to a group of children he looks after, and his motives for stealing are to provide for them. He later became a member of the Enforcers with Yusei, Jack, and Kalin, but he quit due to Kalin taking the fun out of duelling, both from himself and his opponents. His custom Duel Runner, Black Bird, has a built in Flying Formation used to cross large gaps and can also fire hooks to change direction. He uses a Blackwing deck that can quickly summon monsters (a.k.a. "swarming") and use their abilities to win a duel, and his main Synchro Monsters are Blackwing Armed Wing, Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant, and Blackwing Armor Master, later obtaining Black Feather Dragon. When a fog causes all of his friends to disappear, he takes his anger out on the Dark Signers, and ends up in a Manual Shadow Turbo Duel with Greiger and defeated him. After facing Goodwin alongside Yusei and Jack, Yusei inherits the Dragon Head birthmark while he inherits Yusei's Tail Birthmark, becoming a Signer. In the third season Crow opens a delivery service and his Duel Runner is the main vehicle, naming his business "Black Bird Delivery". In episode 95, his Signer Dragon is revealed, Blackfeather Dragon. Crow is also set to appear in the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie: Super Fusion! Bonds that Transcend Time, but will only appear early on in the film with Jack Atlas. He is voiced by Shintaro Asanuma in the Japanese version, and voiced by Jason Anthony Griffith in the English version.


The Crimson Dragon

One of the most important characters/monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's because every signer has a mark or body part of it on their arm. The Crimson Dragon is the most strongest dragon and monster.

New Domino Administration and Security

Rex Goodwin

Rex Goodwin (レクス・ゴドウィン Rekusu Godowin?) is the original leader of the Yliasters and the chief of public maintenance for New Domino City. He, alongside his brother Roman, was an assistant to Professor Fudo during the Zero Reverse accident. With his elitism, he transformed the city into a hierarchical society. He shows interest in the Signers, explaining their significance to Jack prior to holding the Fortune Cup to gather the remaining Signers and awaken their powers. It is seen that he can be aggressive if necessary, but usually keeps a calm demeanor. Known as a legendary D-Wheeler, Goodwin lost his left arm around the time he didn't finish Daedalus Bridge, the only means for the Satellite to be connected with the city, and had it replaced with a cybernetic one which doubles as his duel disk. He additionally possesses his brother's severed arm with the head part of the Mark of the Dragon. In the dub he claims to be the fifth signer, but it is not actually so. But after the deaths of the Dark Signers, Rex reveals himself to had become one of them during a duel with Roman, having the condor birthmark on his back and control of the Earthbound Immortal Wiraqoacha Rasca. Furthermore, he integrates his brother's arm onto himself to gain the power of a Signer as part of his plan to use both the Earthbound Immortals and the Crimson Dragon to recreate the world in his image. He is defeated by the joint efforts of Yusei, Jack and Crow, and passes onto the afterlife with Roman. He is voiced by Shinya Kote in the Japanese version, and voiced by Pete Zarustica in the English version.

Tetsu Trudge

Called Tetsu Ushio (牛尾 哲 Ushio Tetsu?) in the Japanese version. Trudge is a Security officer who observes the residents of Satellite. He initially duels using a "Guard" deck, but after his first clash with Yusei, he upgrades to a specially-designed "Pursuit" deck, with Goyo Guardian as its main Synchro of choice. He has a violent character but also great pride as a duelist and for this Yusei respects him. After losing to Yusei, he vows to defeat and arrest him, no matter how long it takes. After the first confrontation between Yusei and the Dark Signers, Trudge falls under their control, becoming a Dark Signer himself, and challenges Jack to a duel while he was still recovering from his injuries from his Fortune Cup finals match against Yusei, using a Worm-based deck that focuses on Deck Destruction. Just like the other brainwashed Dark Signers, Trudge gets back to normal after being defeated by Jack. He later reappears to help Mina spy on Jack and brings the signers to Martha's place where he develops a deeper respect to the people of Satellite. He has also shown to have a crush on Mina, and is incredibly jealous of Jack to the point he gains super strength. As time goes on, he becomes less hateful and shows more concern for his allies. Following the Dark Signer incident, he becomes Mina's assistant in an Investigation unit. He is also an examiner who tests those looking to acquire a license for Turbo Duels. He is voiced by Kouji Ochiai in Japanese version, and voiced by Dan Green in the English version.

His character is based on Ushio, to whom Yugi Muto challenged his first Shadow Game. In the dubbed version, Trudge has a rivalry with Yusei going for some time now. The pilot dub shown at Comic-Con referred to him by his Japanese name, Ushio, rather than Trudge. In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Wheelie Breakers, his full English name is Officer Tetsu Trudge.

Mina Simington

Called Mikage Sagiri (狭霧 深影 Sagiri Mikage?) in the Japanese version, Mina is Jack's secretary. She is often very concerned over Jack and tries her best to be useful despite the fact that he is always cold towards her. She is the only one that know Jack's true reason of fighting the Dark Signers: Carly. She has shown to have feelings for Jack (though he doesn't seem to reciprocate) and envys Carly for the attention he gives her. Following the Dark Signers incident, she becomes a chief in the Special Security Investigation with Trudge as her assistant. She is voiced by Aiko Souhashi in the Japanese version, and voiced by Caroline Lawson in the English version.


Called Jeager (イェーガー Yēgā?) in the Japanese version, Lazar is Goodwin's assistant and Director of the Neo Domino Security Division. In the third season, he pledge's allegiance to the three Yliaster members. Whilst generally composed, he gets rather jittery under pressure. He also appears to have a thing for cup ramen. He uses a 'Jester Deck', which focuses largely around the use of trap cards to power up monsters and hamper the opponent. He is voiced by Tetsuya Yanagihara in the Japanese version, and voiced by Marc Thompson in the English version.


Called Akutsu (阿久津?) in the Japanese version. The scientist responsible for the New Domino City's power plant, Zigzix studies the Signers' power under Goodwin's orders. In the Japanese version, he also has an obsession with "momentum" and enjoys saying the word often that carries into the English version as saying things that "spin". He is voiced by Kouichirou Yuzawa in the Japanese version, and Sean Schemmel in the English version.

Mr. Armstrong

Called Takasu (鷹栖?) in the Japanese version, is the warden of the Detention Center that Yusei is being held at after his and Jack's duel in the Stadium. Armstrong uses his power as Warden to mistreat and abuse the detainees. After Yusei challenged and defeated Armstrong to win the freedom of all detainees after Armstrong locked down the entire facility, Rex Goodwin, who watched the duel from above, fires Armstrong. Armstrong uses a "Chain Deck", focusing on his "Chain" monsters, as well as deck destruction and effect-damage tactics. His Ace Monster is the Synchro Monster "Iron Chain Dragon" is also an menace. He is voiced by Kouji Ishii in the Japanese version, and voiced by David Wills in the English version.


From left to right: Tank (Taka), Blitz (Nerve), Nervin (Blitz), and Rally Dawson.

Growing up in the Satellite, a poor district that provides materials for New Domino City, Yusei grew up with many friends. He was also temporarily part of a duel gang called the Enforcers, which duelled other gangs for territory.

Rally Dawson

Rally Dawson (ラリー・ドーソン Rarī Dōson?) is a young boy who idolizes his friend Yusei. He steals a chip to assist Yusei in his duel against Jack Atlas and in turn, Yusei helps him out when he is targeted by Security because of the marker on his cheek. During Yusei's duel with Roman, Roman uses Rally as a human shield, where Rally then uses One Shot Cannon to destroy Earthbound Immortal, Uru, therefore sacrificing himself to save Yusei. Rally and the others return when Yusei defeats Roman. He also acts as the player's guide in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Wheelie Breakers. He is voiced by Mika Itou in the Japanese version, and voiced by Bella Hudson in the English version.

While his main deck is never seen, his speciality is 'One Shot' monsters. Turbo Booster, one of Rally's monsters, he gave to Yusei for good luck.


Called Nerve (ナーヴ Nāvu?) in the original. Yusei's friend and inhabitant of Satellite. He has a strong sense of justice. Blitz, Nervin and Tank are first seen watching the Turbo Duel between Jack Atlas and Hunter Pace, before Yusei comes in to work on his Duel Runner. Shortly afterwards, when Rally Dawson comes to give Yusei a chip for his Duel Runner, he recognizes it as a new chip and asks Rally where he got it. He, Tank and Nervin are later provoked into a fight by Lenny and his gang.

After Yusei's Duel with Kalin, he and the others go and see Yusei to make sure he's alright, and find out by turning him over, that he hs a large metal shard impaled into his stomach. After their friend Crow takes Yusei away to get medical treatment, Blitz, Tank, Nervin, and Rally take Yusei's practically demolished Duel Runnner out of the B.A.D. area, but run into some trouble along the way. Luckily, Blister finds and saves them. They later go to where Yusei is being treated. When the black cloud that envelopes satellite comes he disappears. It is later found out from Rally that he was sacrificed to an Earthbound Immortal. After Yusei and Roman's second duel ends, he, together with most, (if not all) people from Satellite sacrificed to the Earthbound Immortals is resurected. He is voiced by Kensuke Fujita in the Japanese version, and voiced by Jamie McGonnigal in the English version.


Called Blitz (ブリッツ Burittsu?) in the original. Yusei's friend and inhabitant of Satellite, he is prone to worrying. Nervin insists that Yusei Fudo leave Jack Atlas alone for stealing his Duel Runner and "Stardust Dragon". That he should just be happy with what he's got. He along with Tank and Blitz are provoked into a fight by Lenny and his gang.

When Yusei returns to Satellite, he helps carry Yusei's battered and broken Duel Runner to Martha's house, catching a cold in the process. He disappears when the strange black cloud surrounds satellite. Rally told Yusei that when everyone disappeared, he was sacrificed to an Earhbound Immortal. After Yusei and Roman's second duel ends, he, together with most,(if not all) people from Satellite sacrificed to the Earthbound Immortal is resurected. He is voiced by Takahiro Hirano in the Japanese version, and voiced by Tom Wayland in the English version.


Called Taka (タカ?) in the original. Yusei's friend and inhabitant of Satellite. He has a jolly personality. In the English verison Tank has a craving for french fries, and he usually isn't that smart.

Later he along with Nervin and Blitz are provoked into a fight by Lenny and his gang. Tank later helped carry Yusei's battered and broken Duel Runner to Martha's orphanage, catching a cold in the process. Rally told Yusei that Tank was sacrificed to summon an Earthbound Immortal. After Yusei and Roman's second duel ends, he, together with most, (if not all) people from Satellite sacrificed to the Earthbound Immortals is resurected. He is a thick built character who is the brawn of Yusei's friends. A more passive character; he isn't the first to spring to a fight. He specifies a liking for french fries dipped in a chocolate milkshake. He works along with Nervin and Blitz in a factory. He is voiced by Tomohiro Oorana in the Japanese version, and voiced by David Wills in the English version.


Martha (マーサ Māsa?) is a woman who lives in a house in Satellite and works as an assistant for Dr. Schmitt. She was a foster parent for Yusei and his friends when they were growing up in Satellite, and the mother of Jack, who calls her mom. In Episode 46 she falls into a geoglyph when trying to save the Satellite Boy Taka, where her soul is then sacrificed to Roman's Earthbound Immortal, Uru. She is returned when Yusei defeats Roman. She is voiced by Kimiko Saitō in the Japanese version, and voiced by Veronica Taylor in the English version.

Dr. Schmidt

Called Dr. Schmitt in the Original. He is a doctor at a clinic in Satellite. He and Martha treated Yusei when he was injured, and helps to look after the children.

Yusei Fudo is left severely injured after his Shadow Turbo Duel against Kalin Kesler, as a shard is impaled in his stomach. Crow takes Yusei to Martha's refuge so that he can receive the required surgery. Here, Dr. Schmidt begins operating on him, assisted by Martha. He manages to save Yusei's life by removing the shard, along with its pieces from his body. Afterwards, he and Martha emerge from the operating room and tell everyone that Yusei is going to be okay once his wounds have sealed up, since the shard hadn't damaged any of his internal organs or blood vessels.

After Yusei's fierce Shadow Duel against Roman, which ended with Martha getting sacrificed in order to save Takya. The Signers and their companions are back in Martha's home, as Takya, Jun and Michan try to apologize to the Doctor. As Takya admits that it was his fault that she ended up like that, Trudge also takes the blame stating that he should have grabbed her on that particular moment. As everyone thinks that she's dead including the doctor, Yusei leads them to believe that in order to get her back along with everyone else, they just have to defeat the Dark Signers. As everything thats been going on Satellite is because of their actions. After that Dr. Schmidt and the children are left on the house to rest.

Martha and Schmidt try to convince a withdrawn old man, Tetsuzo Kuzuyama, to move into Martha's place, due to the dangereous nature of his house. After failing to do so, the children in Martha's care convince Crow to do it for them. He is voiced by Shinobu Matsumoto in the Japanese version, and voiced by Marc Thompson in the English version.


Called Uryū (瓜生?) in the Original, Lenny is an insect duelist and former Domino resident who harasses Tank and later comes with his two henchmen, Larry and Lug, to try to take Yusei's Duel Runner by force. Yusei duels him and wins, but they part on friendly terms, with Lenny promising to win next time they duel. The English voices for Larry and Lug are Wayne Grayson and Eric Stuart respectively. While he and his henchmen are actually unnamed in the English anime, TV listings and video games refer to him as Lenny. He is voiced by Toshiyuki Kusuda in the Japanese version, and voiced by Anthony Salerno in the English version.

Taka, John and Mitch

Taka (known as Takuya in the Japanese version) is a child who lives at Martha's house in the Satellite and generally hangs around his friends John and Mitch (Shun and Micchun respectively in Japanese). His father died in a traffic accident, but he admired Security's attempts to save him. He desires become a Security officer himself and takes a liking to Trudge.

Tetsuzo Kuzuyama

Voiced by: Seizo Kato (Japanese)

Tetsuzo Kuzuyama (屑山鉄蔵 Kuzuyama Tetsuzō?) is an old man from Satellite. When his wife left with his son, Goki, he became attached to the house, which features booby traps and an old fashioned duel ring. After duelling Crow, he stays at Martha's. Tetsuzo uses a Scrap-Iron deck, which uses a family of Junk monsters and several 'Scrap-Iron' trap cards.


When Yusei is arrested after his duel with Jack, he is sent to the facility, where he makes allies and finds out more about the Crimson Dragon.

Bolt Tanner

Voiced by: Taiten Kusunoki (Japanese), Wayne Grayson (English)

Bolt Tanner, called Jin Himuro (氷室 仁 Himuro Jin?) in the Japanese version, is a former Turbo Duel champion. At the detention center, he starts as a ruthless bully, but becomes an ally of Yusei, after losing to him in a duel. During his time at the cell, he was beaten by Armstrong in an attempt to anger Yusei. He is later free thanks to Blister and helps Yusei during the Fortune Cup. After becoming Yusei's ally, he is given information about the Signers. He and Yanagi then move to Leo and Luna's house. He plays an "Ushi Oni Beatdown" deck. His Ace Monster is 'Great Ushi Oni', which he gives to Yusei in order to make contact with Blister.

Tenzen Yanagi

Voiced by: Bunmei Tobayama (Japanese), Marc Thompson (English)

An eccentric old man and former traveler, Tenzen Yanagi (矢薙 典膳 Yanagi Tenzen?) befriends Yusei after being detained in the New Domino City Detention Center. Despite his overeagerness and erratic behaviour, he knows several things concerning the Signers and the Five Dragons. He duels Tanner and was utterly defeated. After having his cards called trash, Yusei uses his deck to duel Tanner and wins. When Yusei was transferred to another cell, Yanagi was beaten by Armstrong to make Yusei angry. He is free thanks to Blister and continues to root for Yusei during the Fortune Cup. After Yusei wins the Fortune Cup, he explains to Yusei, Leo, Luna and Tanner about the Crimson Dragon telling them that it is only possible to call it out when there are all five Signers together giving Yusei the clue that the last Signer appeared. He and Tanner then move to Leo and Luna's house. He plays a "Hidden Treasure" deck, based on legendary treasures from all over the world, which he takes great pride in, despite the fact the majority of the cards cause self-inflicted damage.


Voiced by: Hidenobu Kiuchi (Japanese), Tom Wayland (English)

An old friend of Tanner, Blister, called Saiga (雑賀?) in the Japanese version, was once a top Turbo Duel Champion, until his partner, Aero (Yūji (ユージ?) in the Japanese version), was injured in an accident. Aero sends Blister the burned Machiner's Sniper card, which was a symbol of their friendship, and Blister thinks that he will never forgive him. Yusei helps him regain his faith in his friends. He helps Yusei prepare his Duel Runner for the Fortune Cup. He later sneaks into the Satellite to help Yusei's friends, and is currently staying at Martha's house looking after the children.


Voiced by: Shun Takagi (Japanese), Pete Zarustica

Alex, called Kōhei Aoyama (青山 光平 Aoyama Kōhei?) in the Japanese version, is one of Yusei's cell mates at the detention center who plans to escape. He gives up his chance in order to help Yusei win his duel against Mr. Armstrong.

Fortune Cup duelists

The Fortune Cup is a tournament organized by Rex Goodwin in order to awaken the powers of the Signers, with the winner being able to challenge Jack Atlas for the title of King. Along with Yusei, Akiza and Leo (disguised as Luna), there were other duelists whose jobs were to put pressure on their opponents in order to awaken their abilities (the exception being Hunter Pace, who replaced one of the combatants in order to beat Yusei ('The duelist who beat the king').

Hunter Pace

Voiced by: Naoki Yanagi (Japanese), Marc Thompson (English)

Called Mukuro Enjō (炎城 ムクロ Enjō Mukuro?) in the Japanese version, Hunter Pace is a challenger defeated by Jack in the first and eighth episodes. He returns later to participate in the Fortune Cup by forcibly replacing the cloaked duelist known as "The Reborn Reaper" Shira, and lost to Yusei. Plays a Speed-based deck exclusively for Turbo Duels, focusing on gaining Speed Counters as quickly as possible, as well as effect damage. His Ace Monster is "Speed King - Skull Flame".

Gill de Randsborg

Voiced by: Yōji Ueda (Japanese), Eric Stuart (English)

A duelist in the Fortune Cup tournament, Gill de Randsborg, known as Jill de Launcebeaux (ジル・ド・ランスボウ Jiru do Ransubō?) in the Japanese version, claims to be a descendant of the "knights of old", and dresses as such. He is first to challenge Akiza, using his "Masked Knight"-series "LV" monsters. He barely survived the final blow from Akiza's "Black Rose Dragon", which is proven when he was still in contention for the Consolation Match. In the English version, he speaks mostly in Shakespearean English, though at the end of his duel with Akiza, he panics and uses normal English with a Wisconsin accent (as well as confessing that he made the costume especially for this duel).

Professor Frank

Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki (Japanese), Tom Wayland (English)

'Professor Frank (フランク博士 Furanku Hakase?) in the Japanese version, The Professor is a creepy duelist, and admitted assassin, from China that battles Luna in a special "Consolation Duel" for the losers of the first round of the Fortune Cup tournament. He seems nice and pleasant at first, but is able to induce Luna in a trance that transports her mind to the World of Duel Monster Spirits, and he soon follows after to contaminate the world with his evil intentions, revealing himself as not being completely sane. His main monster is "Ido, the Supreme Magical Force".

Commander Koda

Voiced by: Tarusuke Shingaki (Japanese), Marc Diraison (English)

Known as Kodo Kinomiya (来宮 虎堂 Kinomiya Kodō?) in the Japanese version, Commander Koda is a participant in the Fortune Cup and is often called "The Duel Profiler". His opponent in the first round, Professor Frank, threw his match so he could play Luna in the Consolation Duel. Koda's opponent in the semifinals was Akiza, whose past he studied so that he could throw her off by reminding her of how her psychic abilities hurt others in order to further awaken her Signer abilities. Nevertheless, she went on to defeat and severely damage her opponent with her powers.Koda was also an Obelisk Blue student in Duel Academy.

Dark Signers

Dark Signers are the antagonists of the second arc of the show, who go against the Crimson Dragon and the Signers. Dark Signers are usually born when someone who has died, usually someone wanting revenge from what a Signer does to them, is resurrected by an Earthbound Immortal (Earthbound God in the Japanese version), evil entities imprisoned in the Nazca Lines by the Crimson Dragon. Infused with dark powers and dark cards, the Dark Signers are able to form a barrier around their opponents, initiating a Shadow Duel where attacks from monsters cause real damage. Sometimes if the Dark Signer is showing weakness or resistance, the Earthbound Immortal itself can take over its body. Dark Signers have special cards called Dark Tuner Monsters that can summon Dark Synchro Monsters with a negative level. They also have an Earthbound Immortal, representitive of their birthmarks. When summoned, these monsters sacrifice the souls of anyone caught within the Dark Signer's geoglyph (with the exception of the duellists, Signers, and anyone protected by a barrier emitted by a Signer's birthmark.) Their common attribute is to be able to attack directly and not be chosen as a target, although some circumstances allow them to attack monsters and be attacked themselves. In the anime, they are also unaffected by magic and trap cards.

There are also Dark Signers-like figures (called Shadow Drones in the dub) who are recruited by Roman using his spiders to control them, though they only have access of Dark Tuner and Synchro Monsters. When these Dark Signer are defeated, their birthmark and Dark monsters disappear and they lose memory of when they were possessed. However, according to Goodwin, a true Dark Signer cannot be returned to normal since they have already died as well as their duels end with the losing duelist being killed (in the dub, they are sent to the Netherrealm). When a true Dark Signer is defeated, all the souls that were used for summoning their Earthbound Immortal are freed (this also seems to apply to non-Dark Signers who were defeated in Shadow Duels). After Goodwin and the King of the Underworld are defeated. Goodwin and Roman pass onto the afterlife whilst Carly, Misty,Devack and Greiger are revived with no memory of when they were Dark Signers. Kalin is actually shown later that he does have his memories of being a dark signer. It's speculated since he willingly became a dark signer that he kept the memories unlike the others.

Roman Goodwin

Voiced by: Taketora (Japanese), Marc Thompson (English)

Called Rudger Godwin (ルドガー・ゴドウィン Rudogā Godowin?) in the Japanese version. Roman Goodwin is the leader of the Dark Signers. He possesses a birthmark resembling the Spider Nazca line and can use it send out spiders that can possess civilians, turning them into Dark Signers, giving them Shadow powers and Dark Tuner and Synchro Monsters. They can also be used as a means of surveillance, reporting all it has found once it returns to its owner. He reveals himself to be Rex Goodwin's big brother and an assistant to Professor Fudo (Yusei's Father), until he met a mysterious man from Yliaster, that told him to look into Enerdy's light and learn of the Earthbound Immortals' battle against the Crimson Dragon. Though revealed to be the Fifth Signer, Roman betrays Professor Fudo and causes the Zero Reverse incident after ripping his own arm off and giving it to Rex, telling him to unite Signers and defeat him. The resulting explosion transformed Roman into a Dark Signer. Like Rex, he has a bionic arm in place of it, which he uses to trigger explosives. He is defeated by Yusei, however before he dies he triggers an explosion that sends Yusei down into the Enerdy's light. His deck focuses around Spider type monsters, and specialises in changing an opponent's monster into defense mode to obtain counters for summoning his Earthbound Immortal Uru, who can control an opponent's monster by sacrificing one of their own. He's later on defeated by Yusei, but sets off an explosive in his mechanical arm before crumbling to dust, so that Yusei would fall into the gate to the Underworld. His spirit remained in the world until Goodwin is defeated, joining his brother in the afterlife.

Kalin Kessler

Voiced by: Yuki Ono (Japanese), Marc Diraison (English)

Called Kyosuke Kiryu (鬼柳京介 Kiryū Kyōsuke?) in the Japanese version, Kalin Kessler was once the leader of a group called The Enforcers with Yusei, Jack and Crow, who would go around battling rival duel gangs (In the English Dub, The Enforcers defeat Satellite gangs in order to make Satellite a safer place; after defeating all the gangs, Kalin find Security as the enemy). As time went on however, he became a bit more sadistic against his opponents and started going out of control as a result, which caused Crow, Jack and Yusei to leave. Kalin decides to provoke Security and attacks a Security officer. When Yusei tries to take the blame for it, his attempt fails and Kalin is arrested. Misunderstanding the situation and believing Yusei had sold him out, he later becomes a Dark Signer, branded with the giant birthmark, in order to get his revenge on him. His first duel is cancelled due to a malfunction on Yusei's Duel Runner, but he loses his second duel with him, when Yusei's feelings allows him to synchro summon Majestic Star Dragon. He forgives Yusei before disappearing.

He is revived after Goodwin's defeat, but still has memories of being a Dark Signer and the crimes he committed. He goes to a place called Crash Town looking for a way to die, and ends up duelling Yusei again. They are soon both captured and taken to work in a mine, though Yusei manages to break him free. Whilst assisting two siblings, West and Nico, in rescuing their father, Kalin regains his will to live.

He uses an Infernity Deck that specialises in effects used when the player has 0 cards in his hand. His Dark Signer deck additionally has two key monsters; a Dark Synchro Monster called One-Hundred Eye Dragon, which can gain the effects of the monsters in his graveyard, and the Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu, which inflicts additional damage for every monster it destroys. His Dark Signer birthmark is based on the giant Nazca line. In Crash Town, it is revealed that he has his own Ace, the LV8 Synchro Monster, Infernity Death Dragon.

Carly Carmine

Voiced by: Li-Mei Chiang (Japanese), Veronica Taylor (English)

Called Carly Nagisa (カーリー渚 Kārī Nagisa?) in the Japanese version. Carly Carmine is a reporter who came from the country to seek out her dreams (in the English dub, she is a weblogger working as an intern who hopes to become a true reporter). She tends to get pushed around by others as she attempts to obtain a big scoop and is generally called "Stutter Stammer Carly" due to her nervousness. She uses a "Fortune Fairy" Deck which she uses to predict her fortune and have tips for the day. Despite her anxiety, she is a truly good person and gets her happiness by seeing others try hard. She safeguarded Jack for a short while and garners some affection for him, but he leaves her behind to avoid her getting involved with the Signer battles. However, she infiltrates the Arcadia Movement and ends up being killed after plummeting through a window as a result of Sayer's Psychic Monsters during their duel (In the dub, her fall was prevented by the Dark Signers). She is revived as a Dark Signer herself, with an alternate vengeful personality that brandishes a birthmark of the Hummingbird, a "Fortune Lady" deck with monsters that grow gradually stronger with each turn, and the Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu, which destroys all her opponents monsters and inflicts damage accordingly should it ever leave the field, although she is never shown with any Dark Synchro monsters. But despite the new persona, the true Carly still exists within her and desires to be with Jack. She ends up dueling Jack, where she shows him a vision where they are together as Dark Signers, but Jack aims to reach her true desires. He confesses his love for her and is willing to sacrifice himself to make Carly understand. While he manages to reach her, the Earthbound Immortal takes over Carly and Jack is forced to fight her. Jack tries to play a trap card that would make the duel end up in a tie but Carly activates one her trap cards before Jack did, ending the duel with her as the loser. Carly tells Jack that she will always be cheering him on and that she loves him, before dying. She is revived by Goodwin as he faded away. She reappears in the third season, occasionally helping Jack out. While her memories of her time as a Dark Signer disappeared, her feelings for Jack have not.

Misty Tredwell

Voiced by: Junko Minagawa (Japanese), Rebecca Soler (English)

Called Misty Lola (ミスティ・ローラ Misuti Rōra?) in the Japanese version. Misty Tredwell[2] is a famous model who can read someone based on facial appearance. When her younger brother, Toby, is allegedly killed by Akiza's powers (disappeared in the English dub, Misty's depression causes her to drive off a cliff, leading her to become a Dark Signer with the lizard birthmark and the Earthbound Immortal - Ccarayhua, which destroys all cards in play on both sides of the field when destroyed.

She seeks out Akiza and duels her with the intent of revenge. Their duel however is postponed due to the aftershock of Carly's duel with Sayer, so she waits for her at the Lizard control unit. She duels Akiza again in the hall of mirrors of an old carnival site, showing Akiza events of the past to dwindle down her spirit. However, she eventually learns that Sayer was the one who killed Toby, and after using Ccarayhua to take revenge on him, she is defeated by Akiza to stop the Earthbound Immortal inside her. She is revived by Goodwin as he faded away.

She uses a Reptiless Deck, her ace monster being Bad End Dragon, featuring cards to either seal her opponents draw phase or remove all her opponents monster attack power then forcing them to attack her monsters, drawing them into suicide attacks. Like Carly, she is never seen with any Dark Synchro monsters. She also appears to be able to use lizards as surveillance, much like Roman's spiders.


Voiced by: Kenji Nomura (Japanese), Scottie Ray (English)

Called Demak (ディマク Dimaku?) in the Japanese version. Devack is another Dark Signer who has Ancient Fairy Dragon in his possession. Devack hates the Signers although his reason for doing so is never explained. He possesses a dark birthmark of the monkey and the Earthbound Immortal Cusillu. During the chaos surrounding Carly and Misty's duels, he frees Greiger who was being escorted by Security in order to recruit him to the Dark Signers. He duels Leo and Luna is in the Spirit World, but is defeated and turned into dust when Luna reappears and reclaims Ancient Fairy Dragon. He is the first Dark Signer to be defeated, when he is beaten by Leo and Luna. After Goodwin's defeat, Demak is revived.

Like his birthmark, his deck features Monkey type monsters, including the Dark Synchro Monster, Demonic Monkey King Zeman, which focuses around increasing the power of his monsters in play through the number of monsters in his graveyard. He is also able to use captured spirits from the Spirit Realm in order to summon his Earthbound Immortal Cusillu, who can avoid destruction and cut the opponents life points in half as long as he sacrifices his other monsters in order to do so.


Voiced by: Keiji Hirai (Japanese), Sean Schemmel (English)

Called Bommer (ボマー Bomā?) in the Japanese version, Greiger is a physically well-built Duelist first met in the Fortune Cup tournament, battling first against Leo (posing as his sister), then again in a Turbo Duel against Yusei. He apparently originates from arid Central America, which Goodwin used Greiger's village as the site of an "experiment" to summon the Crimson Dragon, that completely destroyed the village, leaving the whereabouts of Greiger's younger brother and sister unknown. Enraged to learn the truth prior to his match with Yusei, Greiger attempts to take revenge on Goodwin for his village's destruction. When he lost, Greiger reveals this to the audience before using his Duel Runner to rocket toward the box room to take out Goodwin. But Yusei stops Greiger and he is soon arrested by Security for his attempt of Goodwin's life, publicly labeled insane to discredit his word against Goodwin and sentenced to death. However, he is later set free by Devak and brought before Roman who made him a Dark Signer himself, giving him the whale birthmark, to extract his vengeance on their mutual enemies Goodwin and Yusei. But while hunting them, Greiger ends up dueling Crow, where he learns that the Dark Signers were the ones that caused his village's destruction, and its residents, including his brother and sister, are being used for his Earthbound Immortal's summoning until Crow defeats the monster to free Greiger's people. Defeated, Greiger tells Yusei to beat the Dark Signers before he disappears, later returning after Goodwin's defeat.

Greiger's deck is fairly solid, focusing on his three "Reactor" monsters, who can inflict 800 damage the first time their opponent Summons a monster, or activates a Spell or Trap card each turn. His Ace Monsters are his "Flying Fortress SKY FIRE", which is a combination of his three Reactor monsters, and his Synchro Monster "Dark Strike Fighter". While a Dark Signer, Greiger brandishes the Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challua, which can inflict damage in defense mode with half of its defense points, as well as prevent the opponents from attacking. He also controls a Dark Synchro monster, Dark Fleet Top which special summon Flying Fortress SKY FIRE from his graveyard each turn.

Dick Pitt

Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese), Wayne Grayson (English)

Dick Pitt (ディック・ピット Dikko Pitto?) is a street duelist. Whilst listening to a preaching by the Dark Signers, he is possessed by one of Roman's spiders and becomes a Shadow Drone. He challenges Yusei to a Shadow Duel, using an ice-themed deck and a Dark Synchro monster called Frozen Fitzgerald. When he is defeated by Yusei, he returns to normal and has no idea on what just had happened. Then Yusei looked at his deck then noticed that the cards he used in the duel was not there. Yusei felt very suspicious. He is unnamed in the English Dub and Carly does not at all recognize him either.

Realm of Duel Monsters Spirits

As a Signer, Luna is able to connect herself to the Realm of Duel Monsters Spirits. She has been to the spirit realm three times. The first time was when she was young, and she promised Ancient Fairy Dragon that she'd protect her, although she later lost memory of that event. The second time was in a duel against Professor Frank, where his method of dueling transported both of their minds to the Spirit Realm. The third time is where Luna transported to the Minus World in order to rescue Ancient Fairy Dragon from the Dark Signers.

Ancient Fairy Dragon

Voiced by: Mika Doi (Japanese), Veronica Taylor (English)

Ancient Fairy Dragon (エンシェント・フェアリー・ドラゴン Enshento Fearī Doragon?) is one of the five legendary dragons. During the time of the Zero Reverse incident, when Professor Fudo reclaimed the Dragon cards from Rudger, Ancient Fairy got left behind and went into the possession of Demak. When Luna first visited the Spirit Realm, she asked her to protect the monsters there. Later on, she became imprisoned in a mountain by a seal, but is able to contact Luna telepathically. With the help of Regulus, Torunka and Leo, Luna is able to rescue Ancient Fairy and defeat Demak. As a Synchro Monster, Ancient Fairy Dragon is able to destroy an opponent's Field Magic Card, and recover life points, which is valuable since Earthbound Immortals are reliant on Field Magic cards.


Voiced by: Aki Kanada (Japanese), Mike Sinterniklass (English, young), Sean Schemmel (English, old)

Torunka (トルンカ?) is a Dark Sage that Luna encounters when she arrives in the Minus World and helps her search for Regulus. His age is reverted to that of a child due to effects of the Minus Curse, and forgot all his spells. He returns to his normal age when Zeman The Ape King is defeated. He seems like the young version of Dark Magician since when he is in his normal age he looks like Dark Sage.


Voiced by: Rintarō Nishi (Japanese), Dan Green (English)

Regulus (レグルス Regurusu?) is a white lion who serves the Ancient Fairy Dragon. He is reluctant at first, due to being infected by a Minus Staff, but when Luna frees him from the curse and he notices she is a Signer, he decides to help her free Ancient Fairy Dragon from her seal. When Devack is defeated and Ancient Fairy Dragon freed, Regulus becomes a monster in Luna's deck that can deal damage when Ancient Fairy Dragon is removed from play.


Voiced by: Binbin Takaoka (Japanese), David Brimmer (English)

Zeman the Ape King (Demonic Monkey King Zeman (猿魔王ゼーマン Enmaō Zēman?) in the Japanese version) is an evil monkey spirit who commands an army of monkey soldiers, who is also one of Devack's Dark Synchro monsters who can prevent activation of Magic and Trap cards until after the Damage Phase. He and his army use special staffs that imprison Duel Monster Spirits in stone tablets to use as Minus-level monsters. The staffs are also able to reverse the nature of things, such as making leaves fall up into trees, or making people hear the opposite of what others say. He is destroyed when Regulus neutralizes his negative energy.

Duel Academy

Fellow students who accompany Leo, Luna and Akiza at Duel Academy (Duel Academia (デュエル・アカデミア Dyueru Akademia?) in the Japanese version) in the third season. Unlike in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, where uniform is determined by rank, the uniforms are colored depending on gender.


Voiced by: Kokoro Kikuchi (Japanese), Bryan Fenkart (English)

A young duelist who is good friends with Leo, Dexter (Tenpei Hayano (早野 天兵 Hayano Tenpei?) in the Japanese version) built a dueling deck specifically designed to defeat the powerful duelist known as "The Black Rose", who he and Leo had been planning to challenge for some time. When he first meets Yusei, he was afraid of him due to his criminal mark, but began to admire him once Leo told him he had customized his and Luna's Duel Disks to fit them and was strong enough to enter the Fortune Cup.


Voiced by: Sashi Kokuryu (Japanese), Sebastian Arcelus (English)

Sly (スライ Sirai?) is a shy boy who tends to be by himself, though gets dragged around by Luna. He has an interest in Yusei's Stardust Dragon.


Voiced by: Kyouko Chihiri (Japanese), Mike Sinterniklass (English)

Bob (ボブ Bobu?) is one of Leo's friends.


Voiced by: Risa Mizuno (Japanese)

Patty (パティ Pati?) is one of Luna's friends.


Voiced by: Risa Mizuno (Japanese)

Maria (マリア?) is a teacher at Duel Academy.

Rudolph Heitmann

Voiced by: Yoshihisa Kawahara (Japanese)

Rudolph Heitmann (ルドルフ・ハイトマン Rudorufu Haitoman?) is the head instructor at Duel Academy who dislikes students with low level monsters. He seems to literally have inherited the Ancient Gear deck used by Vellian Crowler from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, but has been updated among the years.


Originally led by Goodwin, the Yliasters are a group of Star Guardians who were said to bring peace to the world and worshipped the Crimson Dragon. Their true intentions, however, are unknown. A trio of them appear in the third season, where they appear to be the season's antagonists, hoping to use power gained from the WRGP. They specialize in using Machine Emperors, Monsters that can absorb Synchro Monsters and, similar to Dark Signers, they can also deal real damage during a duel.

Mysterious Leader

Not much is known about this person, except that he has had contact with Goodwin and Lazar, as well as being the one who convinced Roman to become a Dark Signer.


Voiced by: Masakazu Nemoto (Japanese) Placido is a member of a three man group who investigates a meteorite that crashes into Earth, as well as operate the Riding Roid referred to as "Ghost". His ace monster is Machine Emperor Wisel. He has dark-gray hair, carries a sword with him that can be used to open portals to travel through, and has the ability to control machines. He manages to have Lazar successfully steal a Duel Runner program from Yusei and install it into a large number of Riding Roids, all under his control.


Voiced by: Takayuki Sugō (Japanese)

José (ホセ Hose?) is another one the three man group. He is the largest and oldest of the Trio, and appears to be the leader (though each member seems to do as they wish regardless). He is the only member of his group who hasn't received his Machine Emperor.

Riding Roids

Riding Roids are robots originally designed for testing Duel Runners for Security, but have been reprogrammed by Placido. The first of these is Ghost (ゴースト Gosuto?) (voiced by Kawanago Masahito in the Japanese version) which Placido uses to bait the Signers. He beats Trudge but is later defeated by Yusei, which causes it to run off the road and crash, though Placido retrieves the cards and battle data from it. Placido uses the program created by (and stolen from) Yusei and Bruno and installs it into a warehouse full of Riding Roids that he releases throughout the city.

Guard Robot

Voiced by: Suzune Okabe

Guard Robot (ガードロボ Gādo Robo?) is a giant duel robot that uses an advanced program to predict its opponents moves, and uses a Lock Down deck designed to seal off various methods of dueling.

Fake Jack

Voiced by: Takanori Hoshino (Japanese)

A robotic imposter that frames Jack for forcing people to crash during duels. He rides a Duel Runner similar to Jack's Wheel of Fortune and uses a deck identical to his, with three copies of Red Dragon Archfiend. His personality and tactics, however, are more representitive of how Jack was prior to the Fortune Cup, using brute force to overpower his opponents. He is obliterated when Jack defeats him using Majestic Red Dragon.

World Riding Duel Grand Prix

People and duelists making plans for the upcoming World Riding Duel Grand Prix (WRGP for short), which will be played in teams.

Sherry Le Blanc

Voiced by: Erika Nakagawa (Japanese),

Sherry Le Blanc (シェリー・ルブラン Sherī Ruburan?) is a turbo duelist from a rival team, hoping to recruit Yusei to her team. She belonged to a rich family until her parents were killed by Yliaster when she was young, and she is now under the care of her butler, Mizoguchi. She enters the WRGP to get closer to Yliaster and find out more about her parents' death. Although she is mainly focused on Yusei, she also takes an interest in Akiza after being saved by her powers. She uses a Fleur Knight deck, her key monster being Fleur de Chevalier.


Voiced by: Tanaka Hiroki (Japanese)

Bruno (ブルーノ Burūno?) is a amnesiac that had washed up on the shore, and is currently being taken care of by Yusei and company. He is an extremely talented mechanic with a love for machinery matching Yusei's, and has a keen intuition concerning duels. He appears to know Placido hinting a relationship between the two of them before his memory lost. When he is attacked by Sherry, his eyes glow red and he becomes super strong.

Dark Glass

Voiced by: Tanaka Hiroki (Japanese)

Dark Glass is a mysterious Turbo Dueler who decides to train Yusei in facing the Synchro Killers. He specialises in a technique called Accel Synchro, which involves combining two Synchro Monsters. He is the first D-Wheeler in the series who is left-handed


Voiced by: Takashi Matsuyama (Japanese)

Mizoguchi (ミゾグチ?) is Sherry's butler and guardian, who has been protecting her since her parents were killed. He uses a Bushido Deck revolving around swordsmen.

Team Unicorn

Team Unicorn is one of the leading teams competing in the WRGP, who go up against Team 5D's in the beginning round of the preliminaries.

Andore (アンドレ Andore?)
Voiced by: Rion Mako
The team's leader, generally hailed as a card playing genius. He uses two decks, a Fast Power deck and a Unicorn deck, both of which rely heavily on special effects. His key card is Thunder Unicorn.
Breo (ブレオ Bureo?)
Voiced by: Yūki Masuda
The team's second duelist. He used to be a road duellist until he joined Team Unicorn after being defeated by Jean. He uses a Bicorn deck that revolves around deck destruction.
Jyan (ジャン Jyan?)
Voiced by: Ryō Naitō
The team's third duelist. He uses a Tricorn deck.

Crash Town

Crash Town is a desert town run by duels, in which two sides, the Malcolm family and Ramon group, duel at sunset to gather workers to dig in the mines for precious materials. Yusei goes there to look for Kalin, who had went there looking for a way to die as remorse for his time as a Dark Signer.


Voiced by: Akemi Okamura

Barbara (バーバラ Bābara?) is a woman residing in Crash Town, who asks for Yusei's help in rescuing Kalin from the Ramon Group. However, it turns out to all be a ruse, as she was actually working with the Malcolm family to trick Yusei into beating Kalin so the Ramon group would be helpless.


Voiced by: Yutaka Aoyama

Malcolm (マルコム Marucomu?) is the leader of the Malcolm family. His family is recognisable by the red scarves they wear.


Voiced by: Masami Iwasaki

Lotten (ロットン Rotten?) is Malcolm's younger brother and the Malcolm family's top dog, who rides a transformable Duel Runner. His key monster is Gatling Gun Ogre, which has the ability to defeat an opponent before he even takes his turn (by inflicting 4000 LP of damage even on the first turn of a Duel). He conspires with Barbara to overthrow Malcolm and take over Crash Town.


Voiced by: Eiji Miyashita

Ramon (ラモン?) is the leader of the Ramon group, who generally wear black jackets. He recruits Kalin to his group to fend off the Marco group, but is soon defeated himself by Lotten and taken to the mines.

West and Nico

Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi and Akiko Yajima

West (ウェスト Wesuto?) and Nico (ニコ Niko?) are siblings whose father were sent to work in the mines. They grew fond of Kalin and help him and Yusei escape from the mines, as well as rescue their father. However, whilst escaping with Kalin, their father falls down a mine shaft whilst saving the others, and upon exiting the mine, they are kidnapped by Lotten.

Manga characters

Characters that appear in the manga version of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's


Sect (セクト Sekuto?) is a turbo duelist who looks up to Yusei like a big brother. He uses an insect deck.

Skeleton Knight

A skeletal horseman who duels on horseback. There is an urban legend in which people invoke his powers in order to gain rare cards. However, in truth, he is a dangerous duelist that can deal real damage during duels.

Other characters


Voiced by: Bernard Ackah (Japanese), Sean Schemmel (English)

The MC (master of ceremonies) for the Turbo Duels. His hair is maintained as a very large pompadour.


Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze (Japanese), Marc Thompson (English)

Called Divine (ディヴァイン Divain?) in the Japanese version, Sayer is a mysterious man who took Akiza under his wing as a father figure, founder of a mysterious group of psychic duelists known as the Arcadia Movement that seems to oppose Yliaster and conjectures that they are planning to use the Crimson Dragon for world domination. Whilst he claims the group is for uniting Psychic Duelists who have been rejected by the outside world, Sayer's actual intent is to raise an army of soldiers to the point of experimenting on children to unleash their full potential and even saw Akiza as nothing more than an expedient. Furthermore, because he threatened to expose Goodwin, Sayer is able to perform his heinous deeds without being investigated. He duels Leo to see if he is has powers like his sister, deciding to make use of him to give Luna a reason to join the movement. However, when Sayer learns that Carly infiltrated the movement, he duels and then kills her by pushing her through a window. However to his surprise, Carly is revived as a Dark Signer, and challenges Sayer to a Shadow Duel, where he is defeated by her Earthbound Immortal and falls inside the Arcadia Movement building. He manages to survive and intervenes in Akiza's duel with Misty, whispering something in her ear to awaken her dark nature once again, in the hopes of regaining his control over her. However, when he reveals to Yusei that he was the one who killed Misty's brother, Toby, Yusei reveals that Misty heard the whole thing and she has Ccarayhua devour Sayer, freeing Akiza from her trance. Matching his powers, Sayer uses a Deck filled with Psychic Monsters, with his main Synchro Monster being the Thought Ruler Archfiend (Mental Sphere Demon in Japanese). He also uses his Psychic powers to manifest cards into physical weapons against Yusei.

Angela Rains

Voiced by: Chieko Higuchi (Japanese), Annice Moriarty (English)

Angela (アンジェラ Anjera?) is a rival reporter who constantly gets in Carly's way and shows little respect for others, especially Carly. She will often write a rather incriminating article even if she lacks hard-hitting evidence. She is also reportedly doing some work for Goodwin.

Hideo Izinski

Voiced by: Tetsu Inada (Japanese), David Wills (English)

Hideo, known as Hideo Izayoi (十六夜 英雄 Izayoi Hideo?) in the Japanese version, and simply known as the Senator in the English dub, is Akiza's father. Whilst he loved his daughter very much, his work often got in the way of spending time with her. During a duel with her when she was 8, a call from work pushed Akiza to awaken her Signer powers, hurting her father in the process, and leading her parents to become fearful of her. He blames himself for neglecting Akiza. When Akiza is hospitalized as a result of her duel with Misty, Hideo goes to visit her and wishes that someone would help her. Jack informs her that the one person who can help her is Yusei, so he goes over to beg him for his help. With both his and Yusei's help, Akiza manages to gain control of her powers and open her heart to people once again. His wife, Setsuko Izayoi (十六夜 節子 Izayoi Setsuko?) in the Japanese version, is voiced by Akira Nakagawa in the Japanese version and Priscilla Everett in the English version.

Professor Fudo

Voiced by: Wayne Grayson (English)

Professor Fudo (不動博士 Fudō Hakase?) is Yusei's father, currently deceased. He worked for RRD on the Enerdy project with his assistants, Goodwin and Roman. However, when he decided it would be too dangerous to continue, he tried to stop the project. However, Roman betrayed him and took over the project. After that, the Zero Reverse incident occurred and Professor Fudo was killed, along with his wife, in the blast. Before he died, he entrusted three of the Dragon cards to Goodwin, who put them in circulation until they came to their owners, and made sure his son, Yusei, got to safety. He later appears before Yusei when he falls into energy's light, protecting him from the spirits of those who died during Zero Reverse.

Toby Tredwell

Toby Tredwell (Tobi Lola (トビ・ローラ Tobi Rora?) in the Japanese version), is Misty's younger brother who died a year before the series start. He was one of the members of the Arcadia Movement with Psychic powers similar to Akiza's. However, he was killed by Sayer as a result of some harsh experiments on his psychic potential (in the English dub, he is supposedly taken by them). Sayer made it appear that it was Akiza's fault he died, hence Misty wanting revenge on her, and his dirt on Rex Goodwin helped avoid investigation into the matter. However, the truth was revealed thanks to the efforts of Yusei.


Voiced by: Kiri Yoshizawa (Japanese)

Zora (ゾラ?) friend of Martha's and the landlady of a house that Yusei, Jack and Crow stay at in the third season. She gets annoyed at the disturbances the crew's engineering makes, though she seems to have a soft side for Yusei.


Voiced by: Shioya Kozo (Japanese)

Garome (ガロメ?) is a loan shark who swindles people out of their cards. Like his job, his deck consists of accountant-esque monsters and specialises on placing Loan Tokens on the opponent's field.

Michel and Claire

Voiced by: Yūko Satō and Maya Yoshioka(Japanese)

Michel (ミシェル Misheru?) is a spirit of a young boy who lives in a house in a forest. Long ago his sister Claire (クレア Kurea?) died of an illness and he later died too, but his strong feelings to protect her held them both. Whenever he sees people who would potentially threaten her, he would trap them in cards, sparking a legend about the forest. He and Claire are eventually set free when he is defeated by Leo. Michel uses a Ghost deck that uses Circle spell cards that requires discards to play spells and monsters.


Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu (Japanese)

Leo (レオー Reo?), not to confused with Rua who is named Leo in the dub, is Zora's hyperactive son. Three years ago he accidentally broke Zora's clock and left home to study clock repair. When he comes back, Crow duels him so he can learn to face his problems instead of running away from them. Matching his hobby, Leo's deck is filled with clock-based monsters, including Clock Knights and a Time Wizard he got from his late father.

Robert Pearson

Voiced by: Yūki Tai (Japanese)

Robert Pearson (ロバート・ピアスン Robāto Piasun?) was the original owner of the Blackbird Duel Runner and the Blackwing Deck three years prior to the story. He looked after the kids of Satellite and taught them to build Duel Monsters equipment. When he refused to sell his Duel Runner tech to a company, Bolger duelled him with a real damage inducing monster, which led to his death in a resulting fire. Before his death, he entrusted his deck, Duel Runner and the safety of the children to Crow.


Voiced by: Suzune Okabe (Japanese)

Bolger (ボルガー Borugā?) was one of Crow and Pearson's friends. Whilst generally partnered with Pearson in protecting the people of Satellite, Bolger was more interested in money. When Pearson refused to enter a businessship deal over his Duel Runner technology, Bolger killed him in a duel. He later went on to form a Duel Runner company, but made under the table deals to keep it afloat. Needing the Black Feather Dragon, he duels Crow for it, where his identity as Pearson's murderer is revealed. When Crow defeats him, he finally understands the pain it caused to others and feels remorse. He uses a White Warrior deck designed to counter the Blackwing deck, and his key card is Blood Mephist, a monster that can deal real damage in a duel.


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  2. ^ Her full name appears in some information shown in episode 37


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