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Crust may refer to:

Geology and soil science
Crust may also refer to
  • In forest fires, crust is something that covers trees to slow the fire
  • The outer layer of a loaf of bread or a cheese
  • The dough or pastry shell of pies, pizzas, etc.

Crust may refer to:

Physical sciences:



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Simple English

The crust of a piece of bread is the edge where it is harder and darker. Crust has become a commonly used word in many American high schools. Many greet their classmates with 'Sup Crust', or plurally 'Sup Crusts'. When something or someone contains many characteristics of crust, they are multi-crustual.

Crust can also mean:

  • Crust (geology) - the outer solid layer of a planet such as the Earth but other planets also.
  • On Earth the crust can be divided into:

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