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Georgian cuisine refers to the cooking styles and dishes with origins in the nation of Georgia and prepared by Georgian people around the world. The Georgian cuisine is very specific to the country, but also contains some influences from the Middle Eastern and European culinary traditions. The cuisine offers a variety of dishes, high in various herbs and spices. Each historical province of Georgia has its own distinct culinary tradition, such as Megrelian, Kakhetian, or Imeretian cuisines. The food, in addition to various meat dishes, also offers a variety of vegetarian meals. The cuisine is very varied with different dishes cooked daily.

The importance of both food and drink to Georgian culture is best observed during a feast, or supra, when a huge assortment of dishes is prepared, always accompanied by large amounts of wine, and dinner can last for hours. In a Georgian feast, the role of the tamada (toastmaster) is an important and honoured position.

A plate of Georgian khinkali
Making chacha



  • Muzhuzhi
  • Khachapuri- The most popular variety, Imeruli khachapuri or Imeretian khachapuri, is basically bread stuffed with cheese.
  • Lobiani – "Bean khachapuri", bread baked with a seasoned bean stuffing. Especially eaten on the Georgian holiday of Barbaroba, or St. Barbara's Day (December 17).[1]
  • Kutchmatchi
  • Pkhaleuli- Vegetarian dishes from a variety of plants, similar to spinach but each having a unique taste and seasoning. Among these are: Jijilaka, Moloqa, and Ekala. Pkhaleuli is widespread in the Imereti region.
  • Abkhazura
  • Tsotskhali- A freshly prepared fish from a freshwater source.
  • Satsivi- Chicken or Turkey in a walnut sauce.
  • Lobio- Beans prepared with ground walnuts, various spices, vinegar and/or olive oil.
  • Nadughi- A dairy product similar to cottage cheese, but with a softer taste.
  • Matsoni- A dairy product similar to plain yogurt, but somewhat more sour.
  • Badrijani Nigvzit- Eggplants seasoned with ground walnuts, vinegar (or pomegranate juice), pomegranates and spices.
  • Ajapsandali- A vegetarian dish consisting of eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and seasoning.
  • Kupati-
  • Soko- Mushrooms prepared in various ways, seasoned with spices and herbs.
  • Ispanakhi- Spinach with ground walnut seasoning, spices and herbs.
  • Jonjoli
  • Mtchadi- Cornbread. Can be small and thick fried in oil, or thin and wide with crunchy surface
  • Tarti
  • Khizilala- Caviar.


  • Katmis
  • Tevzis
  • Kvertskhis
  • Kiborchkhalis
  • Sagazapkhulo
  • Khakhvis
  • Lobios
  • Tcharkhlis
  • Kartophilis
  • Satatsuris
  • Staphilos
  • Kombostos
  • Sokos
  • Ispanakhis
  • Kitris
  • Tarkhunis
  • Khilis
  • Boloki tcharkhlit
  • Kombosto vashlit
  • Ispanakhi Matsvnit
  • Tcharkhali vashlit


  • Balbis
  • Nivris
  • Matsvnis
  • Pomidvris
  • Mukhudos
  • Satatsuris
  • Dos
  • Gogris
  • Domkhlis
  • Bostneulis
  • Sokos
  • Ispanakhis
  • Qvelis
  • Puris Kharsho
  • Chikhirtma
  • Katmis
  • Staphilos
  • Makhokhis
  • Lobios
  • Gholos


  • Sazapkhulo Tolma
  • Lobiani
  • Lobio Nigvzit
  • Mtsvane Lobio
  • Soko Naghebit
  • Badrijani Brinjit
  • Kartopili Nigvzit
  • Kartopili Kvartskhit
  • Badrijani Nigvzit
  • Ajapsandali
  • Badrijani Mtsvanilit
  • Kombosto Nigvzit
  • Soko
  • Ispanakhi
  • Ispanakhi Kvertskhit
  • Badrijnis Borani
  • Satatsuri Nigvzit
  • Badrijnis Khizilala
  • Ekala Nigvzit
  • Gogris Guphta


  • Tarti Tetri ghvinit
  • Shemtsvari Tarti
  • Tsvera Nigvzit da Brotseulit
  • Loko Kindzmatshi
  • Tsotskhali
  • Tevzi Bazheshi
  • Loko Tsiteli Ghvinit
  • Kephali
  • Shebolili Kephali
  • Zutkhi Shemtsvari
  • Zutkhis Mtsvadi
  • Zutkhi Kaklis photolshi
  • Tevzi Pamidvrit
  • Kalmakhi Tarkhunit
  • Kibo Mokharshuli
  • Kibo Kindzit
  • Kibo Tetri Ghvinit
  • Khizilala
  • Chakhokhbili Oraguli
  • Oraguli Nigvzit
  • Kobri Nigvzit da Brotseulit


  • Tabaka
  • Chkhmeruli
  • Chakhokhbili
  • Kutchmatchi
  • Tsitsila Shindit
  • Tsitsila Abkhazurd
  • Satsivi
  • Chikhirtma
  • Ikhvis Chakhokhbili
  • Ikhvi Komshit
  • Bati Shavi kliavit
  • Indauris garo
  • Ikhvi Bostneulit
  • Katami Brinjit
  • Katami Gatenili Kuch-gvidzlit
  • Satsivi Kvertskhit
  • Katmis Mkhali
  • Katami Nivrit
  • Shemtsvari Indauri


  • Muzhuzhi
  • Betchi
  • Kutchmatchi
  • Abkhazura
  • Ku
  • Lori
  • Chakapuli
  • Kababi
  • Mtsvadi
  • Basturma
  • Guphta
  • Shemtsvari Gotchi
  • Qaurma
  • Khashlama
  • Tolma
  • Jonjoli
  • Khinkali
  • Mokharshuli Gotchi
  • Chanakhi
  • Shilaplavi
  • Mokharshuli ena
  • Dzekhvi

Sauces and spices

Adjika is a spicy paste, Khmeli suneli a mixture of spices, Satsivi a walnut sauce and Tkemali a sauce made of plums.


Traditional Georgian breads are baked in a large well-shaped oven called T'one. Tonis Puri, Mesxuri Puri, Shotis Puri, Cadi are types of bread traditional in Georgia.


  • Paska
  • Vashlis Namtskhvari
  • Alublis Ghvezeli
  • Pakhlava (Baklava)
  • Taphlis kveri
  • Vardis Muraba
  • Kaklis Muraba
  • Alublis Muraba
  • Komshis Muraba
  • Sazamtros Muraba
  • Martqvis Torti
  • Shakarlama Tkhilit
  • Nigvziani
  • Kishmishiani
  • Phenovani
  • Qaviani
  • Shokoladiani
  • Khilis Torti
  • Nigvzis Torti


Alcoholic drinks from Georgia include Chacha and wine.Lagidze water is a Georgian flavored soda made with a variety of natural syrups, sold bottled[2] or mixed in the glass in a soda fountain[3] Types of mineral water from Georgia are Borjomi, Nabeghlavi and Sairme.

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