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Cultural Leonesa
Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa escudo.png
Full name Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa, S.A.D.
Nickname(s) La Cultu, La Leonesa
Founded 1923
Ground Reino de León,
(Capacity: 13,500)
Chairman Spain Domingo Cueto
Manager Spain Yosu Uribe
League 2ªB - Group 1
2008-09 2ªB - Group 2, 2nd
Home colours
Away colours

Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa, S.A.D. is a Spanish football team based in León, in the autonomous community of Castile and León. Founded in 1923, it currently plays in Segunda División B - Group 1, holding home games at the Reino de León, with a capacity of 13,451 seats.


Current squad

As of November 2009.

No. Position Player
1 Spain GK Saizar
2 Spain DF Cerveró
3 Spain DF Tejedor
4 Spain DF Salva
5 Spain MF Richar
Spain DF Roberto Carlos
Spain DF Juan Cerveró
Spain DF Gorka García
Spain DF Oli González
Spain DF Álvaro Tejedor
No. Position Player
Spain MF Chema
Spain MF Richard García
Spain MF Juan José Pereira
Spain MF Yahvé Prieto
Spain MF Abel Segovia
Spain MF Ferrán Tacón
Spain FW Jito
Spain FW Quique González
Spain FW Alberto Suárez


Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1928/29 2ªB 1st
1929/30 10th
1930/31 6th
1942/43 10th
1943/44 9th
1944/45 13th
1945/46 3rd
1946/47 2nd
1947/48 8th
1948/49 7th
1949/50 5th
1950/51 5th
1951/52 3rd
1952/53 2nd
1954/55 4th
1954/55 4th
1955/56 15th
1957/58 6th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1958/59 16th
1959/60 1st
1960/61 12th
1961/62 16th
1962/63 4th
1963/64 3rd
1964/65 7th
1965/66 2nd
1966/67 3rd
1967/63 1st
1968/69 4th
1969/70 2nd
1970/71 1st
1971/72 5th
1972/73 19th
1973/74 1st
1974/75 20th
1975/76 6th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1976/77 2nd
1977/78 2ªB 6th
1978/79 2ªB 5th
1979/80 2ªB 4th
1980/81 2ªB 4th
1981/82 2ªB 19th
1982/83 2ªB 19th
1983/84 2nd
1984/85 2nd
1985/86 1st
1986/87 2nd
1987/88 2ªB 14th
1988/89 2ªB 8th
1989/90 2ªB 7th
1990/91 2ªB 9th
1991/92 2ªB 6th
1992/93 2ªB 10th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1993/94 2ªB 17th
1994/95 1st
1995/96 2ªB 4th
1996/97 2ªB 8th
1997/98 2ªB 4th
1998/99 2ªB 1st
1999/00 2ªB 9th
2000/01 2ªB 2nd
2001/02 2ªB 2nd
2002/03 2ªB 5th
2003/04 2ªB 4th
2004/05 2ªB 10th
2005/06 2ªB 14th
2006/07 2ªB 11th
2007/08 2ªB 11th
2008/09 2ªB 2nd
2009/10 2ªB

Famous players

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Famous coaches

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