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Akron street art, derived from the graffiti subculture

The culture of Akron is shaped by the rubber industry, immigration, the city's location and variety, history, and notable natives. Many major American cultural movements first emerged in the city. As the rubber industry was booming, so was the city's population, drawing worldwide immagrants. Akron became a melting pot in the early 20's, descendents from different racial groups significantly help define the worldwide cuisine. Aside from the North Hill neighborhood of Akron's history in jazz during the early 1900s, for decades Akron has produced musicians in many of genres. Major artist from Akron include Howard Hewett, Chrissie Hynde (who owns The VegiTerranean restaurant in the Northside Lofts), Devo, James Ingram (whose younger brother is Phillip Ingram), Buckner & Garcia, Rubber City Rebels, The Black Keys, and Chino Nino. Another mainstream performer was rap group V.E.C. whose highest rated song dubbed the city with the nickname "AK-Rowdy".



The city is the birthplace of former Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress Rita Dove, whose book Thomas and Beulah largely took place in Akron, and make references to landmarks such as, the All-America Bridge, Quaker Square silos, and the constant smell of burned rubber and oats, deemed the Perfume of Akron. The city is also the hometown of Former literary editor of Esquire, Adrienne Miller, who wrote the novel, The Coast of Akron.[1]


Comic Books

The local pizza shop in Akron, Luigi's, is the inspiration for the pizza shop, Montoni's, in the comic strip Funky Winkerbean, written by native comic strip creator Tom Batiuk.[2] In the Flaming Carrot Comics, Iron City, where the Carrot lives, was made similar to Akron and another working-stiff town, Pittsburgh.

Popular Music

Akron has also produced a diverse range of popular musical artists, such as:


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